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  1. THE WITCH OF BERKELY In a cautionary tale from medieval Berkely, England – comes the story of a Witch who ''sold Her Soul'' to The Devil. In exchange, She requested ''great wealth and power''. Easily granted. However, as She grew old and Her death was soon in coming, The Witch concocted a plan to evade Her ''due''. Leaving instructions to Her Family, when she died – they were to wrap Her body into a ''magically treated'' animal hide. Next, her remains were to be sealed into a stone coffin – which was then further secured with three great chains. The Family was to hold watch over Her for a period of three days (it was said if The Devil did not collect His Soul by then, One was free of one's ''contract''). The Family did as requested. Each night, a Demon attacked the Coffin – despite the valiant efforts of The Family. When the last chain was broken, The Devil himself appeared, riding a great black horse. The Horse's back was covered with ''long iron hooks, sharpened to a piercing point''. The ''Lord of Flies'' summoned forth the spirit of The Witch and threw Her onto the back of the demonic beast. Stuck fast, a great hole opened in The Earth and took The Witch of Berkely to her ''just reward'' – screaming as She went.
  2. WICKER MAN A supposed ritual practice of several Pagan Religions and beliefs, The ''Wicker Man'' can be traced as far back as the 4th Century BC (when witnessed by various Roman Historians). The practice is linked to various seasonal rituals held to honor deities (Gods and Goddesses) as well as a form of ''sacrificial offering'' for the infusion of power and fortune. Most Wicker Man celebrations are closely associated with Druid, Wiccan and related belief systems as well. Traditionally, a human figure is constructed of organic material (hay, reeds, wood etc). Often Male by appearance, these figures are often quite large (from 8-feet to as large as 15-feet in height). After a suitable celebration of food and other offerings, The ''Wicker Man'' was traditionally set ablaze and allowed to burn down to ashes. This was seen as a high offering to the intended ritual celebration. Although regulated to the realm of the Horror Movie, Wicker Men figures were once claimed to be used to actually sacrifice humans (tied inside a wooden cage inside the figure), as a form of ''Black Offering''. Much of this myth was created during The Middle Ages as a method of establishing Witchcraft practices. The vast majority of religions and beliefs that used Wicker Men were not Satanic or evil in nature. Some cite that the practice was the actual origin of the Bon Fire.
  3. THE MYSTERY OF CAROLINE WALKER A rather unusual story, The Town of Freiburg, Germany is known for one particular strange happening – every year. The local Town Cemetery (having been around since the 18th Century), saw the tragic death and burial of one Ms. Caroline Walker. Having died (possibly of sickness) – in 1867, She had a modest Family background. Her Family spent a vast sum in having a massive stone funerary image (crafted to resemble Caroline exactly) – placed over Her Grave. The ''stone'' Caroline is shown to this day reclining ''in Peace'' – as if asleep. However, ever since Caroline died in 1867, ''someone'' has been placing fresh flowers into the hand of the funerary statue. It is claimed that the last of Her Family died out toward the end of the 19th Century. Not many ''modern'' Relative (if there were any), who continue the ''tradition'' – every anniversary of Her death. And while some of The World's ''most famous'' are still honored this way – Caroline was a ''regular and unassuming'' Person. Just who is still placing the flowers? Some claim that the practice is part of the Town's way of fostering tourism – especially to those of a ''paranormal'' nature. The Town Government says that even with Guards posted, the flowers ''appear''. No doubt it is a hoax, or perhaps Caroline (who reportedly loved flowers), is still ''receiving such'' from a Ghostly admirer.
  4. ''GHOSTS OF THE REGIMENT'' – STILL MORE HAUNTS FROM GETTYSBURG As we have seen, The Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1863), was an epic engagement of The American Civil War. The 3-day contest is seen as the ''death knell'' of The Confederate States and their last bid attempt to invade The Northern States and win their independence. Between 45 and 50,000 soldiers on both sides died in those terrible ''three days in July''. As we have also seen in previous Articles, Gettysburg today is possibly one of the most haunted placed in The US. Many hundreds of photos, investigations and even film, have been produced to prove that in some cases – some of these ''soldiers'' are still ''on duty''. The most recent Case, comes from 2015 and an American reality Film Crew, who were at The Battlefield to film their take on the reported paranormal activities. Gettysburg is a vast place ''in the middle of nowhere''. While much of the primary Battlefield is a clearly marked National Battlefield Park, so much of the battle spilled into nearby privately owned homes and farms. Small roads cut here and there through not only the battlefield bu these properties as well. One can became very easily lost. This is what happened to out film crew. They were driving around getting their bearings for a night shoot. They sped through the small roads totally lost. The Cameraman in the back was trying to read a map and shoot ''junk shots'' from their passing video. He forgot to turn off His camera when His Production manager and him began to argue over where they were. After 10 minutes or so, they found there way to a main Road and found their way back to their Hotel. The Cameraman realized that He had been filming ''nothing''. So He ran back the play of the film for a ''quick peak''. What He saw somewhat perplexed him. The camera picked up (from the car window), the passing tall amber saw grass which was on both sides of the road they were driving on. Suddenly, and only for a few seconds – a ''group'' of what appeared to be ''6 Men dressed as Union Soldiers'' were seen. Two of them were carrying ''both National and Regimental Colors''. No great detail of their faces or bodies could be enhanced. No great issue they thought. Probably Re-enactors (Civil War Buffs who dress as Civil war Era Soldiers). However, when the Crew did their ''research'' with The National Park Administrators, they determined that what they ''saw'' was ''something else''. Gettysburg has very strict rules regarding battlefield usage. Such Civil war Groups (and such people are well versed in the regulations), cannot stage their battles and meetings on National Property (owing to the sacred nature of the field or region. Many are also Military Cemeteries). Most such functions happen well away from the location. Further, while The Park does have Guides known as Living Historian (Employees who dress as soldiers for Tourists), these are seasonal employees and none would be stationed at such a far away location. Most worked at the more visited locations of the battle. Perhaps, as some think – the Crew was hoaxing, trying to drum up interest in their ''Haunted Gettysburg'' Film. Or just perhaps, they accidentally captured a ''lost moment'' in time.
  5. ''A GOOD DOG'' – THE STORY OF ST. GUINEFORT A popular 13th Century French tale, involved a Knight and His Dog (named Guinefort). A loyal canine, The Knight's Fa,ily loved the dog. One day, The Knight and Family left His Castle, leaving His young Son under the protection of Guinefort. When He returned home, He found the Child's room totally wrecked and blood splattered throughout. The Knight found Guniefort, His paws covered in gore. Search as The Knight and His Family could, they could not find the Child. In anger, The Knight assumed Guinefort killed His Son and slew Him. Soon after, The Knight hear crying coming from under the Boys bed. There was His Son......and the mangled body of a Viper. It seems Guinefort defended The Child from sure death. Saddened by His error, The Knight buried Guniefort in an unused well and sealed it with stones. Soon after a beautiful tree grew from the rocks. From that point forward, if anyone had a pet or animal with injury, they brought it to the well and it was healed. So popular was this belief, even The Church examined what locals now identified as ''St. Guinefort''. The Church was not too happy with a dog being so referred to and broke up the Cult by the 16th Century. Although all trace of The Well was destroyed by The Church, some still say that if one can find the spot (supposedly near Lyons), their sick animal will be healed.
  6. Glad You did, M'Lord. MUCH more to come!
  7. Articles For Monday, 07-27............. ''British Supermarine (Seafang) Fighter Plane''??? (The Cold War) ''British Supermarine (Spiteful) Fighter Plane''?? (World War II) ''British Vickers Type 432 Fighter Plane''??? (World War II)
  8. RONG In Vietnamese Culture, and spanning back thousands of Generations ? The Rong is that Culture's variation on the mythical Dragon. While some cite they ''lived'', many state that The Rong is the personification of ''wealth and prosperity''. The Rong also associated with The Universe (as a whole). In Vietnamese literature, The Rong was often a component character used to express the ''immortality'' of an Emperor or Royal Family.
  9. NULLARBOR NYMPH An Urban Legend which developed in Australia in the early 1970s, The Nullarbor Nymph was said to have ''lived'' in the Western Regions (Outback) of the Country. A group of Kangaroo Hunters stated they ''saw and took photos'' of what appeared to be a ''Caucasian blonde Female'', that appeared to be ''living'' with a Herd. The female looked ''feral'' as was said to be clothes in only what appeared to be a Kangaroo hide. The phot and tale soon swept thru The World. Soon many went to The Outback in hopes of possibly capturing this female, as an Australian form of ''raised by wolves'' story. Found a hoaxed story (1972), the tale still created an Urban Legend (even today), dealing with human who were raised feral by Kangaroos. Although faked, many adopted the fable as a part of Australian Culture ? even making statues of The ''Nullabor Nympth''.
  10. MANA A concept among Polynesian and other Pacific Cultures, ''Mana'' is the idea relative to all things in the World and Universe creates energy. This energy is neither seen as good or bad. It is those Humans that seek to use said energy for such, that makes it so. Originally linked only to storms and thunder, as the ideology spread, so too did it's applications. An object need not be (or have been) a living thing. Some cultures in The South Pacific assign Mana as a form of Animism. Most Cultures do not portray Mana with a personification. Those that due, such as The Maori, often show Mana as a male Being, often invoked prior to Warrior initiation ceremonies and likewise ''called upon'' prior to battle.
  11. Articles For Sunday, 07-26............ ''Confederate Missouri State Guard Flag''???? (The American Civil War) ''Confederate 1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment Flag''?? (The American Civil War)
  12. THE CURSE OF JULIA BROWN Born in 1845 Louisiana (possibly), Julia Brown was Creole. She lived outside the small Village of Fenier, was married and had the somewhat ''normal'' occupation as ''Midwife''. In reality, Brown was a powerful Voodoo Priestess, known for Her ability to treat all forms of ailments. Both Black and White Peoples came from miles around for Her abilities. In time, people began to take advantage of Julia, often refusing to pay Her for ''services rendered'' or even giving Her ''due respect''. Julia began to sour towards The Town of Fenier. After Brown's husband died in 1914, She took a seriously evil outlook towards The Town. Several weeks prior to Her death in 1915, Brown was heard often walking through Town singing loudly ''One Day I Will Die, and Take The Whole Town With Me!'' In mid 1915, Brown did die. Perhaps The Town felt bad about how they treated Brown, for they all turned out for Her funeral. This gesture didn't work. Withing weeks after Her death a severe Hurricane struck Fenier. So sudden and fierce, that all but several of the 300 Residents lived. It is still said that skeletons from Fenier still ''pop up'' from the surrounding swamps and bayous. Many bodies were recovered and buried in a Mass Grave. Other, well ? were not. As one can imagine, Fenier never really grew back as a Village. Much paranormal activities have been documented there over the years, some even photographed. Apparently Julia kept Her promise.
  13. VEVE ''Veve'' is s form of religious symbolism used in Haitian Voodoo. It is based on various types of West Congo pictography relating to the written word in those African Tribes. The Veve is a link in conjuring various Loas, and is initiated by drawing the various images onto the ground with red colored gunpowder or related powder substance. Sometimes, ash wood is burnt and used. Various rituals which require sacrifices are performed on a Veve. Permanent drawings are often hung on walls of followers as a form of Iconography to their ''chosen'' Deity.
  14. YAN-GANT-Y-TAN A ''Hellspawn'' (Demon of no Hierarchy), ''Yang-Gant-Y-Tan'' is related to Old France (12th Century AD). His right hand was said to ''glow as fire'', Of ''frightful visage'', encountering Him at night causes one's own fire (torch, etc) to extinguish, thus becoming lost in the darkness. The mere sight of Yan-Tang-Y-Tan was seen as a bad omen, with ill fortune sure to follow. It was said that leaving a small bag of gold on a path He travels will keep Him away. He was first mentioned in the French Demonic Catalog known as The ''Dictionnarie Infernal'' in 1863.
  15. Articles For Saturday, 07-25............ ''Flag of The Irish de Valeria Brigade''???? (Flags) ''Fast Draw Technique''?? (The American West)
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