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  1. hey was wondering if anyone who is good with editing skin textures could create a lord model based off the appearance of the wolf in?stronghold 3 for use in stronghold 2? also i'm having trouble finding the download page for stronghold 2 I see the?"latest downloaded" but is there a way to just view all?the downloads that have been posted?? sorry new to the forum
  2. Hey shadow king would you happen to know how to make it so that your lord can stand in the saxon keep tower
  3. Hey guys I know this has been addressed before and I made a back up of the medium keep files the gr2 and dds and change and made copies of the wooden files and changed them all from "wooden" to "medium". The wooden keep appears and it appears to work however my lord cant stand in the wooden keep tower which is very frustrating can anyone help me to correct this. would be very much appreciated!!!
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