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  1. I was recently thinking about some unfinished maps that I had from 2-3 years ago and I wondered, 'Will I ever get to finish anyone of those?', and then I saw the e-mail for competition. Even though I have not done any maps in years, I will make one for those who love custom skirmishes. I was going to throw in a modified version the Galactic Crusaders map, but that would be too lazy, so instead I will finish a map that I left behind long ago. It will be beautiful and perhaps glitchy and slow as a sloth with neurological disorders, but all I care about is the aesthetics. I will try to post it early so that I can get some feedback on the playability.
  2. I will most probably send it to you and Chris for testing. Hopefully I can get Micha to give it a good run as well. Right now it's starting to take shape but it's still an infant map. The only thing I'm worried about is just the game crashing because its an extra large map.
  3. For some reason over the past 3 days I was feeling an incredible urge to finish skirmish 7 before I even started the previous ones. I'm in deep dilemma. On one hand it's going to be my most epic map and I really want to share it but on the other hand it's the last skirmish which is supposed to be more like a surprise. :P
  4. Dang! I completely forgot about skirmish two. I'm actually making a map for it right now I probably won't have it ready soon. It basically contains all the lords who have animal's names. The pig, Wolf, Jackal... It's much more difficult than skirmish mission one but I'm still trying to figure out the conditions.
  5. If it works for other then yes. If your problem is having trouble getting ideas I suggest that you use google image search and search for terms like: Landscape, Mythical places, Galaxy landscape (that's how I got my idea for my last skirmish map), Mountain/river/lake etc, Old historical sites like temple, jungle tribes, ancient ruins and civilisations. You can also learn a lot from players who upload their maps on steam. I always look what other people are doing and then try to think 'how can I make this even more beautiful/challenging?' I have a few ideas for skirmish two which I will personally attempt to make and I will post them tomorrow so I can get any useful opinions.
  6. Alright, here are my ideas so far: Skirmish 1:? Medium sized map 2-3 Weak to medium enemies e.g 1 Rat, 1 Shah and 1 Richard Resources: Significant to plenty of relatively accessible resources Terrain/Environment: This one is subjective but I was thinking more of a flat terrain with nice beaches and white sand and no particular height advantage Starting resources: Gold: 1500, Stone: 250, Iron: 10, Hops, Wheat, Candles, Pitch: 10 Peace Time: 5 minutes Food: 200 units - 100 Apples, 50 Meat and 50 cheese Like I said before, you can use your own previous maps and modify them to fit the standards of a skirmish trail. You don't have to make something completely new.
  7. This is probably the busiest time of the year for most of us. I personally have a lot of projects that have to be finished but from time to time I get really creative and create my own maps which is why I'm not putting any deadline on this. For those who are interested you may as well use your own maps and modify them a bit to fit a skirmish trail conditions.? Tomorrow I will be writing some ideas down in order to help people get a bit more creative with their maps.
  8. Lately for some reason I've had this urge to try a new challenge on SHC2 by playing custom skirmishes and setting up things in a way that it would look like a skirmish trail. Well, now I want to make my own skirmish trail with 7 maps but the problem is I don't have all the time to do that which is why I make this request to all map creators of the forum. I want to make this thread a discussion about what would go in the skirmishes (enemy lords, starting goods etc). What we need to make this happen: 6 people who are passionate about a good challenge. Creativity. Communication. My suggestion for the last map would be for one member to create the file with all the discussed features and then share it with the the team for modifications. This will only happen if a total of 6 people check in this thread and confirm that they are up for this challenge with me being one of them.
  9. lol I was very surprised to see that I even made it to the list. I'm looking forward to the future competitions.
  10. Small update: I have noticed that two of the factions were in great disadvantage when it comes to resources. They were either lacking grassland or stone and iron or both. So I made sure to re balance that along with minor aesthetic changes. The map layout, mountains, lakes etc remains the same. So please download this file instead.? Chris, if you are seeing this can you please take down the first file from my post? I can't edit it. Thanks The Dangerous Wilds.zip
  11. Alright, the map is ready. I made a mistake of creating an extra large map which took me more time to edit the map and will probably cause some FPS drop but, like all of my maps I'm more concerned about the aesthetics side :)? The Dangerous Wilds.zip
  12. I've started working on my map a few days ago and I'm almost finished. I think this map is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen in SHC2. Hopefully I can finish it on time.
  13. What do you mean by 'build a landscape that can be expanded into by the players will' ?
  14. Hey I made my map and I was wondering if you will make any future 'beauty contests' involving maps. I'm really eager to show it off :P
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