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  1. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS ''EARTH BASE: FUJIYAMA'' Mount Fujiyama – or simply Mt. Fuji, is the 7th highest point on Earth. Rising over 12,000-feet, it remains in snow for slightly under half of the year. It is popular with hikers, skiers and tourists from all over The Planet. It is also a known ''hotbed'' of UFO activity since the 16th Century AD (or at least since such phenomenon were recorded in Japan). Seen as the ''activity of The Gods'', strange lights are a common occurrence. There are many theories as to why. Here are a few. Mt. Fuji – in addition to being a mountain, is also an active volcano. And while the last eruption was in 1707 AD, constant seismic activity causes plate stress to often open tubes around the mount (vents), which release thermal properties. It is common knowledge that such activity is an ''attractant'' to Unidentified Flying Object. Some theorize that ''they'' are able to ''use'' such natural events as a form of fuel or related power. Much of Mt. Fuji – while safe zones are very easy to get to and enjoy, has locations seldom visited. Deep caves (formed by lava flow) and treacherous valleys (also formed by lava flow), are often seen as plausible ''hiding spots'' for those possible Visitors from ''elsewhere''. In fact, as has been reported for generations since 1945, strange ''humming'' is often heard with odd vibrations being felt. Many cite that similar ''phenomenon'' are related to hidden Alien Bases (or least what has been reported and in some cases even seen). Many Expeditions have been performed over the years to locate possible ''Bases'' in and around Mt. Fuji. And true to form, local and National Government Forces are quick to stop such ''illegal activity'' – often citing the much needed preservation of Mt. Fuji from man-made damage. Perhaps The Japanese Government, like so many others – ''knows more''. Perhaps.....
  2. Article for Monday, 04-26............. ''The Brus'' (Medieval Era) Article for Tuesday, 04-27..... ''Picket (Picketing)'' (Torture Thru The Ages)
  3. ''TOO HEAVY TO IGNORE.....THE LEGEND OF HANNA CRANNA'' In some parts of The American State of Connecticut, The Legend of Hanna Cranna is still well known. In fact, there is even a ''grave'' which bears Her name (although it is NOT inside a Cemetery – more on that later). Hanna it seems was a well known Herbalist, whose skill was great. Despite Her ability to heal, most of the Townspeople of Monroe, Connecticut feared Her and labeled Her as a ''Witch''. Hanna also had another problem. Her Husband, Joseph. He was a local Militia Captain who was said to be quite cruel to Hanna. One day, as the Legend goes – She had had enough. It is said Hanna cast a spell on Him and made Him walk off a cliff to His death. The Townspeople did not believe that it was an accident and moved to put Her on Trial for Witchcraft. But the trial never came about. Hanna died before they could take Her into custody. However, after finding Hanna dead, a letter was also found. The letter (written by Hanna), stated that to avoid any ''unpleasant'' things happening in The Town, Hanna needed to buried by Her Enemies. Further, no Horse or Cart could be used. Her and Her Coffin needed to be carried. Of course, The Townspeople feared this possible Curse and some moved to fulfill Hanna's request. But others scoffed at the ''threat'' and brought a Horse and Cart to ''do the deed''. But as soon as Hanna's Coffin was placed in The Cart, the Horse could not move (let alone pull) The Cart. It seemed that Hanna's Coffin now weighed hundreds of pounds! No means of moving The Cart was possible (even having several ''strong'' Men try and pull it). So, they all sounded off ''Okay, Hanna – We Will Carry You''. Instantly, the Men could ''lift the casket''. But rather than carry it to the local graveyard, they chose a spot long the road. Digging a hole they placed Hanna inside. Later, even a Stone was placed. But soon curiosity got the better of some, who wanted to go back to Hanna's home and find the ''true origins'' of Her supposed ''power''. But as soon as a group from Town got within several yards of Hanna's former home – it erupted in flames. Within minutes it was engulfed, burning all that was inside. Since then, many Tourists drive by the spot where a possible ''Witch'' may be buried.
  4. ''MAGIC WITH A SMILE.....THE GEE-HAW WHAMMY DIDDLE'' Yes, you read that correctly. The ''Gee Haw Whammy Diddle''. Of Caribbean origins, and later transplanted into The Americas, this is a device which is most seen as a crude, hand-made toy. However, it's origins are more closely related to Voodoo and related ''sympathetic magic''. Constructed of various woods, it's components consist of a long 1.5-foot stick which is notched. The top of the stick is fitted with a wooden propeller. The final piece is a simple stick (often of various lengths. In practice, One rubs the plain stick rapidly against the notched stick (continually). Eventually, the propeller will start to rotate. The faster the ''rub'' – the faster the prop will turn. By controlling the location (placement) of the rubbing, One is able to cause the prop to rotate in different directions. Some Beliefs hold that The Gee Haw Whammy Diddle is also used as a ''Quija Stick'' – for telling the future or even by asking ''it'' a specific question. The direction of the prop (Left for ''Yes'' and Right for ''No'' ) gives the answer.
  5. ''FAITHFUL TO THE END? THE LEGEND OF MAE NAK'' ''Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go To Thailand.......'' comes another Ghost Story, well known and still told. It is the tale of Mae Nak, who lived many hundreds of years ago. The tale states that Mae had a Husband who She loved very much. The two were expecting a child, but Her Husband was conscripted into The King's Army to fight a rival Kingdom. During His deployment, Mae and Her child suffered a particularly hard childbirth – which resulted in both of their deaths. However, Mae's love was so strong that Her (and the child's) Ghost remained on Earth in ''human form''. Her Husband came home after The War to Her. Local Villagers pleaded with Him to ''open His eyes'' and ''see'' that He was living with a Ghost (something seen as a serious religious taboo with The Culture). He steadfastly denied these claims, until One day. Perhaps relaxing Her ability to be ''physical'', her Husband ''saw'' Her and His Child's ''true form'' – a ''living corpse''. This so terrified Him, he ran off – straight to a Buddhist temple for protection. So angered by the Villages betrayal, Mae began to haunt. All manner of poltergeist activity and bad fortune befell the Village. Soon Priests came up with a plan. They trapped Mae's spirit inside an earthen jar and tossed it into a local river. But it goes on............ Many years later, fishermen accidentally found and opened the jar. Free again, Mae REALLY turned Her wrath loose. Again Priests needed a plan. This time, they found where Mae's physical remains were. Exhuming Mae (now skeletonized by decomposition), Priests too a piece of bone and forced Mae's Spirit (and that of Her Child) into the relic. They promised Her that if She remained inside, The Priests would ensure both She and Her Child would see Her Husband again in Heaven. She agreed. The bone was woven into a Waist Belt (Cumberbun) and given to The Royal House of Thailand. It is said to be kept in safekeeping. For, as Legend states, should Mae be released – She and Her Child will destroy all of Thailand to ''find'' Her ''scared'' Husband.....
  6. ''THE BLACK ANGEL'' Council Bluff, Nebraska has a Legend regarding a specific bronze Funerary Statue which was placed in Fairview Cemetery. Known locally as ''the Black Angel'', ''She'' got her name from years of normal oxidation which caused the bronze to blacken. An impressive piece of 19th Century ''Art'', ''The Angel'' also has a particular curse associated with it. It is a two fold such premonition. The first, a pregnant woman should never stand below Her outstretched wings. To do so will cause the woman to lose Her unborn child. The second, any Man who stands beneath ''The Angel'' will soon die. The Curse (while never fully given any solid origins) – was said to be related to a former Civil War Officer who finding His Wife not only was unfaithful – but bore a child from Her Lover. This caused Her Husband to kill both His Wife, unborn Lover's Child and Lover. Tried and convicted, He would later be set free on a ''technicality''. His wife was reportedly buried by her Family in Fairview and so honored by the massive bronze statue. While most will readily claim that ''The Black Angel'' is ''Urban Legend'' from the 19th Century, and will cite a lack of any reliable proof of the story, One is still encouraged to ''test'' this Theory.....Stand Below Her Wings......
  7. ''THE LEGEND OF BORLEY RECTORY'' Perhaps one of England's most enduring Ghost ''Legends'' – Borley Rectory (located near Essex) gained a reputation for many years as Britain's ''most haunted''. However later (likewise many), investigations into the matter caused most ''serious'' Researchers to dismiss much of the stories and so-called ''phenomenon''. Sadly, in 1939, a fire broke out – completely destroying The Rectory. It's ruins would remain (perhaps even adding to the ghostly reports), until being totally leveled in 1944. The out buildings (built at various times thru History still remain, with several residential structures on the grounds in use and private ownership. None of these homeowners have ever reported any strange phenomenon.....at least not yet. The grounds date to perhaps the 13th Century AD, and were a Medieval Rectory (hence it's name). There are many Legends associated with the many ''haunts'' of Borley. The most popular is that a Middle Ages Monk and Nun had a relationship. When found out, The Nun was punished by being ''walled up'' alive – ala an EA Poe Horror Tale. ''She'' was reported to have been ''seen'' wandering the property for Centuries. When new land owners took control of Borley in 1862, no structures then existed, only the various smaller out buildings (all of which had various uses over the Centuries). However, the new owners began to ''see'' things too. From ''Headless Coachmen'' to ''wailing and distraught'' Phantoms of various types, word soon spread (perhaps by servants) – that something was very wrong at Borley. Not only physical manifestations were experienced, by inside the newly built ''Rectory'' Mansion, Poltergeist activity abounded. Which brings us to Harry Price. Price was a late 19th and early 20th Century Psychic and Paranormal Researcher, who (like America's Harry Houdini), went about disproving false Mediums and Seances. Price was under constant attack by Mainstream Science and Newspapers for His own brand of purported ''fakery''. According to multiple investigations, very ''Dark Spirits'' inhabited Borley Rectory and it's surrounding grounds. These claims caused the then current Owners brought liable against Price. Most of these Cases failed in Court. A mysterious fire broke out in 1938 which totally destroyed Borley. Left a burnt out hulk, this too added to the many reports of hauntings. During World War II (1944), the ruins were razed. Today, Borley's very foundations are long gone, but most of the out building are still very much in use and under private ownership. Although some past Owners have claimed that ''things'' have occurred, they are steadfastly against any form of Paranormal Research. Borley Rectory has been the ''stuff'' of multiple Horror Movies – each either added more or seldom telling the real story of what was England's ''Most Haunted'' Location.
  8. ''HORROR OT HOAX?.....THE BEAST OF SUGAR FLAT LANE'' Lebanon, Tennessee is a very small City located in the Northeast portion of that American State. It has few tourist spots, save several regional American Civil War ''attractions''. But it was what reputedly happened in 1989, that made The City an overnight sensation (temporarily at any rate). But first, let's examine the very common practice of Hoaxing as it relates to purported ''Beasties'' and oddities of nature. As early as the 19th Century in The United States, people made money charging others to view strange and amazing animals. In some cases, clever forgeries were ''made'' to bring forth ''fantasy creatures'', such as The Unicorn and related. Practically everyone has (at some point and time) – gone to a Carnival Side Show and ''seen'' such (obviously fake) ''wonders''. Which brings us to IF the following was a clever attempt at attracting tourism to the small Tennessee Town, or by chance luck – the so called ''Beast of Sugar Flat Lane'' is actually real. You judge..... On January 5, 1989 – a couple was traveling down the secluded Sugar Flat Lane Road. It was dark and easy to not pay attention to the road ahead. Suddenly, ''something'' ran across the road. The driver was unable to do anything but plow thru. Striking something quite hard – He felt His vehicle ''roll over'' the object. The driver stopped and inspected the damage. He noted the impact point, blood and what appeared to be fur or hair. Going back to the rear of the car, the driver saw a dreadful sight. Thinking it was perhaps a deer or bear, it was in reality – the ''form of a man''. Retrieving a flashlight, the driver looked closer. The ''man'' was definitely ''human in appearance'', but was only 5 foot 4 inches. Further, the ''body'' appeared to be covered in a white ''fur-like hair'' entirely. Only the face, hands and feet were uncovered in the substance. And the creatures ''skin'' was a pale gray color. In all, the driver soon realized that he had not in fact accidentally killed another human – but ''something else''. Fear, however overcame rational thought and the driver retrieved a shovel from His trunk, with the goal of burying the carcass. But after digging the hole, He decided that no one would possibly believe His encounter. So, using the shovel, He cut off the head of the ''beast''. In Town, The Man showed the bizarre artifact to the local Doctor and later Taxidermist. Neither Man could identify just ''what'' the creature was. It was not human or ape. The Driver had the head preserved by The Taxidermist – to keep as a ''curio''. But for several years, The Man had nothing but ''bad luck'' (of which he attributed to His new acquisition). He eventually sold it to a local Antique Shop, which quickly displayed it. For a very small price, people can come in to ''see'' and ''take pictures'' with the now named ''Beast of Sugar Flat Lane''. The ''story'' was picked up Nationally and even was featured on a well known (Nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show which deals with The Paranormal and related subject matter). Lebanon, Tennessee became VERY well known. In time however, as with all such ''tales'' – people slowly forgot ''The Beast''. It is still there though and is very much a local ''attraction''. What Do You Think? Is PT Barnum's phrase of ''A Sucker Born Every Minute'' apt? Or is it perhaps ''something'' else?
  9. ''OOZLUM BIRD'' A ''legend'' of both Great Britain and Australia – The Oozlum Bird was a ''rare'' flying creature that flew in circles. Each pattern getting smaller and smaller until, it is said – The Oozlum will ''fly up'' it's own ''backside'' and thus disappear. They were noted for their magnificent feathers (color and texture). Just ''how'' they breed or even what their eggs look like are unknown – because of their ''vanishing act''. The first ''appearance'' of the term, which is related to a person who argues in a circular fashion (constantly turning back on their initial debate facts) – to the year 1858.
  10. ''PENGHOU'' According to Ancient Chinese Folk Myth, The Penghou was a type of Tree Spirit – which had several descriptions. The first, was that ''they'' were small black ''dog-pig hybrids''. The other, that they had ''human faces''. The Penghou ''evolved from the tree bark of a magical tree found only in certain Northern Regions. They were ''fed'' (prepared as food) for Monkeys (which were highly regarded as pets of The Emperor). The ''meat'' was said to make Simians ''smart''. Humans – however, when they consumed The Penghou, gained nothing. Naturally, they were hard to catch – possibly because they knew ''what'' they were going to be used for!
  11. ''OVINNIK'' Relative to Russian and other Slavic Myths, The Ovinnik were a form of Fire Spirit, most often told of by Farmers and Field Workers. The Spirit was very annoying, in that they loved to start fires in fields and storehouses of grain (to deprive the fruits of one's hard work). It is said that to appease The Ovinnik, one had to offer a Rooster of Hen eggs, laid in a field under work. As a form of reward for this, The Ovinnik would allow himself to be touched by a Human just once a year. This was on New Years Eve. Touching the Spirit would reveal that if it's skin was warm, One would have a good year. Cold flesh, a VERY bad one!
  12. ''ELEIONOMAE'' According to Ancient Greek Mythos, The Eleionomae were a form of Nymph – rated to bodies of water. Lakes, Rivers, all had The Eleionomae living in them. Related to the later legends of Water Entities (or Elementals), they were most often female in sex. They protected water sources and all that lived within. They were neither evil nor good and had no issues with Humans – provided they did not harm the life therein. They would curse those who did.
  13. ''TAI TANG KLOM'' Another ''tale'' of Ghosts from Thailand – and related to the previously discussed Phi Tai Hong, The ''Spirits'' called The Tai Tang Klom are associated with malevolent Ghosts. The primary Entity is a Mother and the secondary - her Baby. You see, it is said – that should a woman and child die during childbirth, The Klom is born. Much more powerful than other Spirits, this is die to the fact that two paranormal forces are at play. The Klom normally haunts locations were expectant Mothers are. Perhaps as a warning to take care of oneself or a warning to those who do not take care of the pregnant Mothers. The Entities appear as they did in life, only slightly ''off'' in their skin color (whitish). Peace for them is based on a Mother or Child being ''saved'' from dying during the function of birth. In a variation of the story, as if also an unfortunate and even more terrifying actual historical fact – some pregnant Mothers and Children were sacrificed by Thai Warlords in the 14th Century AD, with their bodies being buried in the foundations of fortifications being built. It was thought that the ''Motherly'' instinct of ''protectiveness'' would reinforce the walls of the fortress. In these cases, The Spirits are forever locked to their Earthbound ''prison'' (as a Classic ''Haunting'').
  14. What's that line from The Movie ''Dances With Wolves''....''Why Don't He Write''..... Good to hear from You M'Lord, Don't be a Stranger.......
  15. ''YO, HO, YO HO...NO PIRATE LIFE FOR ME!...THE PIRATES OF WHITE POINT GARDEN'' White Point Garden is a beautiful small island cove, nestled between historic Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor (South Carolina). Dense with foliage of different species, many come to behold the true wonder and beauty of nature. But White Point Garden is linked to history – not by being next to where The American Civil War started in 1861, but what happened in 1718. It's past deals with the infamous Pirate Stede Bonnet. He and His Crew (finally captured), were taken to The Point (which a large Gallows built), and executed by hanging. And as was fashion in those days, most were left to rot to bones, as a warning to those who may take to Piracy as a way of life. But, since – (and many other Pirates were executed thereafter) – some claim that the Spirits of those unfortunates still haunt The Point. Ghostly ''voices'' crying in the night (perhaps lamenting their pending execution), Orbs of spectral light zipping over the island and most unnerving, ''seeing'' what appears to be ghostly ''faces'' peering from the brush and trees.
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