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  1. You indeed "popped my bubble" with that "not a salute". 🙂 Yes, indeed good movies, although I could watch Shaka Zulu again. By the way, about the first two, as I mentioned it before, I also like those details. I remember even how they stored explosive (if I'm not mistaken) in the movie. In was in something like large can. Which does make sense, this way it wouldn't become wet, and if I'm not wrong, cans were invented during Napoleonic Wars for storing food. But it surprised me a lot, I would have taken it for granted that they would store it in some barrels, or wooden boxes. 😄 Instead, I still remember how one of soldiers was opening it as a can of sardines. 😄
  2. I believe this is a great example how Europeans back in 19th century, and even Europeans now when when thinking about colonizing almost entire world... It's not that advanced tactics and superior technology guarantee victory. It might do if one use it wisely, but not on its own. When reading history books in elementary school we only see how Europeans conquered Americas and Africa just like that, but people who managed to do that were also clever. Almost always we used diplomacy, and often treachery to achieve our goals. So, how to defeat Zulu? Don't go directly on them, especially not when they are at their prime. Patience, and don't make them too angry if you don't have enough strength yet. That's the best way I think. But, beside everything already said, it looks like somebody wanted to earn some glory, beside underestimating Zulu warrior moral. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  3. That's very neat. :) Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  4. I agree with everything. Regarding an app for SHN, yes, that would give us more control about what can be done with the app, etc. But the price is indeed the problem, and in long term - I would say that a reliable website like we have it right now is far better than a website and a an app. (Expensive to keep it in the store, not trivial to make all features, fix all the bugs, support it for newer versions of the OS, and all that for both Android and iOS...) Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you Chris, this is awesome now. [emoji16] Just to show it to everybody else, this is how it looks like in Tapatalk. [emoji41] As you may see, right when hoping into the forum one can see all unread messages, or all new messages in the timeline. You can also view the forum by subsections/subforums, although I think that that in particular is more convenient to do on a PC with larger screen and in more tabs. Still, this makes it much easier to talk with others without waiting to get to a computer. There are also some ads in Tapatalk from which only Tapatalk gets money if I'm not mistaken, and getting rid of them is overpriced in my opinion. If was giving any money to anybody, I'd rather "suffer" with ads (or use an ad blocker) and donate the money directly to SHN - to keep the servers running etc. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you guys. :) Yes, it is in math, as Crusader said. :) What I've been mostly doing for research so far are general algebra (including group theory) and discrete mathematics (combinatorics and graph theory). In my theses were investigated some graphs associated to those structures that we call "groups". (Some examples of groups are integer numbers together with operation +, regular matrices together with multiplication of matrices, the set of all permutations together with the composition of permutations (observed as binary operation over permutations), etc.)
  7. Hey guys, I haven't been online for a while. First I was busy, and after that I just needed some time not to think about anything - to relax a little. 😄 However, the reason I was busy is a good one. I finished my PhD studies, I defended my theses. :) One bad part was the fact that few only few people could be present, I was able to call only several friends because of the epidemic. But better to do it like this, than to delay it further. It was delayed for several months already. :)
  8. Hi, I just wanted to ask how's it going with Tapatalk? I have tried to find Stronghold Nation at Tapatalk, but I didn't make it. Perhaps something additional needs to be installed in this forum. I don't want to be pushing about this, I just wanted to ask if you had a look at it? :)
  9. That sounds cool. I shall be patient then. :) Release date is getting closer anyway. :)
  10. This is very interesting! I've been busy these days, and unfortunately it's going to be like this until Friday at least. It appears I missed it (or forgot) how can we get Stronghold Warlords Demo to try it? If it is available for everyone, maybe I should download it quick, maybe it won't be available for download in August, who knows. :D From what I've seen on many videos and pictures, including your pictures right now, it's great, but I would like to see what would be the feeling of playing this game. :)
  11. I would like to playtest the map, but first I need to hear from @Lord_Chris if that is OK? Also, would that be OK for me to comment @artofmath's map? If all is fine, I'm in.😁
  12. I mean, come on, Chris, now I feel neglected.😂 @Lord_Chris, yes, that slipped from my mind... And that is for sure the only way to do it. But sure, that's what I shall do. Just make an entry for fun, and without me being listed together with others because I could be an "unofficial competitor". Thanks, Chris. 🙂
  13. This is great! Stronghold Warlords seams pretty interesting, and I'm just waiting to be able to try it out. This competition might give me the opportunity to get the copy of the game right way, but more than that I hope that many much more experienced and more talented Stronghold fans (than me) are going to join! And with you guys I see that it's going to be the second option. 😄 You have done some pretty nice stuff. What I mostly like to download are skirmish maps, and you @Krarilotus have some awesome maps for that. I really like your 'A Crusader's Christmas' - Christmas Calendar Skirmish Campaign. And both of you, @Krarilotus and @artofmath, have nice AI castles for Stronghold Crusader. That is one of the things which can be pretty hard to make. I've been doing some corrections to the original castle designs, but making something completely new out of the scratch - definitely not an easy thing to do! Now when we're talking about forum being alive... I think it's more alive than it seams to be, at least that's my theory. As you yourselves confirmed, you visit it now and then, pay attention to what's going on in Downloads Central, and move on. Then you don't see much activity, but we are here. 🙂 And my idea is to fix it by discussing new stuff in the forum. New maps, mods, scenarios... But that's just my opinion. True, for any map itself it is good to have discussions about it in its comments, but discussing it in the forum brings more attention to it, and it would be easier for everybody to join us in the discussions after noticing us here - talking at least anything. I'm happy to see you guys joining!
  14. Wow, this is awesome! I wasn't responding to your messages about this, but I was following everting you said. I was somewhat worried that this might take more time to get done, but I'm very happy with this being done quicker. I will try out Tapatalk as well, if it has started to work. :D
  15. Those are great news! Looking forward to see what's the game going to look like. :)
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