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Stronghold 1 Multiplayer Discord Server

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Hello, this is a message for anyone interested with Stronghold HD(Not Crusader) multiplayer scene specifically.
We are a group of passionate Stronghold players each of us having likely sinked over 10 thousands of hours into playing the old game, and have mastered almost every inch of it, be that economics or arts of warfare. Some of us came back from the past days from the early times of this game's youth, there where it all began, on Gamespy Arcade having great legacy to this day, and others became strong shining stars in the recent gameranger's years time.

We have founded a discord server on which we appoint for hosting games and come up over gameranger when it's needed and time is available for each of us. We aswel use our remaining free time to actively type on the general chat and help weaker players or newcommers to become better at the game. We're planning to make it a big go at some point in time, and sure we might come up even with hosting awarded tournaments, which games would be taking over different maps, settings and rulesets.
If you feel like to support our cause, and aswel benefit yourself, this is the place where we can help eachother.

If you happen to be an old player aswell, you can find other old players between us, such as: Gx_S0ck3tz, Gx_Tr00p3r, Gx_Th3-0n3, Gx_Soultaker, Gx_SoulReaper, Gx_Gibby, LoneFighter, |TSA|Siberius, |TSA|T-Thresh, CorbTheTerrible, Gx_Marco, Hippie, KoH_Falcon etc.

If you're an old member of the Stronghold community, please join especially. We don't really care whether you're going to play or not. It's all about helping the good old game in it's prosperity, and meant to be a chatroom lobby in the very first place.

Invite link below:

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I've joined :classic_smile:

Would be nice if you guys could all join us on here too, you can setup a social Club on here if you like which might attract a few more users, and it gives you a base for your community where you can create forums & threads of your own.


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