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  1. That's a really good question! So the population limit isn't really affected by whatever Keep type you have. It's usually pretty consistent whatever Keep type you use and is mainly dependent upon each map or whatever scenario (i.e. Kingmaker) you are playing. It would be a nice feature to implement though I guess wouldn't it. But I've also updated our Stronghold 2 Keeps article and added on info about this, so thanks for asking!
  2. Some really interesting articles the past few days! Clairaudience is a difficult one to categorise as I'm never personally sure whether this is referring to internal voices or external voices. I've had telepathic (i.e. internal) communication with Angels/guides before but nothing "external". To be honest hearing external voices would probably kind of creep me out a bit. I honestly don't know whether my experiences are categorised as Clairudience or not. I do know that Jeffrey Allen is Clairaudient and my interpretation from his experiences is that they're external. I guess it depends on each person as everyone has different skillsets. And in some ways, the Dactylomancy is very similar to a Pendulum. The only difference is that a pendulum channels your Higher Self (if done correctly), whereas you say the Dactylomancy is more "external" forces. You can only channel light energies, but dark energies can cause inteference in you doing this accurately. Having any mental or emotional attachment to the outcome of a question will also allow you to "force" an naswer to what you want it to be.
  3. These are REALLY good Paul! Very impressive. The details on them are so meticulous. They must take so much effort, but I bet it’s worth it when you see them in front of you at the end knowing what you’ve achieved. Has this been a natural skill you’ve always had or have you built it up over time? I had a couple of bike rides over the weekend and takeaway on Saturday, plus currently “binge” catching up on some of the older Line of Duty series’s. Can’t wait to get started on the new one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to Stronghold Nation! You’re correct in respect of what you said about unit stats. Sadly there is no legal way of doing this. Regarding what you said about the population limit, my understanding of this is that it’s a Kingmaker specific population limit. It’s usually linked to the map type but is nearly always 104. This has probably been done for balancing reasons, ie to ensure that all Skirmish or multiplayer maps remain consistent so no player or map has any additional advantage. You may be able to find something relating to this option in the .s2m map files themselves, this is not something I have tried actually. To do this you’d probably need some hex code editor to take a look at the map file and see what if anything can be found. In newer games virtually everything is editable via the xml files but in the earlier games, and this includes various troop limits etc, a lot of things are hidden in the older games. I can’t remember seeing anything relating to the population limit offhand in any of the SH2 files, so my opinion on this is that your best bet is probably the s2m map (or maybe even .sh2 if you use the sav-to-map trick). My computer isn’t running great at the moment but I will try to get on and have a look at the SH2 files for you at some point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I used to do some model painting back in the days Paul. Some of it was done as a kid with my Granda before he died. Mostly I’ve been focussed on work lately. I work in the charity/voluntary sector so there’s always plenty to do. Plus, my boss is a total workaholic (so naturally I get on really well with her [emoji28]). I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen of Warlords so far. After Crusader 2 I was a bit wary but I really think Firefly have turned things around this time. Warlords is an excellent game from what I’ve played of it (which isn’t a great deal so far). I also keep meaning to go over a few more campaigns from Legends again too. It was my first Stronghold game and to this day I can never understand why it was so underrated by people. There’s just not enough hours in the day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi @Kibou! Welcome to the Nation, and thank you for your kind words about our community! I'm pleased to hear you've solved the problem, but yes, in essence user-generated maps should be placed in your My Documents/Stronghold Warlords/Maps folder - this is also where any maps are created using the Editor are placed. When I have time, I'll add your question to our Stronghold Warlords troubleshooter for common questions and issues. It's still in a beta state in the moment but we will be announcing it properly soon. Thanks for letting us know you were having a problem with it. Hoping to see your around the site! Feel free to submit any of your maps to us if you'd like as well ☺️
  7. Hi @Neutral Thank you for asking this. Providing you obtain consent from the map maker(s), or at least inform them you are doing it and they don't object, and provide a credit link on their file here with a link back to them, I'm happy for you to upload any of their work to the site on their behalf, or whatever files you feel are appropriate for us here and we will review each one in turn ☺️
  8. I used to love sending in waves of burning carts to destroy Multiplayer castles before I sieged them 😂 My all time favourite trick was to setup Trebuchets all around a Player's castle, protected with "legions" of my Knights, and slowly & painfully decimate everything for them .....
  9. Sounds like the "Burning Carts" and "Trebuchet" rules all over again ... 😁 Plus there are Ninjas too. I'm not sure yet whether they are invisible, but they sound a bit like Assassins tbh. But maybe we could allow a small amount with a rule of "don't attack the Lord" or something.
  10. So I guess the first thing ot ask, is whether this is a disc version of the game, or the Steam one? Do you want to send your map over to me or attach it below and I will take a look to see if it's still happening in my game?
  11. I think you'll really like Warlords. We'll have to arrange some tournaments or multiplayer games at some point, because I can already tell this is going to be a fantastic game.
  12. Thanks for the kind words about the site! You should have contacted me and let me know you were having issues with your account, I could have unlocked it for you ☺️ My email is lordchris [at] strongholdnation [dot] co [dot] uk if you ever need to contact me about anything, or you can PM me with any concerns you have too. Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with! We also have a download section if you'd ever like to upload your content there ☺️
  13. Going back to what you've found on the link..... this does make sense to me actually. Earlier versions of Stronghold, such as Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends contained Granny Viewer files for the models, and uni files for the compiled information on each model. But since Stronghold 3, this has ceased to be the case. I explain the files in these games briefly inthis tutorial: https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/article/62-adding-units-from-stronghold-legends-into-stronghold-2 I often wondered why these files changed in Stronghold 3, and now this makes sense. They've obviously changed the format from Granny to merge them all into one file. Which makes sense given how technology has advanced since 2007-8 when Legends was released. My guess is that the .model file contains all of the information previously stored by these seperate files in some format or another.
  14. Yeah I have to say this is disappointing. I do wish Firefly would change the game engine they use as I really haven't taken to it, but on the plus side Warlords is a far better game than the previous two (in my opinion). They have sorted out a lot of the mess and a lot of depth has bene put into it. This does alleviate some of the pain. Thanks for this... yeah, I have to say that this was probably my biggest concern that this would indeed turn out to be the case. Combining the file data was something deep down I kind of felt was "maybe" going on but didn't really want to acknowledge... It does make the job of modding a lot harder, certainly for me, without a deeper knowldge of C++ and game development. Hopefully you could help us out with that a bit. But, looking on the positive side, we do now have a breakthrough in at least we know the general format, even if we don't know the specifics yet. It also explains why when we've attempted to open the .model files in software specifically for that format, it just hasn't worked. So in your opinion, is this kind of format/setup "traditional"? Or has this been something completely custom made by Firefly that looks like it would only work on their system? The other good side to this is that if we do manage to crack this, then we've potentially cracked this on Stronghold 3, Crusader 2 & now Warlords as well. It would be a massive achievement. The situation kind of reminds me of the SH2 Map Unlocker & AI Castles and all the work that went into those by the fine folks over at Stronghold Knights many years ago. They found that a lot of the code could be edited, but it had to be done by building their own application to do it, so was the SH2 AI Editor born. My suspicion is that we would probably have to do something similar here, but I would be very interested in hearing your point of view on this.
  15. Yeah I eventually gave up on Steam and just bought a Steam code via Instant Gaming. It ended up being quite a bit cheaper for me, which is good for me personally, but disappointing in some ways as I did want to support Firefly with this. But nonetheless, it's a fantastic game! I was initially a bit cautious after Stronghold 3 and Crusader 2, to which I (probably surprisingly to most people) preferred the former, because they were very badly optimised and I didn't really take to either game. However after taking a look at Warlords, yes it's using the same Engine, but from what I can see Firefly have done a pretty good job of fixing a lot of the mess. There's a great deal of depth added to the game and the music is just incredible. I really recommend it.
  16. Interesting. Do you think this change with the troop limit would work on multiplayer? If so would it only be the host who has to change this value, or would everyone? Perhaps it's something we could try to figure out at some point......
  17. Welcome to the forum, @needforbleed! Thanks for your reply. Your idea of a standalone mod project sounds very interesting. So this would be a new application entirely, or based off the architecture of one game (i.e. Warlords) with all the other stuff combined/changed? I really think there's something to be achieved here if we can all manage to collaborate on this. It would be a massive breakthrough if we can find out how this is done and get some modding started. As always my PMs are open if you want to bounce ideas around etc without posting everything publicly on the forum.
  18. I'm delighted to announce that we're now accepting Stronghold Warlords maps, files, mods, missions, saved games etc to our site downloads section. We already have the new options in Warlords available for you to choose from when submitting your file. You can upload your content by going to the following link (you must be logged in before using it) : https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/submit/stronghold-warlords/ You can browse our existing content for Stronghold Warlords at the following download category: https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/category/stronghold-warlords/ Very much looking forward to what you all come up with!
  19. I seem to be having an issue with purchase at the moment, I’ve tried from a couple different accounts but it seems to be declining the transaction...... still trying to see what’s wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. How about trying to build a massive Citadel with a couple of Warlords to reinforce it, and the player has a small estate on the edge of the map to build up an army strong enough to attack and overtake it? Although, this is probably better as a custom scenario at some point!
  21. I assume this is relating to Stronghold Crusader 2, so I've moved this topic to that forum.
  22. Just a quick reminder that for anyone who hasn't claimed their prize yet, you have until 30 January 2021 to message me in order to claim it.
  23. I assume you're talking here about the fact that colours are assigned in order of players and the crests represent those player colours? The answer I'm afraid to this is no, as it's an in-built game concept that the crests depend upon the colour of the player in Skirmish and multiplayer games, as opposed to changing them. The only thing you could really do is just rename the actual crest images, but to do this effectively you'd need to do it before the game is started, and know the order of the players you're going to have before you start. And if it's a multiplayer game, then even that would only work on your own machine. If you think about this, it actually makes sense because in a Multiplayer game, Firefly would have no idea which player was who and in what position, so they needed a standard way of ensuring it would always be the same. If you really want to do this with the player colours, you're probably best off starting to take a look at some of the shader files and see if you can make sense of them. This isn't something you can just walk into though, as programming in any language requires dedication, patience and most importantly time. My PMs are always open for any programming-specific questions that don't really fit into the main forum if you want, but you're best off using the forum if you have questions so everyone can benefit from the answer. I'm not trying to scare you with this, but it is important you understand that it is a commitment (however long that takes). I can see you're really passionate about this, and that's great. My honest opinion is that if you're really interested in going for this, you need to understand the background around all the files first and some of the C++ syntax. That's one of the reasons I know so much about SH2 myself, simply because of years of trial and error and looking into what things are, etc. Sometimes we spend an awful lot of time waiting for the "right" person to do something for us or the "right" event to happen, when we don't actually recognise that we are that right person to make change ourselves. You know, I first created SHN as a kid back when I was starting College. I never would have guessed it would come this far with a bit of drive and ambition. Sometimes if you don't see the light you want in the world, you have to create it yourself With a bit of guidance and support, you may well turn out as a really good programmer, who knows. The world works in mysterious ways....
  24. Well I'm a bit late now, but Happy New Year all the same! Let's sit down, have some good Ale and wait for Gandalf's arrival!
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