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Greatest Lord

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I have problem that when double click on my troops greatest lord (when push C) page show on my screen.

why this happen and help because it is interrupting

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That is strange... So the greatest lord screen appears after you press the C keyboard button? (As I don't see any connection between selecting troops and popping up the greatest lord window.)

Maybe it's because of your mouse or keyboard? Maybe one of them is faulty. For example, if the mouse "jumps randomly" I'm different directions, that could cause you problems like this. This is why I have replaced several mice already.

Now, a sidenote about grammar... God, should I tell "I broke several mice while playing Stronghold", or "mouses"? The first one sounds strange to me when speaking about the device, while "mouses" seems to be incorrect because there is "mice"...

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I assume this is relating to Stronghold Crusader 2, so I've moved this topic to that forum.


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