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  1. Not sure how active this forums is, or if anyone here is able to assist. Was having fun recently with Stronghold 2, and came across the AI editor. (Program from this site, to create/edit .aic files for starting castle templates for the various AI personalities in game) I am trying to learn how to use it, but when I open it, it wont maximize. I am using windows 10, the program seems to be opening and running fine, I just cant see it in its entirety. To be 100% clear on the direct problem, there is no 'maximize' option in the window (its there, its just greyed out). I cannot resize the window (no arrows to click and drag to make smaller/larger). With this, I cannot see the entire program, the bottom is hidden which means I cannot access all the menu options, and also cannot scroll the map left/right. I have tried google to see if there was some simple fix, tried a bunch of 'maximize' programs but no luck so far, if anyone has any further tips I'd appreciate it. Once again, to be clear, this issue is with the SH2 AI editor program, and im using windows 10 on PC. I have no issues with the actual game (Stronghold 2). Thanks
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