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Can I Have a Huge Favour to Ask? S.Crusader2 Players)

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I absolutely love Stronghold Crusader 2 (though I spent my childhood playing Original Crusader). I have a hard time purchasing stuff on Steam, one time I made a purchase and way too much money was sucked in. I Purchased SC2 on GOG and have been playing it with my friends for months and months. I downloaded some custom 10 maps from external website and they work really great, but just recently I discovered all the fantastic maps that I can find on Steam Workshop but I have no access to them... 😞 Would there be some good soul with Steam version who would download maps from the links below (~ 2 mb each) and upload them in some external link? 😞 They should all be found in - Documents -> Stronghold Crusader 2 -> Maps. I am sure any SC2 fan from Steam would love to have battles in such a place. I am really sorry if I ask for something untactful, wrong or just undeserving. I just really love the game : <








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Hi @Zalo

I'm sorry for the slow reply, my computer is getting fixed at the moment so I only have limited access to the site right now.

We have a downloads section here that can take uploads from SHC2 among other games. If you contact the relevant map makers above and get their permission to post the files on our site, with a credit link back to their original content, I'll download the maps through the Workshop for you and upload them to our downloads section.


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