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  1. Well, it's not fully resolved, I'll still thinking about it.[emoji1] I still have to complete that revision, and there are some other parts too that require some attention. So I may come back to it. Also, from what all of you said, I guess that "namely" isn't bad for such situations. I'm hearing it here from several native speakers. But still, if a reviewer mentions something like that, I would tent to follow his advice as much as possible, and to "disobey" only if I have a hard proof that I am right. I still want that thing of mine published, and fighting for my right to write "namely" in one single place in my paper wouldn't be worth risking it.[emoji38] So, I think that I will continue to use "namely" as I did before, but just not in this case in particular. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you! My mind is in the same state right now.😄 In the meantime, I came up to this solution. At least for until a better solution is found. (In this case, the "namely" is being replaced by a short sentence.) Actually, that is what makes it harder to me - the fact that the explanation is not short. The best would be if I could write "It is like that and that, because of that and that", but that way the sentence would be too long. Interesting how, to appreciate something, especially somebody else's abilities, you often need to struggle with it yourself. When you know yourself how hard that one thing can be.😄
  3. That could work too! Thanks! Well, yes, "namely" has always sounded well for such situations. But it might not be correct actually. I came into this dilemma after being pointed out by a reviewer that "namely" might now be appropriate. And now after doing some googling, it seems that he might be correct. I'm not finding examples with "namely" being used the way I wanted. So, while I wanted "by namely" to introduce an explanation of the previous, it appears that "namely" should be used to name some examples, or to tell what I mean in particular. So, it wouldn't be for an explanation "why is something like that", but "what in particular". Maybe I'm just overthinking...😕
  4. Well, yes, my mistake, I should have made another example. Maybe I could try to make an example from history.😁 I think that "whereas" wouldn't fit in because I think that "whereas" is for there is some contrast between the first and the second statement. In my case, I want the first statement to be an information, and the second statement further explains why is the first statement true. And yes, dropping the adverb altogether seems like it would do the job. In this case I wouldn't have a wrong use of "namely" nor some other adverb. Only I wanted to put some clue for the reader that the explanation follows. (Which may be important in mathematical text where the reader usually thinks "why is that the case, how did he make this conclusion".) Also, another way to deal with this might be to change the structure of sentences in the entire paragraph. But before that, I hope that there is some suiting adverb for this.😁
  5. Hey guys! I'm writing some mathematical proofs, and it should be in formal language, though I think the text needing to be more formal shouldn't make it harder. It turns out that I tried to used "namely" wrong, i.e. I should have used another word. What I wanted to do is to give the information in one sentence, and then in the next sentence to give the explanation why is that the case. Something like this: I hope I gave a good example here. So, I think that the use of "namely" is wrong here, but I am unsure what other word to use? Because now I think that namely should be used in sentences as the following. But maybe "namely" can be used in both occasions?
  6. I see. Well, we can claim Firefly for making these exploits possible, but on the other hand, many other games, in which there are almost no exploits, are way simpler than Stronghold. Sure, there are fewer exploits in Age of Empires, but it's way simpler. Even Warcraft and Dota are way simpler in my option. Yes, they have tons of potions and what not, but that's just messing up with numbers. What we want to have from Firefly is a castle sim, and being able to make castle defences. Much more complex than the stone-rock-scissors thing... Although we would like to have even more of that in Warlords, such as moats, but oh well... As for those cheesy tactics, have yet to see them. [emoji1] I have noticed for example flamethrower doing his business from the siege tower for example. It seems unnatural, but I shall see. Maybe I just want like it like that combination of horse archers and portable shields. Or maybe not - if the flamethrower can be easily killed... It may also depend of the price of these units, and the cost of damage they can deal. But I wish Firefly did something at least with those numbers from economy. It shouldn't be like in Stronghold 2 where players can just produce bread, and simply buy everything else, and actually be more efficient this way than by producing all things on your own. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  7. Hey, I remembered! The Unofficial Crusader Patch. Well, it doesn't help you with the peace time, but it has tons of options. I think you would like to check out out! Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks, I think I'm going to join. I really don't get it, I think this game is actually better than Crusader 2, and Crusader 2 is still more popular. Do you agree? I mean, you've seen more aspects of the game by now, I'm still learning, but my impression is that they put more effort in details in this one. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  9. Certainly, that would be great! For now I just want to get used to the game some more, to have a grasp about different types of units, managing the castle, controlling popularity, etc. Although, I must say, it worries me a bit to see how few people visit Steam Discussions. I hope that people didn't give up on this game so soon. And, by the way, I must say that, after some time of playing it, I have started seeing some things that I wish Firefly did better. Minimaps are not so great for example, especially the ones that we see in Steam Workshop. Although that could be our chance - we wouldn't force people into posting those minimaps with so little information. Woodcutters now cut bamboo only... Why is that, when in the map editor there are some many other tree types... By the way, do you know if bamboo forests regenerate? I think they don't? We have no option to choose a crest... Nor we have an option to choose which lord (Mongol, Chinese, etc.) we want to be right from the main menu.
  10. Indeed it's great! Unlike Crusader 2, this one seems very interesting. Crusader 2 misses a lot of small stuff, and they seem to have taken time into those in Warlords. Although, from what I've seen, the landscapes could be better, but I expect to see tons of fan-made maps "fixing" that issue.😎 Just like @Lord Vetka made tons of maps for Stronghold 2, Stronghold 3, Crusader 1, etc., which are way better than the original maps! Now, another thing that could be here is that I am playing Warlords on my newer computer, while Crusader 2 and Stronghold 3 I was mostly playing on an older one. Nevertheless, I feel that if Crusader 2 was more interesting with regard to gameplay, I would have played it much more despite of small lags and low graphics. Just like when I was a kid, I was playing Empire Earth on a computer which just wasn't powerful enough, but I still played it because the game was fun. I ignored the bad graphics and I avoided gigantic maps, and that was it. Still, Warlords do seem to have some issues. For example, I haven't seen an option to change my crest - if there is any? And, why am I not able to change the lord from the main menu, but only before starting a skirmish game. Plus, the game doesn't even remember my previous choice, it always switches back to the default one. If I am wrong, I would like to be proven wrong.😁 By the way, for now, I have decided to play all the from the beginning: I'm not skipping the campaign. I think it is going to be better for me to get used to this game step by step through the campaign, as this way I will be forced to try varieties of things without any rush: fighting with different types of troops, feeding people with different types of food, etc. It just feels much better for me at this moment than to play from the beginning with everything enables. And, now when I told it about Warlords, maybe this is what should do with Crusader 2 as well.😄
  11. Well, it's done, I got Stronghold Warlords during Steam Summer Sale!😎 It looks interesting, from what I see. Additionally, I expect that we are going to see many beautiful fan-made maps, much nicer than those made by Firefly!
  12. Now I see. In that case, to train for 5pt or 10pt, just put the AI onto a spot from which je can't reach you. And put the timer on your phone for example, or whatever. For playing against AI lords with rules like that, that would be unfair towards them. Those AI lords were made for 0pt. After the peace time, you would start spamming more than one hundred troops, when he would get at most 30. Not to mention if you're going to use those overpowered portable shields, which AI lords never do. If you wanted to sure, just play a multiplayer game against AI lords with 5 or 10pt. You would only need one more PC, or a friend who would act as an observer. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  13. It should be written in the mod description. Now, for G.M.B. mod, this feature is not mentioned. But I am unsure that such a mod exists. If I remember some other mod which does enable that, I will let you know. In the meantime, you might achieve something like this by building a wall between you and the enemy. So, if your map has seven players, you could add these walls belonging to player 8. These walls would be "hostile" for everybody, and all players would start destroying it as soon as they can. But that wall would slow them down. Maybe moats belonging to player 8 would also do the job! And that solution might even look nicer. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  14. Welcome to Stronghold Nation! Unfortunately, that is not possible. There are no settings in the game for that, nor there are maps that work like this. The only chance would be if some mod enables it, but I can't remember any mod adding this option. G.M.B. mod, for example, has a lot of that, but not this as far as I know. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  15. In that case, next weekend it is! [emoji41] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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