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  1. I assume this is relating to Stronghold Crusader 2, so I've moved this topic to that forum.
  2. Just a quick reminder that for anyone who hasn't claimed their prize yet, you have until 30 January 2021 to message me in order to claim it.
  3. I assume you're talking here about the fact that colours are assigned in order of players and the crests represent those player colours? The answer I'm afraid to this is no, as it's an in-built game concept that the crests depend upon the colour of the player in Skirmish and multiplayer games, as opposed to changing them. The only thing you could really do is just rename the actual crest images, but to do this effectively you'd need to do it before the game is started, and know the order of the players you're going to have before you start. And if it's a multiplayer game, then even that would only work on your own machine. If you think about this, it actually makes sense because in a Multiplayer game, Firefly would have no idea which player was who and in what position, so they needed a standard way of ensuring it would always be the same. If you really want to do this with the player colours, you're probably best off starting to take a look at some of the shader files and see if you can make sense of them. This isn't something you can just walk into though, as programming in any language requires dedication, patience and most importantly time. My PMs are always open for any programming-specific questions that don't really fit into the main forum if you want, but you're best off using the forum if you have questions so everyone can benefit from the answer. I'm not trying to scare you with this, but it is important you understand that it is a commitment (however long that takes). I can see you're really passionate about this, and that's great. My honest opinion is that if you're really interested in going for this, you need to understand the background around all the files first and some of the C++ syntax. That's one of the reasons I know so much about SH2 myself, simply because of years of trial and error and looking into what things are, etc. Sometimes we spend an awful lot of time waiting for the "right" person to do something for us or the "right" event to happen, when we don't actually recognise that we are that right person to make change ourselves. You know, I first created SHN as a kid back when I was starting College. I never would have guessed it would come this far with a bit of drive and ambition. Sometimes if you don't see the light you want in the world, you have to create it yourself With a bit of guidance and support, you may well turn out as a really good programmer, who knows. The world works in mysterious ways....
  4. Well I'm a bit late now, but Happy New Year all the same! Let's sit down, have some good Ale and wait for Gandalf's arrival!
  5. Honestly I'm loving these articles at the moment. I don't necessarily get time to read all of them straight away, but they're really catching my attention. They're so articulately written and always make me think.
  6. Great question @Isaiah I'm not really a fan of the term "New Years Resolution" because of the stigma around them that nobody ever actually does them, which, obviously demotivates people into achieving their goals. But one of my goals at the moment is to balance my time a bit better, so that I'm focussing on a bigger variety of things at the same time rather than "overdosing" on certain things I enjoy. Another is DEFINITELY patience, because I always want to do things quickly, no matter what they are (lol).
  7. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any progress, at least on my end. This is a very complicated process, and I just don't have the C++ knowledge to do this, at least for now. That's not to say someone in the future won't, but it would require many hours of my time sitting going through file after file first of all reading and digesting it all, hours of testing minor changes to try and interpret what each line of code & colour does, then assuming I can get the understanding of it all, try to change something. And as we've already said, a lot of the code is compiled anyway, so after all that there's not even a guarantee it would work. I'm happy to help you in your project where I can though, or perhaps you may know a few other people who could help as well, but it's too much to do all by myself on a single standalone project. I know you said you've discussed this with Nick on Twitter in the past, I'd be interested in reading any conversations the two of you have had- I have contact with Nick myself so I could also follow up with emails to clarify anything if necessary. Feel free to PM me the links if you don't want to post them publicly, but it may well be a starting point.
  8. That's a really neat landscape! I particularly love the little island in the middle there off the shore. Must have taken ages to complete but honestly so impressive.
  9. Welcome @LordOh! You know, me and @EaglePrince were actually talking about playing a Crusader game online ourselves soon. Perhaps I could add you to a three-way PM so we can talk about setting up a game? By the way, I edited your first post and masked your email address a bit so it won't be scraped by bots and spammed.
  10. Hi @Hockeymask, welcome to the Nation! Are you sure you've downloaded the correct Java version? Can you let me know the version number and type that you've downloaded? Some for example are for server-side code or other things, so it may not be the correct version you've downloaded- I understand this can get a bit complicated. The flip side to this also is that the AI Editor is a very old program. It's possible that it does not work on the very latest version of Java because of some compatibility change. I don't really think this is the case, because I downloaded Java again just in May, and it has worked perfectly for me on my machine. However, because I don't have any access to the source code of this program, I really can't say other than my own experience, from which it has worked. If you've installed Java correctly, Windows should automatically determine that the AI Editor is a Java file and not need to manually open anything, but just double click on the editor file itself. I assume this is what's happening, that you're trying to open it with Java?
  11. Just to let you know I haven't forgotten about you, and I'm not ignoring you. I've just been very busy. I'm not sure I can provide a quick answer on this one, as I think I will have to look into things quite a bit, but I will get back to you.
  12. Now that's quite interesting actually. 1.4 includes all the improvements from 1.1 through to 1.3.1, but unfortunately no real official list of changes seems to exist on exactly what has been done. There is a known list released by Firefly of changes in 1.4.1 though, which is available on our downloads page for that patch here: https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/file/12-patch-141-update/ Perhaps Firefly made some update in the 1.4 patch which allowed this process to work. Though it's good to know the issue seems to be solved on 1.4.1, at least. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi @spin khan, Welcome to the site, and thanks for your files the other day. It's been a while since we've had some Stronghold 2 files, and they were really nice. I've split your post from the Old Stronghold Knights topic, as it wasn't really that relevant. Are you referring to the site (Stronghold Nation), or the games? Unfortunately we aren't the official developers and are only a fansite, so if you are interested in developing the games, you will have to contact Firefly Studios. However we are interested in developing a mobile app for the site at some point, although this is currently only in the very early design stages of an API. I'm happy to talk about this a bit more in a PM with you if this is what you mean though.
  14. Welcome to the Nation, @Jm2020! I do have contacts with some of the former Admins and staff at Stronghold Knights, most notably @LordPaultheDubious. I actually approached Paul a year or so ago to ask for this exact thing, and we managed to make contact with another of the admins there (can't remember his name offhand) who had a backup of the database containing all of the things you're asking about. Unfortunately, the backup was in storage on another computer, so it never really went anywhere. I don't know if we will ever get some of the old Stronghold Knights data or not, but there are a few odd tutorials, downloads such as the SH2 Map Unlocker which are in our downloads section. Paul has also been great in assisting me by providing some of his own articles etc too. I need to get them finalised and put up actually, but I've just been so busy. If we do ever get any data from Stronghold Knights, I would port it to the site so we can display everything here so no information is lost at all. I'm totally confident that if I was to get a backup, I would be able to bring all of this information back, certainly the downloads & articles, so nothing would be "lost". However, it's more a case of retrieving it that is the problem. Hope this helps.
  15. Yeah you could tell that a lot of effort had been put into your submission. A really well deserved win. I think with using just the game itself, you've done a pretty incredible job really in what you've managed to come up with. It's taken a lot of imagination and work, and of course the testing must have been a lot of well. A new tutorial would be fantastic- I'm sure it would be very popular I have to say I was very impressed with the difficulty levels. Not only did you spend a lot of time on the map itself, but also creating the different difficulty levels and re-balancing the troops etc must've taken ages. Really impressive. I liked the fact it didn't start on your army actually and started on the capital instead. It made you look around a bit to find out what was what. It's kind of like those really old "adventure maps" where you have to head over to a certain place, and you never know where to go. This game started showing you where it was, and you had to work out how to get there. It's nice! I'm sure we can forgive this little historical inaccuracy Although it would be nice if it were somehow possible to modify the game and add in some kind of behaviour similar to this. I've wanted this behaviour in Stronghold 2 myself before, and to a degree I technically managed to do it with the "move lord" event, but it was never really 100% accurate because it depended on things like markers or the lord being damaged a certain percent. In which case the event never really triggered because the lord was killed before he managed to flee. I had noticed that and wondered what was going on there. Very clever. I think people might like to learn some of this stuff actually, if you ever felt like doing any articles on tips or tricks that you know of. It is disappointing that the game is in this state still. It doesn't really run well on even my new machine. Though, we can't really fault Firefly's drive and attempts at making things better, as not many companies would keep going doing what they have done for so long. Hopefully Warlords will be in a better state when it's released.
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