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  1. @artofmathThe AIC tutorial i made, over on YouTube, covers the basics on what to modify. With the version 2.14, the AIC folder moved to the UCP resources folder. It is now in json format for easier readability. To access one aic, simply export an AIC from the patcher out of the aic tab. It then appears in the folder: resources/aic/export inside your UCP folder :) hope that helps? if not, you can always ask me directly via discord or PM. Krarilotus#6749
  2. @Lord Mordred you also submitted an entry 😄 What is your mission all about? Did anyone else try out any of the maps yet? I really liked the castle from @artofmath 😄
  3. I just updated the description to remove the errors that needed correcting and adding a bit more inofrmation to the download page. I haven't changed the files, so if you downloaded the original uploaded files, they are still the valid Contest Entry. Sorry for the trouble 😄 I just couldn't live with these mistakes when already linking to the downlaod section on different discord servers where people would get exited to download new content for the game! Can't wait to get feedback 😄 ^^ I will probably also make a little video about the map, to be shared on YouTube, as i usually do with all my slightly bigger projects.
  4. I didn't log in but used the #keep me logged in' feature. So i was signed in and went to the download section and to the main site but on both i didn't see this module. Which now i see as i completely aresaed my browser history and havent shut off my PC or browser since i logged in again. And i admire you for that. I would also ask kindly, if you could get in contact with GRhin from the UCP project. We are currently creating a modloader to install Cruasder content directly, as we have the problem, that we get so many submissions of content, but we can't include them all in the UCP compiled project for obvious reasons. And so this would basically recreate the functionality of a download section here in stronghold nations, which would mean all the work doubled and the community split. I would rather have it all connected and not search through all the sites all the time ^^. To get in contact with him, i can recommend using the discord link on the UCP website, which should be somewhere linked on the github (its hosted by the Github). He has shown progress to the project lately on his stream, so i bet the modloader will not take long to be finished. Also this forum is awesome for its funcionality actually 😄 But yeah discuss this via PM is a good idea, i ll send one, when i figure out how to ^^ There is no difference in the files. I just uploaded it again so i could give a reference number for the e-mail. It might be though, that i changed the tags after uploading again, seeing that i would need to add a comma ^^ But that doesn't really matter i guess... Also i am not sure if i changed anything for the text, but i am sure it wouldn't be major, must have just been some corrections, as i have reviewed it again to correct errors.
  5. I just submitted my map. I tho encountered a few issues with the submission. First of all, when i loaded the site with being signed in, i couldn't see any submission button, as it showed me a login form but no panels for my personal stuff. The next thing was, that i accidentaly hit enter during writing the submission text without being inside of the box, which then did submit? maybe? an unfinished file. But it didn't notify me and i could just continue editing without anything. When i was finished shortly after and tried to submit tho, it told me there was a file already in the system. I tried it again but it didn't work. And I would recommend you fix it in a way, that when you click the submit button an actual window pops up, as on Stronghold Heavengames, to tell you: Are you finished and sure you want to submit the file? And as soon as you click then ok, it will not keep you on the 'edit' page, but show you another page, which says: uploading now, stay on the site until the file has finished uploading. And then you would display the: Upload complete! message when it has finished uploading. I have already reported on bugs in the past, i really hope you get your site working properly at some point. Otherwise i see no benefit of using it over Stronghold Heavenagmes, which is way more functional, you can better embed pictures in the dowload area as it isn't a fixed size (you can make it wider ...) and has other features as well that are just working. Unfortuantely there are no peopler eally checking the uploads over there, so it can take ages to get a file submittet 😕 Let me know if you need any more site testing and feedback. I would rather use an actively groomed site which is safe and secure. Thanks for hearing me out, and let me know if anything went wrong with my uplaod @Lord_Chris I also uploaded again under a different name, just to get an uplaod number, as the first one did obviously not show. But i would rather keep the file name simple as: Mongol Invasion 1258 and have the right picture displayed ( i put the wrong picture in my second uplaod by accident) Also I sent the e-mail to the given adress with my experience in a nutshell again. Can't wait for the feedback i get for my map, and i hope i can even be considered for winning something ^^ Also i hope its not too difficult for you. I have had one playtester test easy difficulty, 2 playtesters beat the map on normal difficulty, and tested myself normal, hard and expert, so it should be fine. But i did not finish expert difficutly, i just found a way it should work, as i didn't have enough time to fiddle everything together. But its a really big challenge, so if anyone beats expert... ^^ You'll get a cookie for real 😄 Anyways, i recommend you play the map on normal difficulty and have some fun with it! That way it won't take too long and its decently balanced. If you have time left over, you can check out the hard difficulty and have a challenging run ^^ PS: i attached a preview image to the map taht is also included in the downlaod here 😄 (See if that works ^^)
  6. After i already made an outstanding Chinese wall map with the Chirstmas calendar, i wasn't really up for makign another one. And the contest dictates that you need to not use anything that modifies the executeable, so i wouldn'T really think anything would be worth doing without the UCP that wouldn'T even come close to my other map 😕 But yeah, this would be an obvious scenario ^^ My map is almost finished, i am now letting people playtest it, after i did one run on hard and one on expert difficulty (i have 4 versions of the map in Stronghold Crusader, so there is one for everyone...). Its a very fast paste game and you wouldn't really play much longer than 1 hour. But playing expert mode is super challenging and hard mode is also living up to its name, so if you really want a good challenge, they are there for you 😄 I would recommend the map actually to be played in hard mode, but for the sake of the competition, i could understand if the judges just play the normal difficulty setting, as i don't want anyone to be having a hard time. I like to provide more difficulty levels so more people have fun with the map. Ofc i am counting on people not to exploit the game, as otherwise no map is fun after all.
  7. Yeah @Lord_Chris, i don't mind your answer at all, but as the contest requires the upload to your own download page, it is easy for contestants to follow how many entries have been made, as there is basically no other uploaded content, that would qualify for the contest in the timeframe of the contest 😕 Could this also mean another postponement of the end date? And if there are only 2 enries, does that even qualify those for any prizes, as it isn't really a competition then? I just wish there were enough entries to make it a nice and fair contest!
  8. @Andreas9541 I am missing your entry, have you forgotten to upload it? Also, is there anyone else entering besides artofmath? Feels pretty empty 😞 I would have expected more awesome maps and scenarios!
  9. 😄 Is there any info on how many people compete already? I am buildign my scenario new at the moment, without any UCP. I have read the e-mail from Lord chris again and i felt like i ll honour the originality of the content, therefore i ll build the whole thing in v1.1 I will deliver only a one map entry tho it seems, whioch tho will feature some brand new design aspects, that you might have never seen before, and that are also possible with just vanilla Stronghold Crusader. I am not planning on modding any of the sound and image files, but i might change some AI names, to fit into my story. The map will take place in medival vietnam and has the theme of the first mongol invasion with a little twist! I ll keep you posted 😄 I ll play artofmaths map now, just to have a little reference 😄 I am sure his double wolf is a beast!
  10. Oh hey @artofmath. Nice to see you here! Your forum posts in the Stronghold Heavengames forums are looked up and used for reference up to this date. I can't wait to see your multi-AI-Castle design. These are very nice, and i have done some myself. @Lord_Chris thank you very much for your reply. Sorry for sounding annoyed a bit. I didn't understand that this was an automatic issue with the sent e-mails. I was just thinking you ve sent them out while ignoring my mail. But now that the issue has been resolved i must apologize for these assumptions. Hope to see more people participating and entering the contest. It is definitively a great oportunity for all the modders out there!
  11. I would like to take part. I already e-mailed Lord Chris (you) directly with a question. I havn't yet gotten an answer, but I got spammed by the annoucnement. I got this announcement now 14 times. Could you please consider not spamming my e-mails with the same text over and over? That would be awesome, thanks! PS: Is the download section finally fixed? Last time i tried to uplaod content to your site, it was broken for another half year, and then i stopped checking. Thats why i prefer to upload my content to Stronghold Heavengames. Even if it won't get approved right away, it at least gets uplaoded someday and gets a lot of exposure as over 1k people downloaded my newest content already and the numbers are climbing. I hope your download section gets improved and working. And i hope that you can somehow get more people to create awesome scenarios. Thank you so much! Just stop spamming me :D PPS: This forum seems nearly dead, there is nobody responding or posting anything?!
  12. Actually the tool itself focusses only on the values like the amount of stonequarries or the troops that are build by the AI lords aswell as how and when they attack. There are some complete sets in the work, to overhaul all AI's with castles + new characteristica. I am myself working on a complete set with more efficient AI's that should also work with vanilla, but i am still in the prototype stage, where i just make one Castle per character and test it 10 or more hours to see if it fits its needs. In the Patcher itself are some premade aic (ai character) sheets, which you can select in the AIC tab of the Patcher. Most of them just make the AI's slightly more efficient while adjusting their troops marginally to fit their theme. I ve my own take on this, which is also in there, which provides the AI with an overall more aggressive playstile. If you want to look at an example, how AI's work with different aic values, i would suggest searching youtube for the last contest (?AI Contest summary July19) to see the incredible takes on the challenge that was setup, or searching youtube for the wolfkiller rat, which is itself an AI that killed 7 allied wolfs on the green heaven map with 40k startgold. The video is also not itself about the wolfkiller rat, but a tutorial on how to modify aic values to fit your needs. Another good example might be my 4 Character Project, to setup 4 almost equal characters to fight together as one in a huge castle. I ll upload that to the download section on the site, when i find the time to do so. It seems like i am not able to attach a picture to the post, but you ll find it also through google search. As far as i am told, i am not allowed to post links, and i don't want to advertise my youtube in any way. So if you want to explore the possibilities, i also advise you to read through the issues section of sh0wdowns github page from his project, the Unofficial Crusader Patcher. And don't worry, there will be another contest after this one. But maybe it might be worth checking out the gamefiles or at least the instructions to get an idea on how theses modifications work ;) Setting up your unconcious mind to think about AI design gives you a creative kick in my opinion :D
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Krarilotus and today i want to invite you to take part in my AI design contest, which still runs until the end of October this year! First i want to say a bit about myself. I ve been invested into Stronghold Crusader since back when i was a kid. I started making AIV files for the game in 2009 and was active on Stronghold Heavengames until Christmas 2012. I even had a little bit of online gameplay experience, when i joined the ?RQ Clan when it was founded, but i never really had the APM to keep up with the highest skill players. Anyways, my passion for this game has always focussed on the characteristics of the AI. The unique feel of each of the AI lords, with plenty of customizability of maps and AIV's was what inspired me to create content for this game. Recently there have been huge developments in the modifiability of AI's by the fact, that a modder named sh0wdown released AI characteristic values to be modified with the use of the Unofficial Crusader Patch. The possibility to tell the AI which troops to produce, how to run the economy and how to attack or defend was always a thing i wanted to do. So to push the development in AI modding in the Stronghold Crusader scene, i decided to host AI design contests. The first contest took place in July this year and was more of an experiment if it could work. And there were alot of people interested in taking part and even enough participants for me to gift out prizemoney (20? Steamgift cards in total). After this contest there will be another one. But this onging contest takes part until the end of October. I posted about it on the official Stronghold Discord Server and got pinged by @Mathew Steel, if i wanted to post it here aswell. I am very glad he showed me this place, as i was searching for an active place like the old Stronghold Heavengames. So what is this contest about? This contest is about making an efficient AI that is good in certain aspects of the game, which would be: timing an attack and dealing the killing blow on an enemy AI producing the most gold in comparison to other AI's which it is fighting with defending for a certain amount of ingame years against enemy AI's winning a free for all under a certain time limit To know how to setup everything and how to participate, read the rules and instructions pdf in the downloadable files explaining every detail.The link to download all necessary files from my googledrive, which you need to take part in the contest, can be found here. To create the AI, you will have to modify gamefiles and have a running copy of Stronghold Crusader Extreme aswell as an AI village editor of Firefly studios and the Unofficial Crusader Patcher from sh0wdown (version 2.13). don't worry, every change is reversible. You will need some knowledge about the game itself and about the AI concept aswell. If you want to learn how to modify AI's, there are some youtube videos explaining most of the basics and even some advanced tricks on my youtube channel. But i am sure there is alot of material out there to learn. The last contest was actually won by a newcomer, who just learned from my videos. The 4 main challenges for the AI take place on 4 different maps, against 3 unique AI's. Each map has also a sidequest aswell as a multiplier, making sure that your AI is efficient. So for example on the map with the challenge to produce the most gold out of all AI's, the sidequest is, to have a +5 fearfactor and the multiplier for the score is lower the more expensive the AI's castle is. To enter the contest, your AI just needs to beat at least one of the challenges consistantly with the testing conditions provided. If you have any further questions you can askthem here or write an email to shc.aicontest@gmail.com or text me on discord Krarilotus#6749. I hope to find more people who share my passion for Stronghold Crusader AI modding. Good luck everyone and have some fun! Krarilotus Edited by @Mathew Steel Reason: Loaf Cat is my alter ego ;)
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