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  1. I just submitted a file called "The Mamluk Siege of Acre, 1291".
  2. I submitted my map to the downloads section as instructed, but it's not available yet. What's going on?
  3. Here's a little spoiler on what Acre might have looked like in 1290. The castle is constructed by the orange Wolf, so the yellow Wolf doesn't need to build any walls - just town & production buildings. I've also updated my downloadable draft map to make it easier on the human player. I've intentionally put iron & stone & farmland close to their castle to supercharge their economies - they will produce a constant stream of Arabian bowmen and pikemen, on top of their usual siege forces of crossbows, swordsmen, and pikemen. So there's plenty of pressure on the player to defend & rebuild, because left unchecked this stream of Arabian archers will slowly kill off your tower garrisons. 😄 I've purposely crammed all of yellow Wolf's castle's crossbowmen and archers (~80 missile troops) in the orange Wolf's keep just to make the initial attack extra challenging, and to incentivize killing the yellow wolf (ever so slightly easier keep) before tackling the orange wolf. Add to that the limitation that the player only produce Arabian soldiers, which are generally weaker to crossbowmen, adds some extra spice. 😮 I've tried a full-frontal assault in my playtests with 300 horse archers and 100 assassins and my forces got totally shredded. So the siege will need to be a war of attrition and carefully planned. 🙂 I haven't yet been able to crack my own AI castle! Buahahahaaaaaa! It's helped by the fact that at full strength, the Wolf AI places 5 crossbowmen or 3 archers in each group of soldiers in the AIV editor. Because all the soldiers can be deployed in the front of the castle, I hope this will be a seriously tough nut to crack even for the most veteran Crusader player! This Wolf AI will stuff its towers the way human players will - the round tower in the front is packed with 15 crossbows, 9 archers, and 1 ballista! 😈 And in my playtests, their economies are so strong that they can replace a destroyed tower and re-fill it with soldiers in literally under one minute. 😎
  4. Damn it! The judge is not as bribable as I thought! 😄
  5. Ok, I've finished building my map. Two Wolf AIs will share in the construction of one castle, which the player must take in a skirmish-style map, but with many restrictions. (No European troop recruitment, no industry buildings but woodcutters.) The castle itself is a replica of the old city of Akko (Acre) in Israel. The scenario would be set in 1290, around the time of the Mamluk conquest of Acre that destroyed the final major Crusader stronghold. The player will take charge of Arabian forces & martial economy to lay siege & destroy the Crusader city once and for all. The briefing: Take control of the great army of the Mamluk Sultanate, and conquer Acre from the hands of the Crusaders once and for all. We, who submit to God, refuse to partake in the evils that the Crusaders so readily use: fire, slavery, and the consumption of alcohol. We, unlike the infidel, have no need of walls in this battle; the courage of our men alone suffices to achieve victory. By following the path of righteousness, God's will shall be with us. To battle! Anyone want to playtest the scenario for me? I've attached the first draft of the map to this post.😄 Siege of Acre, 1290.map
  6. I'm a dinosaur of Stronghold... I submitted a Wolf AI over 10 years ago for Crusader 1. I'm interested in this if only for nostalgia purposes! I'm thinking of doing a multi-AI castle hehe...
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