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  1. I joined the metagame on the side of the Shogunate before I read that Matthew is a mod for the faction of the Horde. But, lo and behold, the Horde won. Congratulations Matthew. It was a fun game. GG, I really enjoyed it. By the way, Matthew, what is your discord name on that server? Mine is just "Nigel".
  2. Nice to see a new inn opening here. I used to be a regular customer of the Dancing Bear Inn and have fond memories of that place. The drinks, the tall stories, the friendly brawls. And Chomper and I became really good friends. I still have the scars to proove it :)
  3. Hi guys, been away from the game for a while, but Stronghold will always be among the games I follow. I joined their discord and am taking part in their meta-game as a member of the Shogunate team. A fun little thing and I hope this is a sign that FireFly will be doing more stuff for the player community. Oh, Eeagle, glad you remember that one and I am gad I gave you the pointer to it in the olden days. Much fun :)
  4. EaglePrince, congratulatins also from me. Much deserved and for sure this is good news for the site :)
  5. Nice analysis, odisseus. I remember in the olden days when I played a lot of multiplayer SH1, all the good players ended up fielding armies of pikemen to attack the enemies. And that even though by concept it would have been the pikemen for defence and the swordmen for attack. But you give the reasons why in the hard test on the battlefield it turned out the other way around. Nicely explained :)
  6. Odisseus, I just tried the three maps, that are uploaded. Nice ones. Short and sweet. I particularly liked the Broken Truce. That one could be build up into a sequel of the story. :D Re-join the king's forces and defend his throne.
  7. Nice to hear from you again, Paul. Glad you are well (and remember us when it comes to spear pressure :P ) I also have times every now and again when I get off PC gaming and back to board games and such things. But right now, while we are waiting for SH Next, I got back into Attila Total War. I started playing a forum campaign with Edward Dunferline (whom I met during the Crusader 2 times). This is as much about story telling as it is about co-op MP battles. If you guys are interested in a good read, you can find it here.
  8. Hmmm .... 6 out of 10 Not all that easy then. Or it was just coming home after a long work day..... (any excuse will serve). A fun quiz, though. I am really enjoying these :)
  9. Nigel


    Interesting.... Sir Nigel turns the letter around, reads again, turns it around again. "I cant make head or tail of it. At least for now I have no idea what this could mean." He glances at the other lords gathered around the wooden table in the centre of which the parchment rests.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link to the video, EaglePrince. Hmm, intersting, "a historical setting that was not done before". I really wonder what that could be. They ruled out the Romans (and I am guessing Greeks and Trojans go with that). So it could be Samurai after all - but not shure how that would work with brining in some of our well known characters. It will be really interesting to see what they come up with.
  11. A nice topic for a thread, Matthew. Before I dive into the philosophical part, let me just say that I like this much better than having a politial thread for off-topc discussions. Some other forums do that, but I find that if you dig into politics, things can get to a nasty (or at best annoying) point. That is probably, because political convictions are so close to everyones heart that sooner or later someone is bound to get hurt, even unintentionally. With philosophical topics it is much easier to keep a cool head and a bird's eye view on things. But now to go into the questions you are raising. It is a good question and in my opinion there is not a black or white answer to it (like in many things). I am a firm believer in the notion that "fate is in your hands" and I am sure that - to a very great extend - life is what you make of it. Nevertheless it would be cynical to deny that a person born into a well-to-do and well educated family has a much easier road ahead of him and a much better chance to build a good life, than a person born into poverty, growing up among family and friends who do not care about education. But as you said yourself, there are many individual examples which show that this is not a law of nature and that someone's free will can change things. Luck, of course, does also play a part in it and reading the rigth book at the right time or meeting the right teacher or friend can be all it takes to change someone's life completely. But then again, if the seed of luck does not fall on fertile ground, nothing will come of it. As for the questions wether there is a free will or not, I like to think that there is. I acknowledge the fact that our thinking and decision making, even our feeling towards a subject, is inluenced by our background and experience. But saying that it is all merely a product or our past history sounds a bit far fetched to me. If it was, why do I laborate so much over important questions, having sleepless nights and all that. Why don't I just go: bang - that is the answer, a clear result of my own personal past. With that, although I still think the answer is not black and white, if you put me on the spot I would have to say that I am siding with the free-will-camp, not the predestination-camp :)
  12. Exciting news indeed, Matthew. Congratulations on your A-levels. Good to hear that your hard work has payed off. And goog choice of subjects for university, too. And I am really looking forward to the new event, whatever it will be :)
  13. Ah, finally it is dawning on me that the 1307 is more than just a number to distinguish you from the other 10000 Crusader names, that must be floating around the internet. :) What exactly was it, that happened 2 years before their persecution in 1309?
  14. Nigel


    I know not what you are planning, Lord Mathew, but your verses by themselves deserve applause. :) Looking forward to what is to come.
  15. Stronghold aside, my other great passion is the Total War series (hate that title, but the games are great). Currently I have re-discovered Attila TW and am playing my way through the Carlemagne Campaign as well as having a lot of multiplayer fun. Other titles of that series I have extensively played are Medieval1, Shogun(1+2) and Napoleon. I am sure going to get Thrones of Brittania sooner or later (perhaps rather sooner than later :) ). I also love Mount & Blade Warband. Pitty that there is no MP campaign for this game. I may give Bannerlord a try when it finally comes out. My other great interest (other than the knights and kingdoms theme) is the era of pirates and battleships. I played Sid Meier's Pirates! to death and a less known, but pretty good follower called Cutthroats. A year ago I picked up Tempest, which is not too expensive and really nicely done, considering is it from a small (Indie) developer - almost a 1 man project. That game has some enjoyable MP options - both in PVP and co-op.
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