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  1. Yeah I used to have the same problem when I did YouTube stuff back in the day.... have you tried using a program called "Action!"? This allowed me to record full screen, but sadly you only get a trial version. There's no way to run the original Stronghold Crusader game in a windowed mode to my knowledge. I have heard of this program however that may allow you to do this. I haven't done this myself so I can't vouch for whether it works, but here it is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ This won't work on the new Steam version of the game, though. If you're running the Steam version, then unfortunately you can't really do anything. I did try changing the game launch options, but it appears that the game just does not have the functionality to launch in a windowed mode out of the box.
  2. Nice topic! I love all of them, but for me Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends are my absolute all time favourites by far so I only selected those. I had Legends before 2 actually, and I just took to it straight away. Btw @JustAVillager - I've seen you have a map in your signature. If you'd like to, you can upload it to our downloads community hub here where we have other maps, scenarios, mods etc: 🙂https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/ To submit go here but make sure you're logged in first: https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/submit/
  3. I've been away this weekend or I probably would've caught this thread sooner. I know it's resolved now but I just wanted to share my opinion in case it's of benefit to anyone too 🙂 Speaking purely from an English point of view, I'd probably use a word such as principally. I'm a bit like Dave on my maths 😂 I don't really see a problem with using namely but I guess maybe there's just a slightly more tailored word to what you're looking for, and that's what he might mean.
  4. Great news! It's a wonderful game I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I still need to get around to looking at the various Campaigns and getting some articles up but I've only just got my computer back again.
  5. I can't make this weekend unfortunately, but I may be able to do something next weekend possibly. I'd be up for a game at some point.
  6. I've moved this topic to the Stronghold Crusader forum for you & merged it with your new one @rubydragon 🙂 My PC is currently in for repaid but I've heard it's coming back so I'll try out your map when it comes back!
  7. Welcome to the Nation @rubydragon! So you've definitely come to the right place and hopefully we can help you 🙂 Maps for all of the Stronghold games typically go into the My Documents/*game*/maps folder. When you create new files via the Editors, they're placed in the correct folder for whatever game you're playing. When you download maps from a community like ours, they will be downloaded to your downloads folder. From there, you extract the .zip archive, and copy/paste in whatever map you downloaded into the above folder. I might do an article on this actually for new players, so thanks for pointing this out to me. We have a download section on our site which has a lot of user-generated maps, mods and other content for all the Stronghold games - you can take a look here and download some files if you'd like. And if you ever do create any of your own - feel free to upload whatever you want to our downloads section as well! 🙂 I wouldn't be too tough on yourself regarding the Editor. It takes a lot of practice, but, it is a skill which anybody can master with enough time. I used to be really bad at the terrain painting, but I eventually started to get the hang of it, although it's still not my strongest point. In regards to how you use the editor, it really depends on which game you're talking about here.. we do have articles showing you how to use the editors of almost all games I think, but I'd need to know exactly which game you're using to be able to point you to the correct one(s). We also have a lot of articles on scenario design, map scripting and virtually all aspects of creating your own maps too, so don't worry about that either. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  8. Hi @Cortez, this sounds like a known bug. Specifically from the 1.3.1 patch, but I believe it also happens on other patches as well. Basically what happens is that if an invasion is triggered that is using a Target Point instead of a Siege Point in the settings, then this will trigger a lazy invasion. When using these types of invasions you must ensure that the troops can access the intended invasion marker without any kind of hindrance or blockage. If buildings are placed in the way blocking their path, or walls/towers are preventing them from accessing the invasion marker where they need to go, the game will be unable to handle this and may crash or cause other kinds of errors. This is mostly an issue on the 1.3.1 version of Stronghold 2, but can happen in other versions as well. You can read more information on how to correctly setup invasions on this article. Hope this helps!
  9. I bought Warlords as soon as it came out. Unfortunately my PC broke pretty soon after so I haven't had a chance to get any content or articles done yet. But, I do have to say that I really like it. Firefly have done a great job with it, the overall theme and depth of the game is very impressive.
  10. Hi @Zalo I'm sorry for the slow reply, my computer is getting fixed at the moment so I only have limited access to the site right now. We have a downloads section here that can take uploads from SHC2 among other games. If you contact the relevant map makers above and get their permission to post the files on our site, with a credit link back to their original content, I'll download the maps through the Workshop for you and upload them to our downloads section.
  11. Feel free to upload it to our downloads section as a modded campaign if you like @Cortez! I'm sure it will be a good play and many players would be interested in seeing what you've come up with!
  12. That's a really good question! So the population limit isn't really affected by whatever Keep type you have. It's usually pretty consistent whatever Keep type you use and is mainly dependent upon each map or whatever scenario (i.e. Kingmaker) you are playing. It would be a nice feature to implement though I guess wouldn't it. But I've also updated our Stronghold 2 Keeps article and added on info about this, so thanks for asking!
  13. Some really interesting articles the past few days! Clairaudience is a difficult one to categorise as I'm never personally sure whether this is referring to internal voices or external voices. I've had telepathic (i.e. internal) communication with Angels/guides before but nothing "external". To be honest hearing external voices would probably kind of creep me out a bit. I honestly don't know whether my experiences are categorised as Clairudience or not. I do know that Jeffrey Allen is Clairaudient and my interpretation from his experiences is that they're external. I guess it depends on each person as everyone has different skillsets. And in some ways, the Dactylomancy is very similar to a Pendulum. The only difference is that a pendulum channels your Higher Self (if done correctly), whereas you say the Dactylomancy is more "external" forces. You can only channel light energies, but dark energies can cause inteference in you doing this accurately. Having any mental or emotional attachment to the outcome of a question will also allow you to "force" an naswer to what you want it to be.
  14. These are REALLY good Paul! Very impressive. The details on them are so meticulous. They must take so much effort, but I bet it’s worth it when you see them in front of you at the end knowing what you’ve achieved. Has this been a natural skill you’ve always had or have you built it up over time? I had a couple of bike rides over the weekend and takeaway on Saturday, plus currently “binge” catching up on some of the older Line of Duty series’s. Can’t wait to get started on the new one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Welcome to Stronghold Nation! You’re correct in respect of what you said about unit stats. Sadly there is no legal way of doing this. Regarding what you said about the population limit, my understanding of this is that it’s a Kingmaker specific population limit. It’s usually linked to the map type but is nearly always 104. This has probably been done for balancing reasons, ie to ensure that all Skirmish or multiplayer maps remain consistent so no player or map has any additional advantage. You may be able to find something relating to this option in the .s2m map files themselves, this is not something I have tried actually. To do this you’d probably need some hex code editor to take a look at the map file and see what if anything can be found. In newer games virtually everything is editable via the xml files but in the earlier games, and this includes various troop limits etc, a lot of things are hidden in the older games. I can’t remember seeing anything relating to the population limit offhand in any of the SH2 files, so my opinion on this is that your best bet is probably the s2m map (or maybe even .sh2 if you use the sav-to-map trick). My computer isn’t running great at the moment but I will try to get on and have a look at the SH2 files for you at some point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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