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  1. Article for Wednesday, 10-21.......... ''Pilgrim's Staff'' (Medieval Era) Article for Thursday, 10-22.......... ''Polish Cursed Soldiers'' (World War II) Article for Friday, 10-23............ ''Plan of Union of 1801'' (General History) Article for Saturday, 10-24............... ''Pelicon'' (Medieval Era) Article for Sunday, 10-25................ ''Pisan Cross'' (Heraldry)
  2. ''FERN FLOWER'' Although not a true flowering plant, The Fern Flower is a component of many Slavic Myths regarding it. It is said that One finding The Plant, which grows in deep woods and forests – is seen as great good fortune for those who do. Wealth, long life and the ability to ''understand'' the ''speech'' of any animals, made The Fern Flower the source of many legends and quests. Not to be undone however, the mere act of just going out and picking one, was frought with great danger. The Fern Flower was guarded by Evil Woodland Spirits – intent on killing those foolish enough to try. Not withstanding, some (as the legend goes), were successful. The Fern Flower featured prominently into Late Medieval Central European writings.
  3. Article for Monday, 10-19.......... ''Indian (Prahaar) Strategic/Tactical Nuclear Missile'' (The Modern Era) Article for Tuesday, 10-20................. ''HMS (Coronation)'' (Ships)
  4. Article for Saturday, 10-17........... ''Winning Hearts and Minds'' (The Vietnam War) Article for Sunday, 10-18........... ''USAF Strategic Air Command'' (The Cold War)
  5. Article for Friday, 10-16........ ''Indian Home Guard'' (The American Civil War)
  6. Article for Thursday, 10-15................ ''Cross Cerecelee'' (Heraldry)
  7. Article for Wednesday, 10-14............ ''Abul Abbas'' (Medieval Era)
  8. MADSTONE From The American Ozark Mountain Region and the peoples that live there – ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of Folk Magic (Healing). Also known as a ''Beozar Stone'', these strange ''rocks'' are actually not stones at all, but the calcified secretion from the stomachs of various animals (mostly Bovine). It is not clear as to why they form, but they are seen as a form of digestion aide. As early as the 17th Century AD, ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of healing remedy. When procured, The Stone was placed onto a person who suffered poisoning (of any form). By leaving The Stone on the affected area, it was thought to ''draw out'' the affliction – healing the sufferer. Conversely, those thought to have been given the disease Rabies were likewise ''healed'' with Madstones. After the ''cure'' was administered, The Stone was no longer used. Part of the ''origin'' of The Madstone, is that they can never be sold for money (hence they will not work). As such, true Madstones are very rare and hard to find (save examples in some Museums).
  9. Article for Monday, 10-12........... ''Japanese Hanamachi'' (Medieval Asia) Article for Tuesday, 10-13........... ''Foot Roasting'' (Torture Thru The Ages)
  10. Article for Saturday, 10-10................. ''German Siemens Torpedo Glider'' (World War I) Article for Sunday, 10-11............ ''Group 559'' (The Vietnam War)
  11. ''EVENT HORIZON'' Moderate Budgeted, 1997s ''Event Horizon'' was a Horror/Sci-Fi ''Fear Feast'' which is often overlooked as a classic piece of the genre. Dealing with the mysterious disappearance of a Mission Starship and Crew in the year 2047 (The Ship's name was ''Event Horizon''), a Rescue Crew is dispatched from Earth when after decades, The Ship suddenly appears around Neptune. The Ship's original designed is part of the effort, and He is quickly possessed by the ''soul'' of The Ship. As it is explained, the purpose of The ''Horizon's'' Mission was to open up a stable transit ''worm-hole like'' path between our Universe and another, as a means of traveling such distances easier. What it really did was establish that ''Hell'' was a real inter-dimensional place, accessed via the worm-hole opened by ''Horizon''. The Rescue Crew is subjected to mental attacks revealing their fears and regrets in life;. Soon, reality is merged with fantasy, making just what is ''real'' just as confusing as what is not. The Designer (now taking over by The Ship – which has become ''alive''), serves as ''Conductor'' for the Rescue Crew's souls. The end is a fairly creepy and scary jump into non-reality – that should be experienced with all your Living Room lights off.
  12. ''DEATH SHIP'' In keeping with a ''nautical''theme, 1980s ''Death Ship'' is an obviously easy addition into the venue of American ''B'-Movie Drive-In Fare. However, as unknown as this Film is, it still packs a late night Horror ''punch'' still today. The Film centers around a disgruntled Passenger Liner Captain (played with worthy grittiness by American Film Character Actor of the 1960s and 1970s George Kennedy) – who is making His last voyage before being retired against His will. His Vessel picks up a mysterious Vessel bearing down on His Ship at ''ramming speed''. Before any move can be made, the mysterious Vessel rams and sinks the passenger Liner, with only 6 survivors (including our good Captain). Very quickly, The Captain of The Passenger Liner is taken over (possessed). Putting on the former Captain's Kreigsmarine Uniform, He ''becomes'' the former, and sets about killing the survivors – one by one. Down to a few left, they are able to escape The ''Death Ship'' (after killing the nutty Captain), and revealing the grisly ''secret'' in the Ships' hold. Adrift once again and eventually rescued – who will believe their fantastic story? The final scene shows another Passenger Ship in the future, being pursued by the Nazi ''Death ship'' – to start the cycle anew. Although a bit cheesy at times, ''Death Ship'' is a welcome addition to any Halloween Horror flick Party. Watch!
  13. ''GHOST SHIP'' The American Made, 2002 Horror ''romp'' called ''Ghost Ship'' – while sadly spurned by Critics, is a modern Cult favorite. A color Horror-Fantasy fare, the story deals with a private Marine Salvage Company that is contracted to find a long missing, 1950s Luxury Liner (The SS ''Antonio Graza''). The Ship, along the apportioned style of a ''Titanic'', mysteriously vanished in 1962 – with all passengers and crew. As Sea Legend dictates, many Ships since have reported ''seeing'' the lamented ''Ghost Vessel'', with most sightings resulting in the loss of those who saw it! Recruited by a creepy Client in a seedy New England Port, The Crew of a Salvage Vessel find the ''Graza'' (in all her rotting and rusty splendor) – adrift in the North Atlantic. Boarding Her and claiming salvage rites (probably worth millions), The Crew soon learns the scary ''secret'' of what happened to The ''Graza''. Apparently, back in 1962, The ''Graza'' was transporting it share of wealthy and Elite Clientele, along with a shipment of millions in gold bullion. A Terrorist Heist, resulted in poisoning half of the passengers and crew with the rest meeting their grisly end on The Main Deck Promenade during a dance (a scene that must be seen to be appreciated!) Since this time, the now ''cursed'' Ship wanders the sea lanes – waiting for unsuspecting salvage vessels to come aboard. The real reason, The Ship needs Souls. Remember the creepy Client who hired the Crew to begin with? Turns out He's a type of ''Flying Dutchman'' of sorts – cursed to sail the seas for a along ago ''sin''. His only way to redemption? To fill The ''Graza'' with Souls for His Master (The Devil). Predictable side plot lines, with above average creepy special effects, makes ''Ghost Ship'' a plodding at times, but nonetheless enjoyable Halloween feature – best watched at night! Give it a try!
  14. Article for Friday, 10-09.............. ''Takashima Shuhan'' (Medieval Asia)
  15. Article for Wednesday, 10-07........... ''Dan Bogan'' (The American West) Article for Thursday, 10-08........... ''The American Missionary Association'' (General History)
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