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  1. ''RAROG'' In Slavic Mythology, The Rarog was a ''Fire Bird'' or ''Elemental Creature'' – relative to fire. The Raptor type bird (who egg is found on the ground), is taken home and placed on a hot pan or plate. It is left as such for 9 days and nights, without any other functions provided by Humans. The egg will not burst or cook, After 9 days, The Rarog ''hatches''. It resembles a ''living flame'', shaped as a bird. It is said that one who helps ''birth'' the Rarog – will be blessed with good fortune until The Rarog is old enough to care for itself.
  2. ''RABISU'' Of ancient origins (perhaps as old as the 23rd Century BC), The Akkadian Society in Ancient Mesopotamia, tell tales of The Rabisu. Translated into English as ''The Lurker'', these were demonic Spirits that may be related to The Vampire Mythos of many other Cultures. The humanoid Beings ''lurk'' in the shadows of doorways and entrances to buildings. As an unsuspecting victim enters, The Rabisu will strike – draining one's blood. Various descriptions are given, from a person of ''all white'' complexion to either an ''aged'' Man or Woman. But this is but a ruse. They were said to be quite horrifying to behold. Mentioned in many ''classic'' Grimiore's throughout Arcane History, it is said that pure Sea Salt can vanquish The Rabisu. Sea Salt represents the origin of aal life in The Akkadian (primordial seas from which life sprang). So banished back to Hell, The Rabisu are then ''guardians'' of The Desert of Anguish, where they torment recently arrived Souls. Fire is said to be another method of banishment. When one had to pass thru darkened doors, they carried a torch of fire. Normally shunning light, those Rabisu foolish enough to ''stand their ground'' are so burned (igniting quickly and leaving no trace).
  3. ''OZZLEFINCH'' A purely imaginary creature, The ''American'' Ozzlefinch first made it's ''appearance'' in 1905 in Virginia. A drunk Air Defense Artillery Officer claimed to have ''seen'' the beast, standing in s stand of trees. Large and without any feathers, The Ozzlefinch has large eyes without eyelids and can turn them 180 degrees. Some versions of the legend state that they have very small wings, other only one large one. Despite this ''impediment'', The Ozzlefinch can fly into the air at supersonic speeds. As such, the unlikely creature would become the unofficial mascot of The US Army Air Defense Artillery Corps. The image was often painted onto the fuselage of the old Nike Missiles used as Continental Defense Batteries. This enhanced the legend as The Ozzlefinch ''knocking an Enemy from The Sky''. The creature is also featured on many ADA Insignia and Unit Crests.
  4. ''THE CROOKED MAN'' Related (to a degree) to ''The Conjuring'' Franchise of Horror Films, ''The Crooked Man'' was a 2016 Horror Movie which featured a demonic Entity known as ''Crooked Man''. A version of the demon was seen in ''The Conjuring 2'' and is the same ''paranormal universe'' as Annabelle The Doll and The Nun. In the 2016 Film, a group of pre-teen girls playing on a laptop during a slumber party, decide to read scary stories on a ''Creepypasta'' type of site. They read The Legend of Crooked Man and accidentally invoke the demon. Only able to exist in darkness, The Entity kills one of the girls. Police believe that the crime was really done by one of the other girls, but cannot prove it. As such, she is shunned and ridiculed by The Town. Even the girls present (who saw ''Crooked Man'' – doubt what they saw and think it was their friend. The girl is forced to leave Town. Returning in Her 20s, Her name is still shunned. Her friends have grown (one of which is a young local policeman who had a crush on the girl). However, as soon as the girl arrives in Town, more and more murders begin anew – in particular, the other girls present that night. It is ''The Crooked Man'' Demon again. We learn that back in the day, a local Internet Writer (who created the Story Site), published The Crooked Man Story. By reading such, one can ''summon'' The Demon. The Writer had no idea of what he had done and when discovered, He has spent years trying to find ways to stop the creature. According to research, The Demon is possibly thousands of generations old. In time, it was captured inside a music box which played (of course), the musical version of the old English tale of ''There Was A Crooked Man''. The only way to stop the creature is to play the song to it's conclusion. The girl and Her Police boyfriend find the original music box and set out to trap ''Crooked Man''. They track the beast to a field in which ''His'' crooked house appears. Summoning the demon, and nearly being killed by it, the girl is able to finish the song and cause ''Crooked Man'' to dissolve formless back into His ''prison''. The girl runs out just as the crooked house begins to sink into a vortex. She throws the music box with Crooked Man into it as well. Tidy ending, right? Wrong. Later, learning of the ''death'' of Crooked Man, The Writer destroys His notes and information on the demon and shuts down His website. However, the site ''comes back to life'' with an image of ''Crooked Man''. Scary ending and done? NO........Somewhere in another City, three pre-teen girls sit in front of a laptop. One of the girls asks ''Did You Ever Hear The Story about The Crooked Man?'' (Now it's over). The film has it's moments, but is somewhat of a ''Freddy Kruger'' rip-off (sans the funny remarks of Freddy). In fact, Crooked Man only growls and ''walks with a disjointed movement''. Much could have been done to the story, which wasn't. Some scary points and fair ''gore effects'' are about the only passing marks. The film did rather poorly so no plans of sequels were developed.
  5. ''NO SHUNSHINE IN JAPAN''.....THE VERY HAUNTED SUNSHINE 60 BUILDING Located in Tokyo, Japan – The ''Sunshine 60'' Building was once the tallest structure in Tokyo. It stretches nearly 750-feet in height and took between 1973 and 1978 to complete. The structure houses many Corporate and Business Offices, a Bank, Day Car and even a Post Office. The Building also house Ghosts – most of which seeming to be very ''unpleasant''. You see, The ''Sunshine 60'' Building was built on the exact sit of the infamous Sugamo Prison. This structure was built in the 1890s and served as a ''political prison'' for those seen as Enemies of The Emperor. By the time of World War II, it was used to house suspected Spies (many of whom were tortured and executed). Oddly, Sugamo was never destroyed in the many Allied Bombings. After The War and subsequent occupation, Sugamo was used to house many high ranking Imperial Japanese figures – to include Hideki Tojo. He and 6 others were executed by hanging after being found guilty of War crimes. The Prison was torn down in 1971. But after the ''Grand Opening'' of ''Sunshine 60'', reports were made of strange and often scary things happening. Surveillance Cameras and Security Guards often report ''shadowy figures'' walking the halls and even ''taking'' elevators to various floors. These ''figures'' are often ''seen'' entering and exiting the elevators. People report items taken from their desk or ''moved around''. Windows break, doors lock and are unable to be opened – all are common. People also report being ''pushed by unseen hands'' and even ''slapped''. Another ''common'' phenomenon happens when One reaches the Basement of the massive building. ''Cold spots'' are common as is the unmistakable ''odor'' of decay (when no source exists). Many Paranormal investigations have been carried out. Most agree that the ''presences'' felt are former Prisoners, both ''confused and angry'' over their ''eternal predicament''. Religious rituals have even been performed as a means of putting any spirits to rest. While some felt this worked for some of those ''trapped'', several very angry spirits are still felt. Some feel these are the Ghost of Tojo and former Propagandist ''Tokyo Rose'' – who too was detained inside Sugamo for a period of time and said to have been treated ''poorly'' by Allied Guards.
  6. ‘’HRAESVELGR’’ In Norse Mythology, many Gods and Goddesses are associated with Nature and it’s functioning. We know from other Cultures that these are ‘’Creation’’ or ‘’Elemental’’ Beings (Forces). The Norse saw Hraesvelgr as The ‘’Lord of The Winds’’ and of all creatures that lived in the sky and air. As such, The Norse viewed Him as a giant Eagle of all White color. So massive, that when Hraeslvegr spread His wings and ‘’flapped’’ the very air was maintained as well as wind. Often Norse Seamen would make offering to Hraesvelgr prior to sailing (as wind was needed to journey over the Seas). If angered, Hraesvelgr could produce such winds as to both ‘’drive the snows’’ or cause great storms (on sea and land). Destruction of this nature was often seen as Hraesvelgr’s ‘’displeasure’’.
  7. Article for Monday, 02-22......... ''First Fruits'' (Tudor Era) Article for Tuesday, 02-23........... ''Crying The Banns'' (Tudor Era) Article for Wednesday, 02-24......... ''Sanctuary'' (Medieval Era) Article for Thursday, 02-25........ ''Flag of Daniel Johnson'' (Piracy) Article for Friday, 02-26........ ''HMS (Bellerophon)'' (Ships) Article for Saturday, 02-27........... ''Flag of Nicholas Brown'' (Piracy) Article for Sunday, 02-28.......... ''Boothill'' (The American West)
  8. ''BAKE DANUKI'' From Japanese Mythos, The Bake Danuki was a type of Yokai (Spirit), associated with Nature. They took the form of a Half-Racoon/Half-Dog. Capable of assuming Human form, they had the ability to cause Humans to break into song (lending some to believe that when you suddenly did, a Bake Danuki was near). Once Gods, they became Spirits when Buddhism took hold in Ancient Japan. A common belief is that The Bake Danuki became ''extinct'' as a result of their pelts. When struck, they turn into gold and as such were hunted out of existence. Small statues and dolls are often kept inside of one's home. When one rubs the belly of the figure – it is considered ''good luck''.
  9. ''ANTRUM'' A 2018 Horror Film, ''Antrum'' is a masterpiece of clever marketing and gimmicks which produced this unusual psychological piece. It is a ''Film about a Film – that is cursed''. People who ''watch'' the movie often die or are met with mysteriously disturbing events in their life. According to the film's first component – a ''mockumentary'', the film was made in Europe in 1970 (although filmed in California). When first screened, the audience went insane and started a fire inside the theater, leading to loss of life. Later, when screened again, the audience went insane and rioted inside. The mockumentary states that this incident was really a case of a disgruntled theater worker who dosed the popcorn with LSD. Further ''evidence'' has other film reviewers meeting grisly ends when they ''see'' the film. In addition, when ''modern'' Producers ''found'' the last known copy, they had it renovated and checked for authenticity. It was determined that ''someone'' had added non-related images to the film (spliced). These are images of demons, murder and subliminal wording and phrases of evil. Finally, a ''Legal Disclaimer'' follows, ''warning'' the audience of their own liability should they ''watch'' the film. The Plot centers around a Boy and His Sister (Nathan and Oralee). Nathan has to have His pet dog, ''Maxine'' euthanized and this leaves Him depressed. On the car ride Home, Nathan asks His Mother ''If'' Maxine will go to heaven. Ignoring the Boy, Nathan continues to pester His Mother – who finally snaps back with ''No, She wont because She was Bad!'' This cruelty is noted by Oralee. Nathan begins to experience bad dreams of Maxine ''suffering'' the ''fires of Hell'' and images of Demons. Oralee comes up with a plan to ease Nathan's pain. She tells Her Brother that in a stand of nearby woods, is said to be the ''spot'' where Lucifer ''landed'' when He was ousted from Heaven. This gives Nathan the idea that if can ''dig a hole'' there, He might reach Hell and as such get Maxine's soul released. The two plan a camping outing in the creepy woods. The two are ''followed'' by various shadowy Demons and images of Hell. They ''find'' decomposing bodies of possible suicide victims and other distasteful thing. As Nathan digs deeper into the ground, more and more strange images ''appear'' on the film. Soon, Nathan and Oralee ''find'' a strange giant statute in the woods of The Demon Bathomel, made into a ''Brazen Bull'' (a device used in Ancient Greece for roasting alive criminals). The device was made by a pair of ''hillbilly types'' living in the woods. They are also cannibals and demon worshipers who capture the two, planning on a ''feast''. Eventually escaping and finding a handgun, Oralee shoots and kills the two. However, in the ruckus, she and Nathan get separated. Oralee runs thru the woods back to the campsite, all the while being chased by more demons. Meanwhile, Nathan has ''found'' a small dog caught in a fox trap. Suffering, Nathan released the animal (who hobbles away). To Nathan, this serves as a form of redemption for Maxine. He begins to find His Sister. Oralee (meanwhile), makes it to the tent and climbs inside to hide. The ''sounds'' of demons are all around. She hears a jangling noise like chains coming towards the tent. Cocking the handgun, Oralee is determined to shoot the first creature that tries to enter. Nathan, glad that He has found the campsite runs towards it, carrying the jangling fox trap. It is assumed Oralee accidentally shoots and kills Nathan at this point. The final frames of ''Antrum'' show a dark and sinister Demon, waving the audience in closer, with an ''evil smile''. It speaks in whispers that cannot be understood. Finally, a scene of bloody bodies are shown. Fade to Black......The third component is an ''Ending Mockumentary'' which further explains the Demons mentioned in the film. A seriously ''fun fright'' for hardcore Horror Fans, ''Antrum'' is available on all platforms and should be ''watched''.......in the dark......ALONE!
  10. ''ZHENNIAO'' Said to have existed Centuries ago, The Chinese Zhenniao was a strange bird. Reputedly to have green feathers and (versions vary), a crimson Red beak – it was known to be one of the most poisonous of creatures in Ancient China. The Zhenniao had developed the ability to survive it's unusual diet of Vipers (snakes). Only the most deadly were consumed as as such, The Bird's very flesh was toxic to eat. In fact, Assassins would hunt The Zhenniao to ''harvest it'' for it's meat – to be turned into a poison. When ''cooked'' The Zhenniao flesh gave off a very pungent odor which also kept other animals away. Rumor stated that only the pulverized horn of The Rhino (when consumed) could neutralize The Zhenniao poison. As written of in mythology (because no proof or preserved remains have ever been found), The Zhenniao may have lived far in The North of the Country. The creature appears in many tales well inti the 18th Century AD.
  11. ''TALES FROM THE CRYPT'' Seen as the ''Grandfather'' – if not Film ''reboot'' of the classic American Horror graphic novels of the 1950s, ''Tales From The Crypt'' was an Amicus Films 1972 Production. Somewhat well received, the film was an Anthology genre Horror Film, which featured well known British Film Actors. The 1970s was a popular time for the anthology based Horror Film, and ''Tales'' is often seen as the beginning of such. As in the original Horror Comics, a series of interconnected stories make up the film. In this version, five people are on a Tour of ancient English historical sites. They wander (for no reason) off the Guided path into a dark cave and catacombs. Encountering a strange robed man (whom they assume is a themed guide for the facility), He begins to tell them tales of what is perceived as their future. Each segment deals with zombies, betrayal, greediness and other paranormal activities – each telling the five of ''how'' to escape their pending predicament. In the end, rather than being their future, The Viewer finds that the tales were from their past. They died as in the stories and are simply drawn to and awaiting eternal damnation – courtesy of the Robed Guide, or ''Crypt Keeper''. The Five walk into the ''Fires of Perdition''. The Guide awaits His next ''Tour''.......... Most of the segments were taken from original tales as published in several EC Publications – ''Tales From The Crypt'', ''The Vault of Horror'' and ''The Haunt of Horror'', with no ''original'' screenplays. The Film would serve for later versions of ''Crypt'' based stories for both Film and Television. While dated, it is still a creepy little offering, worth a Friday Night shot......with the light off, of course!
  12. ''HORROR EXPRESS'' Although often mistaken as a Hammer Films Production, 1972s ''Horror Express'' was actually a Spanish-British venture which meshed Horror and Sci-Fi quite effectively. With only Horror Film Vet's Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (with a role for American Film and Television Actor Telly Savalas as well), as the only ''major Star'' attraction, ''Horror Express'' is actually quite stylish. Based on the 1938 ''Who Goes There?'' (which was the basis for ''The Thing''), the film while performing horribly in Spain, did somewhat well Internationally. It is still a very much recommended piece of early 70s Horror today. Set in 1906, aboard a Trans-Siberian Intercontinental Railway, a Scientist is bringing an ''incredibly preserved'' Humanoid artifact back to The World. Found encased in ice, the piece may well be nearly 1 Million years old. The Train is loaded with various passengers of different backgrounds and social status. But the specimen thaws and comes to life. Rather than a reanimated prehistoric man, we find that in reality, the ''artifact'' is really an Alien Intelligence from another World. ''Left Behind'' by His comrades by accident, The Alien can exist by taking over the bodies of ''lessor Lifeforms''. As One can guess, The Alien is seen as a threat. A Cossack Officer on the Train tries to control the situation, without success. The Alien can also control the dead and uses their bodies as a makeshift Army. The Scientists on board are able to trap and uncouple a train car with The Alien, which crashes off the tracks and a cliff – killing the creature, which also released control of it's ''zombies''. Seriously a fair watch and still very much available.
  13. ''GILLYGALOO BIRD'' Another ''silly'' Myth from 19th Century America – The ''Gillygaloo'' was said to be an extremely ugly bird. In addition to this issue, The Bird laid ''square eggs''. Lumberjacks would cook and eat them (it is said), and would be endowed with great strength (just the thing for an early morning breakfast hearty enough to support the hard work of a Lumberman). Part Turkey, Buzzard, Chicken and just about every other avian species One might devise, The Gillygaloo is an important part of ''hazing'' new (young) Lumbermen, by giving them the task of ''finding'' Gillygaloo eggs for a morning feast.
  14. ''TRILOGY OF TERROR'' The Classic 1975 made for television Horror Film ''Trilogy of Terror'' was produced by Horror Master Dan Curtis. Still popular, it starred iconic Film and TV character Actress Karen Black, the film is an anthology based piece of three terror tales, all female centered. The first segment deals with a ''shy'' teacher who is supposedly seduced and ''controlled'' by one of Her Students. Turns out, it is She that is the ''Master'' (of sorts). The second deals with a case of split personality with evil results. But the last is what the film is really known for. Dealing with a pretty but ''henpecked'' (by Her Mother) Woman, she lives alone – save the constant bother of her Mom. Still a dutiful daughter, She decides to buy her Mother a present for Her upcoming birthday. Going into an out of the way antique Store – Our Heroine ''finds'' an unusual piece. From Africa, it is a rather fierce looking Zuni Fetish ''Warrior'' Doll (equipped with to scale, razor sharp Spear). The ''gift'' comes with two rather stranger accessories as well. The Doll is covered with a gold chain, and a warning note. The ''instructions'' state that when a Zuni Warrior ''died'' His Spirit was placed inside such a figure. Kept ''secured'' with a blessed chain, One will be fine unless the chain ever is removed. Clever, strange and funny – She buys the Doll. While at home, Our Girl accidentally removes the chain. Taking a bath, She comes back later to find the Doll gone. Looking for it, she finds the ''warning'' apt. The Doll has come to life and is not to impressed with Her. It tries numerous times to stab Her. Trying to trap, beat (and other methods) to destroy the cursed figure, Our Heroine finally places the Doll into an oven, setting it on fire (screaming as it burns). Done and done, right? Wrong. As She opens the oven, the Doll leaps to life and the camera cuts to black. Later, we see Out Girl from the back, talking to Her Mom on the phone, and inviting Her to ''come over for Her present''. Hanging up the phone, She lurches to the front door and smashes it open. Going down on Her haunches, the camera shows Her from the front. Her eyes are catlike and Her mouth is a collection of razor sharp fangs (a face just like the Doll). She also is holding a large knife, smashing it over and over again into the floor......she is smiling.....she is WAITING! Perhaps the best ''scare scene'' ever on American Television to date, ''Trilogy of Terror'' was ''added to'' in 1996 with a direct to video ''Trilogy of Terror II''. Also following the anthology genre, it was not as successful as the original. It did capitalize on the last ''Doll'' story, with a segment which found the Doll in the custody of a Coroner (female), who was examining the ''victims'' of the last movie. As one can guess, the chain comes off yet again in The Morgue to predictable results. The first film is still easy to find and greatly recommended, the second is a pass.
  15. ''ALOJA'' From Catalan (Spain) Mythology – The Aloja or ''Water Women'' were said to be Feminine Spirits that lived near and at water sources. Should a Man try and bath in such water – it will boil! (The Spirits do not like the company of Men apparently). They are also said to be able to transform into Blackbirds. Despite their dislike of Men, they do need them to procreate, as they are not immortal creatures. They can however live for 1,000 years. They are smaller than a Human Female (4 feet) and are very beautiful. The ''benefit'' of being a ''Mate'' to a Aloja, was great wealth and fortune. This however came with a catch. A Man can never tell of ''who'' His wife really is. To do so, The Aloja will vanish from sight, take any children conceived and finally, all riches will disappear.
  16. Article for Monday, 02-15....... ''The Phoenix Program'' (The Vietnam War) Article for Tuesday, 02-16.......... ''Caput Iupinum'' (Medieval Era) Article for Wednesday, 02-17....... ''The House of Tudor'' (The Tudor Era) Article for Thursday, 02-18............ ''Flag of Edward Teach (Blackbeard)'' (Piracy) Article for Friday, 02-19.......... ''Tarasnice'' (Medieval Era) Article for Saturday, 02-20............. ''Flag of Jacquotte Delahaye'' (Piracy) Article for Sunday, 02-21....... ''Holmgang'' (Medieval Era)
  17. ''FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL'' Hammer Films last (7th) in it's Frankenstein Horror Film franchise, ''Frankenstein and The Monster From Hell'' was made in 1974. Not a huge Hit, but garnering some praise – the Cult Classic starred Peter Cushing as the titular Doctor. Set in an Insane Asylum, Frankenstein (due to His Medical Skill), becomes both inmate and Facility Doctor. Not giving up on His dream of perfecting the ''perfect'' Creation, He is soon joined by a young inmate ad fellow Doctor (who idolized Frankenstein's exploits). The two begin to ''work again'' – this time murdering inmates and using their body parts to create a hulking, ape-like being. Typically, The Monster ''loses it'' and begins to murder the surviving inmates. Only after an inmate mob rids the asylum of The Creature, does Frankenstein (still unphased) – begin to plan His next experiment....... Hammer finished the series in large part to Cushing's age and the fact that the source material was somewhat played out. Beyond this, the film is an okay end to the franchise – with Frankenstein still locked up for life. Still available on several mediums, ''Frankenstein and The Monster From Hell'' isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  18. ''KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER'' An American Television Movie and Series Franchise, ''Kolchak, The Night Stalker'' was a popular early 1970s Horror romp, which featured well known Television and Film Character Actor Darren McGavin. Playing a ''hardboiled'' (and hapless) Newspaper Reporter named Carl Kolchak. Kolchak. The franchise started with the 1972 made for television movie ''The Night Stalker''. Kolchak, working in Las Vegas – stumbles across proof of a modern day Vampire prowling the streets. Although local Police assume that the vampire is actually a demented serial killer who ''thinks He is a vampire'' – Kolchak discovers that the killer may actually be one! The movie was the highest rated made for TV film of 1972. So popular if fact, that in 1973, a sequel film ''The Night Strangler'' was released. This time, Kolchak is working in Seattle, Washington State – when He uncovers a series of murders which happen every 21 years. Turns out the serial killer here is in reality a 130 year old (immortal) Doctor who needs the fluid from human glads to perfect His ''Elixir of Life'' (sound familiar?) and while not as popular (ratings wise) – it too would become a Cult classic. Studios decided to further capitalize on Kolchak by creating a television series based on His continuing exploits. ''Kolchak, The Night Stalker'' premiered in 1974 on The American Broadcasting Network (ABC). Every week, Carl solved another strange case of The Paranormal, Aliens, Vampires etc. Often, big named Stars of Film and TV appeared. Unfortunately, it was The Studio that ''killed'' Kolchak. Constantly moving air times (confusing it's audiences), plus the fact that by 1975 most teenagers (the series fan base), were not staying at home at night anymore. After 20, 1-hour episodes – ''The Night Stalker'' ended. Plans were attempted in the 1980s to revive the series, but Darren McGavin's health was starting to fail. It was never revisited. In 2005, a weak attempt to reboot The Show – with another Actor (Peter Townshed) as Kolchak (McGavin had passed by then). Ideas to CGI him into The News Office giving His ''blessing'' to another reporter (passing the gauntlet as it were), fell flat with Producers. This Kolchak did not fair well. Too cerebral with little chills and thrills, this version failed after 10 episodes. Yet again, plans were put into play with Disney Studios to use Johnny Depp as Kolchak in a big screen version. It died in pre-production. Still, Kolchak, The Night Stalker – for all it's ''dated'' camp – is significant in Horror History. Noted ''X-Files'' series Creator Chris Carter, widely stated that His world known Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Hit was inspired by ''Kolchak'' (when He watched it as a kid). ''Kolchak, The Night Stalker'' is still widely available on many Mediums........watch it!
  19. ''GOOFUS BIRD'' Yet another strange name for another ''Tall Tale'' – the so called ''Goofus Bird'' is another ''creature'' encountered by American Woodsmen in the 19th Century. Possibly deriving it's name from The German ''Doof'' (for ''Stupid''), The Goofus was said to resemble a cross between a featherless chicken and a buzzard. Making their nests in trees, in this does the bird get it's name. It seems The Goofus builds it's nest ''upside down''. As such, any eggs they lay – fall out. It is clear just why The Goofus went extinct!
  20. ''AMANOJAKO'' From Japanese Mythology, The Amanojako are Oni (Demons) – described as ''perverted'' and mischievous. Said to be very ''tiny, Humanoid-like'' – they appeal to Peoples base desires, regardless of how bad. Often, they will give One their desire in return for their soul after death. It is also said that this is how The Amanojako ''reproduce'' themselves. They will maintain their perversions normally until their victim dies. Small figurines were often made of ceramic of The Amanojako and kept on Family Shinto Shirines in their homes as a means of ''fooling'' the creatures into thinking that the house already is ''possessed'' by an Amanojako.
  21. ''SELMA'' A Myth from Telemark, Norway – ''Selma'' was said to have been an ''ancient'' Lake Monster (Serpent). The ''creature'' – said to have been a ''large greenish, snake-like beast'' presented itself on The Fjord Lake to a Man rowing across the water. Neither menacing or friendly, ''Selma'' was reputed to have been sighted continually since the 1750s. So popular a legend, The City of Telemark used Selma for their City Coat of Arms – a Gold Sea Serpent on a Red background.
  22. ''BESTLA'' In Norse Mythology – Bestla was the Mother of The Great God Odin. Human in appearance (without shapeshifting abilities it seems), Bestla was seen as a ''Creator Being''. The Daughter of several Immortal Giants, little is really known of Her outside of speculation. Bestla is sometimes attributed to The ''Life Tree'' from which all things sprang. She is also frequently portrayed as ''young and beautiful''.
  23. ''DAN CURTIS' DRACULA'' American Director, Producer and Writer Dan Curtis was best known for His 1960s Gothic-Horror ''Soap Opera ''Dark Shadows''. A ''maven'' in the genre of made for television Horror, He produced MANY such ''terror pieces'' well into the 1970s (and a few beyond). One of His best works was His interpretation of Bram Stoker's 1897 Novel ''Dracula''. Starring Western ''Baddie'' – Jack Palance, the 1973 film (made for The CBS Network), was nominated for several Emmy Awards and also served to revolutionize the Public perception on one of Horror History's most iconic ''Dark Figures''. It's first point, ''Dracula'' was finally given a ''Origin Story'' (of sorts) and to the second point – made ''The Dark Prince'' a tragic figure, motivated by love (centuries lost). Following the Stoker Novel fairly well, will all the familiar characters – Curtis meshed the Historic Dracula (Vlad Tepes) with the fictional character. A once proud Prince of Wallachia, His love dies while away fighting The Turkish Hordes that invaded His Nation. Although not quite ''spelled out'' – it is assumed He cursed God as a result, and was ''turned into'' a Vampire – supernaturally. Wishing to experience the ''Modern World'' (in London), Dracula is vanquished by professor Van Helsing – by a spear to the chest (ala the real ''Impaler''). Director Frances Ford Coppula often credited His ''love'' of The Curtis version as the template for His later big budget Epic of the same name in 1992 (with gary Oldman). Well received and acted, Curtis' version played several times on American Television and was released as a stand lone movie Internationally. Still available on a wide variety of mediums, ''Dan Curtis' Dracula'' is an excellent version to watch!
  24. ''ALEYA'' From Bangladesh, comes the Legend of The Aleya. Still ''seen'' today it is said, Aleya comes from in-land Fishermen "sightings" (Ponds, Lakes and Rivers). They say a strange mist and light will often appear – sometimes taking on a humanoid form. They call it The Aleya. A ''Guardian Spirit'', Aleya makes sure that Fishermen do NOT over fish a particular water source. They may only take that which is needed. Any more will result in the loss of One's catch. Continued violations result in The Aleya confusing The Fisherman, so he will never be able to find His way home again!
  25. ''THE BELLED BUZZARD'' Perhaps more of a ''comical'' Legend from America around the 19th Century The ''Belled'' Buzzard was a phenomenon said to have existed by Lumberjacks (Woodsmen) of The Great Pacific Northwest. The ''creature'' is said to resemble a Buzzard (scavenger bird). In the deep woods while working, Lumbermen would ''hear'' the ''tinkling of a bell'' – often off in the distance. Soon thereafter, One would see the Bird fly over (bell attached to a leather strap around it's neck). ''Hearing'' the bell and seeing the Buzzard meant someone was going to die. Perhaps a fellow Worker or even a Family Member. Some say that the Belled Buzzard is actually a ''Harbringer Spirit'' that takes the form of the bird.
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