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Korsfarer Mogens

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I have made a dozen scenarios earlier and had them published on another stronghold site. How do you feel about relaunching some of them here? I know they have to meet certain standards, but I'm confident that at least a handfull of them are, if not all. I've played (Stronghold and) Stronghold Crusader (SC) since release, but nowadays I find it more amusing to create content, than to play it.

It's mainly to add more to the download section of StongholdNation, but also because I can't see myself doing any significant SC content in the near(?) future, as I have a disabling autoimmune disease (MS), and my wife is terminally ill.

I have great plans of first a full AIV pack featuring 8 (all workable as opposed to the original) castles/villages for each figure in Stronghold Crusader, and then later bundle the AIV pack with a new crusader trail of 25-50 new scenarios. This new crusader trail with the new (and more competent) AI villages is meant to bring the challenges to a higher level than the original (and Warchest) trail. But as I already stated, I don't see it happening in the near future (if ever), so maybe some of my old scenarios could add something to the download section of StrongholdNation at this time?

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Hello, Korsfarer Mogens.....And Welcome to The Nation!???? :)


You most certainly CAN submit your Maps. However, please go to The Main Page of Our Site and click on ''Submit A Download''. Please follow all instructions regarding ''How''. It takes several days for a Staff Member to ''Test'' your Map. This is done to ensure that there are no ''issues'' and that it is in fact.. ''playable'' by others (who will no doubt like and want to play your ''creations'').


You may submit as many Maps from any Stronghold Series Games you may own. Just remember it takes us (Staff) time to review. ALL of us have ''Real Life'' issues (Work, etc.). Most often, Weekends (and depending on ''where'' in The World ''we'' are) are our best free times.


Also (and most often) ''we'' will not advise you when your map is cleared for use. You have keep checking The Downloads Section periodically. We will advise you via PM IF there was a problem.


Thanks for becoming a Member and again...Welcome to The Nation. Any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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Greetings Crusader1307!

Thanks for your reply. I will begin repacking some scenarios for StrongholdNation.


PS: I do know the procedure for upload as I have already had a scenario accepted for download on StongholdNation: Desert Breeze (unfortunately, I'm apparantly not allowed to post links, not even within StrongholdNation).

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Korsfarer Mogens, welcome to Stronghold Nation! (Though I feel like we were "taking" before.)


Like Crusader already said - certainly, we would love to see more of your content in the Download Central. It doesn't matter if they are old, or whatever. Plus, this might be a chance for some newer players to find more quality maps and stuff - which your content certainly is.


I've played your Desert Breeze map, it's really an exciting scenario! I barely survived it from my first attempt. The only thing that I missed is that, once I defeated the Arabs, that was it - only to enclose the castle. I think it would be great to have one more objective, such as "produce X swords". Great map!


Just take your time, and take care!

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Thanks, EaglePrince!

I will take my time, and upload when things are ready, and not before. I had some extensive background story to one scenario, but the links are all dead, so I'll have to think of something before submiting to SN. I'm glad you liked Desert Breeze.

U take care 2!

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Welcome @Korsfarer Mogens,


The staff have already made clear our policy and the fact we'd love to have more of your maps here, so I don't have anything more to add on that point. :)


I simply wanted to state that the reason you were unable to post links was as a protection against spammy new members. You need to reach a threshold of 5 posts to be able to post links. I was going to promote you just now but have realised you've since passed the threshold and can post links anyway.


Looking forward to seeing more of your maps uploaded soon :)


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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