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Old Stronghold Knights

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I was recently playing Stronghold Crusader 2 after upgrading my hardware and it has made me want to play stronghold crusader even more. Which reminded me of stronghold knights and a lot of their old stronghold content from Stronghold to Stronghold 2. I was wondering if anyone either had any copies of the many skirmish maps for crusader that were once part of SHK before its downfall. 

This is a real shot in the dark but i was wanting to use the maps for old nostalgia as well as to store them on a hard drive to keep it for the long haul as it would be a real shame were all the content on SHK to be forever held in limbo until its eventual deletion or someone successfully manages to rebuild the website or get access to the content.



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Welcome to the Nation, @Jm2020! :classic_smile:

I do have contacts with some of the former Admins and staff at Stronghold Knights, most notably @LordPaultheDubious. I actually approached Paul a year or so ago to ask for this exact thing, and we managed to make contact with another of the admins there (can't remember his name offhand) who had a backup of the database containing all of the things you're asking about. Unfortunately, the backup was in storage on another computer, so it never really went anywhere.

I don't know if we will ever get some of the old Stronghold Knights data or not, but there are a few odd tutorials, downloads such as the SH2 Map Unlocker which are in our downloads section. Paul has also been great in assisting me by providing some of his own articles etc too. I need to get them finalised and put up actually, but I've just been so busy.

If we do ever get any data from Stronghold Knights, I would port it to the site so we can display everything here so no information is lost at all. I'm totally confident that if I was to get a backup, I would be able to bring all of this information back, certainly the downloads & articles, so nothing would be "lost". However, it's more a case of retrieving it that is the problem.

Hope this helps.


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I've got a few of the maps and templates, either on this or my old laptop, I'll hunt around


Welcome 🙂 - What was your username on Stronghold Knights?

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First off, sincere apologies for not replying, had some serious private and personal life events that took focus.

That would be really helpful Paul, would be good to see some of the content make a return and hopefully one day a return of the rest of the content, I was able to access the old site through the wayback machine but couldn't go into any of the forum posts or log in which I doubt would have allowed me to do much of anything however.

Thank you, I will have a look, it'll be on one of the emails i use, won't take me long to find, but my memory is awful.


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