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What makes you so good on Stronghold Legends?


How fast can you build up an army, and what do you do to create it that fast?


What is your favourite strategy for taking out opponents?


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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Well, I guess this is somewhere I might have something to say since I used to play this game a lot.


At first : Economy.

Let's say there are high settings 5 or 10 minutes peace time, but you could adapt this economy as soon as you start rank 9 or 10.

So :?

-If there are iron mines, build stockpile close to them

-build granary and put it +8

-build royal food and buy 20 of each foods then put it +20

-Church, buy 40 candles and put it +4

-Inn, buy 30 beers and put it +4

-Then put -16 taxes (you'll reach 100 happiness with low population +5 bonus)

-Build Market

-Autobuy 300 wood, buy 20 stone, autosell 1 iron, autosell 1 hops, autobuy 5 candles, autobuy 5 beers, sell flour wheat

-Autobuy 8 bread

-Autobuy 3 of all units for royal food?

-Build armory (that's why you bought 20 stone)

Then you start building eco

-Build 15 houses (it's the max)

-Build all iron you can

-Build 5/6 cheese, 6 apples, 6 meats near granary

-Build 8 stones (correponding to 24 paesants, you'll turn it off at the end of peacetime)

Then all your villagers left must be used

-You can make 10 candelers near stockpile so that you won't have to autobuy it

-Build a lot of apples, you get a lot of gold from selling them and they are coming faster than meat or cheese

-If apples start beeing too far from granary, build hops !

-Of course, put oxes but it doesnt use any villager

-Autobuy 25 bows, xbows, maces !


With this done fast enough and 10 minutes peacetime, you'll get 1k hnr starting from 0, and legends players know that hnr is really usefull (of course, I mean with artu since you can't build church and bread with other races, so you'll get less hnr)


The gold you'll get depends on how many iron you have. With 34 iron slots (there are 34 iron slots on most maps), you'll reach betwenn 19k and 24k depending on how fast you are and how good your placement is. If there are no iron slots (which is often the case on realistic maps), then you should try to make a bread eco, and this eco is really no longer the best you could make.


Do not forget to turn off the stones !!!


Defense :

I'll just tell one tip, you can build wall starting from the corner of your keep, then the ennemy won't be able to go through it without completely destroying your wall. I don't know how to tell it clearly so I'll post a screenshot someday if I have time.


Attack :

I'll just focus on artu vs artu fighting, since I'm not as good with other races.

So, build the table and get Merlin, Percival, and Gawain.

Build siege camp in front of your wall, and build groups of 6 to 9 siege towers and put groups of 10 to 15 xbows on these groups.

Use one group for Merlin

You'll realise that Merlin is really very very strong against xbows, so try to focus ennemy Merlin with your percival

Use gawain + maces to destroy enney towers

Bonus tip : use your king power, it's so strong ! just protect him !



Well, there is really a lot more to say here, about angle shots, tower formation, how to use maces when ennemy xbows focus towers, trebs, dragon, etc... but I'm not really sure anyone is interested lol :D?so send me a private message if you wanna know something, or if you wanna some evil/ice tips (which way less interested since good players never finish evil/ice games, it's almost always a draw)


By the way, I'm sorry if my english is not always understandable, this is really specific vocabulary and I haven't used it for a very long time now, I' sure someone will be able to correct my mistakes?:D

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Well, here is a bonus tip :


When your castle is in the left, build your apples from left to right and from bottom to top

When your castle is in the right, build your apples from right to left and from top to bottom

When your castle is in the bottom, build your apples from left to right and from top to bottom

When your castle is in the top, build your castle from right to left and from bottom to top

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It's seems that you're pretty good Stronghold Legends player, Wynette. :) I have never player SHL much, I preferred SH2, but those two are similar, so after some time I could give SHL another chance.


I also have one question - what you say about building apples... Is that so you would build more apple orchards? I do something like that in Stronghold 2, I manage to place more orchards then in any other way. At least is seems to me like that.

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Well, I guess you're a great player of sh2, we just chose different games :)



Well, I don't know about sh2, but in shl when you can only save some space by building apple orchards in a certain order, otherwise you will have empty spots between each one :D

Just give it a try, launch a game, build an apple orchard and try to build 4 others on both sides of your first one, it will only work on two sides :)

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Nice stuff, Wynette.

I was not aware of the apple orchard trick. A lot of other good things are in it as well :)


Well, I have never been very competitive in my gaming - can't say that I have a very refined building strategy. But here are a few points that work well for me:


- Iron, like Wynette mentioned, is the most important resource in this game. I always try to make sure I exploit the iron mines to the maximum possible.


- Market. Setting the Auto-trade function helps me to keep my concentration on the battles. Selling surplus iron makes gold come in and setting a small amount of the most needed weapons on autobuy means, that I can turnd money into soldiers with a single click at the barracks.


- Dragons. While they are expensive, they make a really good defence against medium sized attacks and I like to keep a dragon egg ready in case I need to roast someone's trebuchet crew. :evilgrin:

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