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  1. Wow, this is awesome! I wasn't responding to your messages about this, but I was following everting you said. I was somewhat worried that this might take more time to get done, but I'm very happy with this being done quicker. I will try out Tapatalk as well, if it has started to work. :D
  2. Those are great news! Looking forward to see what's the game going to look like. :)
  3. You are correct. That is why I am certain that this thread is going to be locked as well. Tools like this are tempting, and each of them is most likely safe, but we are not able to guarantee that it is the case with all such tools. That is the reason why it has been decided to consistently not allow discussions on these tools at all.
  4. Thanks for fixing it! These pictures look pretty well.
  5. That's great to hear! Truth to be told, I don't remember him from Stronghold Knights, but I guess it is unlikely I that I haven't met him at SHK. See how it's useful to have a memorable nickname and avatar... :) A musician... I'm an anti-talent. :D My high school teacher of music used to tell me I should join the orchestra for driving the guests away. :)
  6. I'm afraid I cannot see the pictures by your link, nor by the link at SHN homepage. I get an error.
  7. Pretty strange. Also, maybe the issue is that I played your scenario with version 1.41. With that version my save file was created.
  8. Hey guys, a lot of good stuff have come from Germany, especially when it comes to Stronghold Crusader, and now comes another one. I don't know if other have noticed it already, but I have noticed it now. Here's the link for the Unofficial Crusader Patch. https://github.com/Sh0wdown/UnofficialCrusaderPatch/releases#user-content-Changelog There you may see the list of changes, and I trust everything works great. I'm not going to use it myself because of multiplayer games, but this does offer what I was dreaming about! One is the ability to change the starting troops in the game, so you may pick to start with crossbowmen and pikemen for example instead of with archers and spearmen. Also, in the guy from apothecary CAN HEAL INJURED UNITS. Crazy, ha? :D There are many other changes that consider gameplay, and many of them can be switched on or off. You may change everything regarding economy and popularity to be like in Stronghold 1 in one click. You may set the game so that, when the AI storms the castle with every attacking unit he has when he sees an opportunity (a breached castle). It has some new castles. I'm not sure whether they are good enough, but that change can easily be undone. Or you may choose to fix Nizar, and leave the rest of them as they are, because Nizar's castle surely is very ineffective. (In some of them workers need to walk a full circle around his castle to bring their goods, that slows his economy as hell.) They also made that AI repair their damaged towers, and even slightly damaged walls. You may set the AI to attack the closest enemy, so that his troops wouldn't get crippled by another lord while on their way to attack somebody far from their castle. AI lords can attack with much larger force too! To sum it up. God, I don't know why hasn't Firefly employed this guy! He has obviously NOTICED a lot of stuff, even like Wazir not buying bread, and he FIXED IT. You may go ahead at his Github page, some stuff are in German, but mostly in both German and English, and and see what this patch offers by reading the change logs for all versions of his patch. He has been doing this since 2018. WHAT HE HAS MADE IS PURE GOLD! EDIT: Actually, it seams it's a team, not a single developer. That's what is said at the GitHub page.
  9. There has been many videos by Firefly about the new game. Here's the newest, it's about siege engines. I like three fact that they returned siege troopers towers. :) And generally, by looking at this video, and at some other also newer video, like this one: it seams that players will be able to make beautiful landscapes in the editor. The eye-candies. :)
  10. The usual thing I've been suggesting to people in this situation was to make a save from the game with a strange name. And then to search for this file by the name, and see its location. However, does this help? https://github.com/Evrey/StrongholdMaps PS. There are some fine maps on that page, I'm gonna grab them fast. :D
  11. Hi, sorry for a late reply. I'm sharing the save file with you. It's the castle in year 1179. Here's the file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtpOTZgUTcPPhcZE2wEDTXZstv_Zgg Unfortunately, in this save I had already wasted some money on pitch - I put it on a place where is was useless. One can definitely burn some troops at these areas, but that's not an efficient way to use the pitch. Why I wasted that much pitch... Well, I had no idea that "the night is dark and full of terrors". :D Still, that's just one downside, but on the other hand, there are plenty of weapons in the castle, and a lot of troops. Is that going to be enough... That depends. :D By the way, it is likely that one could actually win this by retreating all 300 crossbowmen to the keep just before the large attack. That might be a simple way to win. What could go wrong with this tactic are only some archers that could hide behind my own walls, and shoot down the crossbowmen.
  12. No, I didn't mean to order them to shoot one unit. That wouldn't work for sure. :) I meant to order them to shoot the area where those slingers stand. Them they would be shooting many slingers at once. Sure, some bolts would miss, but most of them would hit them. I will share the same file here when I get to the computer. I would certainly like to know how much effective that would be.
  13. I didn't know that archers pick harder targets first, that's quite interesting. However, this does mean I could have eliminated them more easily than by placing pitch. I could have ordered my crossbowmen to fire upon the area where those slingers were. This way slingers would have been obliterated very quickly. One idea which was crossing my mind were knights, but it is questionable how many of them I would be able to train, they are expensive. And also, moving more troops into the castle would help too, or making an outer layer of the wall which would prevent slingers from approaching close enough to my archers. But, if only small walls were enabled... :D High walls can, on the other hand, be used by enemy troops as a shelter. But that's just what I was thinking about, although, with what you pointed out, ordering one hundred of crossbowmen would annihilate these singers at once. Awesome! :D
  14. By the way, if somebody would like to try the siege, but doesn't have the time to build economy, I could share my save file with others here. If somebody would like that, just tell. Although building the defenses and the economy is fun here too! Oasis is far away, iron and stone are downhill, and you have two dairy farms on the hill which may not be rebuilt if destroyed. Also, you start with 2000 gold, but very few other resources.
  15. To say the truth, I was also a little bit upset first time I tried it. Though after beating it I had no doubts others had managed it too. First I didn't read your introduction text, so I didn't know what would happen if my population goes too high, and all that had happened, with me thinking that was just supposed to happen anyway. But I was satisfied with my castle and my economy, that didn't slow me too much, and with more planning it would have slowed me even less. Then I faced Saladin with the confidence of Zapp Brannigan. :D (A Futurama reference.) He wiped the floor with me. This is my castle from the first attempt, I think it's from nine years before Saladin's attack. You succeeded in this! :D And this is the castle from my second attemp. Here I made significantly larger weapon production, while taking care not to have to many people. With these troops I fought for 10 years against Saladin. I was expecting my crossbowmen to wipe Saladin's Arabian troops (which have weaker armor) easily, but not. Then I was thinking "this is ridiculous", God knows how many troops I have to defeat here. :D Then I decided to load the game some time before Saladin's attack. Now I moved my swordsmen and pikemen on the walls, and I stockpiled some pitch. Strangely to me, slingers were pretty nasty here! So I was mostly putting them to fire when possible. If that wasn't possible, I would be sending swordsmen to go out, and eliminate them. They were doing it much more easily than crossbowmen in all that crowd, and it was giving them some relief. Still, this wasn't enough. At some moment Saladin wiped all my archers and crossbowmen from the eastern part of the fort. Then I moved everybody back to the keep. Swordsmen were getting weaker because they were on the ground with frequent plague, but they were strong enough to stop the first waves of Saladin's troops storming into the castle. In the end, I survived with 100 crosbowmen and some archers. I lost about 200 crossbowmen and more than 60 swordsmen and 30 pikemen, maybe more. This was my castle after repelling all of the attacks. I hope somebody else will give it a shot too, and share their impressions with us. :) Also, I like the fact that you disabled portable shields here, I like how you wanted the player to play and fight "the way it was supposed to be played and fought". I will have a look at these links tomorrow, I hope I will be able to fix it.
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