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  2. TAILYPO The so named ''Hill Folk'' of The Appalachian Mountains (whose Range stretches from Southern New York State, through portions of Georgia and Alabama), tell Tales of many strange Creatures and Beings, many of which have never been proven or disproven (even today). The Tailypo is one of them. Perhaps related to even older Native American Legends, ''It'' is seen a a ''Demon'' in the form of a large Canine-like Beast. Hill Folk will tell you that Tailypo is not ''supernatural'' but a powerful Beast that is from a long extinct species of animal. The Legend states that a Hunter was in His Cabin one night – when He heard His hounds barking loudly. Grabbing His Shotgun, The Man exited His Cabin and thought he saw a form off in the woods. He fired his gun and heard a spine-chilling growl0like scream. The Man released His Hounds and went to investigate. He found a long, black leathery tail (which He had apparently shot off). Not knowing just what animal it belonged to, He took the piece into His Cabin. Later that night, The Man hears a voice through His door. The voice says ''Tailypo''. The Man determines that it is the Creature He shot at and that it has returned for His missing body part. The Man released a Hound to chase the Creature away. The dog succeeded, by was killed during His protection of His Master. Later again that night, The Creature return and again The Man sent a Hound. The result was repeated until The Hunter had no more Dogs left! The Man hid the Tail of The Beast inside His Cabin and -grabbing His Shotgun, went out for a final battle with The Beast. Although He fought valiantly – He was killed, slashed beyond recognition. The Beast searched The Cabin but could not find His missing tail. As such, on certain nights, One can still hear the Beast cry ''Tailypo'' as ''It'' searches for His missing tail. And woe befall any human who stumbles across The Creature.
  3. ''LETICHE'' In the Swamps of Louisiana, MANY unknown things are said to exist. Some are obviously ''Tall Tales'' and other enter into the realm of ''unknown and unproven''. ''Letiche'' is quite possibly a part of both. The Cajun Peoples (a combination of Peoples who are French, African American and Native American in descent and have created their own unique culture and language) – tell a ''Swamp Tale'' of a Being that is ''part-Human'' and ''part-Alligator''. This strange Cryptoid was said to haunt The Bayou's of Louisiana (with appearances reported all throughout The State, at different times). If not some form of evolutionary mistake, ''Letiche'' also has several supernatural ''backstories''. ''He'' was said to be the combined Spirits of unbaptized Infants. Cursed to have no claimed family and unable to enter into Heaven, their ''anger'' was manifested into Letiche. ''He'' prowls The Swamps and attacks wayward travelers (especially those lost in flatboats). Later variations of Letiche give even more fantastic origin stories. A popular one has a small Boy abandoned by His Family for a number of reason (Yellow Fever being the most popular then). With no one to care for Him, He wandered into The Swamps (with death surely hours away). A group of Alligators saw Him and felt for his plight. Rather than eating Him, they ''adopted Him and raised The Boy as one of their own. In a story which turns in Burroughs ''Tarzan of The Apes'' – Letiche (after years of living in The Swamp), is covered in moss and muck. He is 6-feet tall and extremely (supernaturally) strong. ''He'' no longer communicates as a Human would, but make ''clicks'' much as Alligators do to communicate.
  4. LUDWIG THE BLOODSUCKER Perhaps one of the earliest examples of Urban Legends in America, ''Ludwig The Bloodsucker'' is also considered one of The United states ''first'' forms of Vampire Lore. ''Ludwig'' was first ''reported'' in New York City around the 1870s. A ''lurking'' figure in The Bowery (one of The City's more seedy and equally dangerous of locals), ''He'' only seemed to attack those who were inebriated. And while called a ''bloodsucker'', Ludwig used a knife to cut His victims (normally their throats). From this injury – He drank their blood – often from a wooden cup, in ''great gulps''. ''Ludwig'' was so named for His somewhat German features. ''Tall and swarthy'', He was said bu some accounts – to dress every much a ''Gentleman'' (although some say He was a ''squirmy denizen of The Underworld'' (it depends of which ''Class'' of person was telling the Tale). The story became very popular, with every dead person found by Police (and there were MANY in The Bowery) – the victim was one of ''Ludwig's''. Police did investigate the stories of Ludwig, but found no concrete evidence that ''He'' existed (or didn't for that matter). In time, ''Ludwig The Bloodsucker'' – like all Urban Legends, began to die out. By the turn of the Century (19th to 20th), very few stories were told. But who knows what was true and what was false – especially in the dark World of The Bowery of New York – EVEN today!
  5. ''THE DEVIL'S CEMETERY'' Stull Cemetery is located in ''out of the way'' Lecompton, Kansas (US). A ''Pioneer Settlement'' dating to the 1840s, The Town Cemetery at Lecompton has not been used since the early 20th Century. This is because of a particular Tale which involves The Devil. The Cemetery is said to contain the remains of the ''Human Wife'' of ''Old Scratch'' as well as the remains of ''His'' Child. In fact, as the Legend goes, Lucifer still visits their graves every year. To ''see'' Him (even a glance) will cause insanity. Being The ''Devil's Cemetery'' also cause ''unrest'' to the other ''Residents'' of The Cemetery. It is not uncommon for one to ''see'' ''Spirit Orbs'' and Ghostly, often formless Spectres wander the Grounds. It appears that they cannot rest due to no one coming to ''visit'' out of fear (or caution). Another part of The Cemetery Legend places a particular old (and quite dead) Oak Tree on the Grounds. It was said that a Coven of Witches would gather there and hold a ritual by which they would ''capture'' errant Spirits buried in The Graveyard. They would ''bind them'' into service to Lucifer. As such, only unwanted or unclaimed were buried there (with others being removed). Becoming somewhat ''popular'' with certain groups of the curious as well as ''wannabe'' Satanists – The City eventually sealed off Stull Cemetery to all. It is still considered a high ''dare'' to jump it's walls and ''wander'' The Burial Grounds.......(IF Your Brave enough......)
  6. THE HOWARD STREET CEMETERY GHOST The Township of Salem, Massachusetts (US) is well known throughout The World as the ''Mecca'' of American Witches. In reality, The Town was the sight of the infamous ''Salem Witch Trials'' of the 17th Century. Hardly any street, house or other concern can boast of a supernatural ''Tale'' or two. Which leads us to The Howard Street Cemetery. Dating to the early 17th Century, The Cemetery had a Spirit named Giles Corey. According to records, Corey was accused and convicted of Witchcraft. His punishment (death) was by Pressing. As we have seen, this was the act of placing a person under a wooden pallet (spiked to the ground, ala ''Spread Eagle'' position). Slowly, heavy rocks or weights of iron were added until at some point, the person suffocated to death from being unable to breathe. This was what Giles was subjected to. But to be sure, Giles had somewhat of a ''strong constitution'' and as such, it took several days for Him to die. Although convicted, He never admitted wrongdoing. Every couple of hours, His tormentors would ask for His confession as a Warlock. Each time, Giles simply stated ''More Weight''. Once declared dead, Giles was thrown into an unmarked grave ''somewhere'' in The Cemetery. Since then, when people walk through the ancient burial grounds, at certain points, reports of feeling a ''heaviness on the chest'' had been sensed (as well as breathing problems). Although it happens infrequently, when the phenomenon happens – The Town ''experiences'' some form of ''bad luck'' or misfortune. From ''Killer Snow Blizzards'' to bizarre accidents (at least one per year it seems), Giles is still making his displeasure with The Town felt.
  7. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS THE MAPIMI ''SILENT ZONE'' While many know of ''Skinwalker Ranch'' (and it's reports of strange happenings of both Alien and Supernatural events) few know of Mapimi. Located in Durango, Mexico – the largely barren Desert Region is oddly known as ''The Silent Zone''. It earned this name in the 1960s – when a local Oil Company was attempting to set up Operations there. It would soon found that ANY form of radio activity will fail for hundreds of miles in a circular radius. No transmissions can enter or exit it seems. In addition, Mapimi is also a ''Mecca'' for many UFO sightings as well as ''contacts'' with ''Alien Life''. These Contact reports center around Prospectors or Travelers using the nearby Highway. They ''find'' at different times of the year, ''strange, tall people'' with ''very pale skin, odd looking (or colored) eyes'' and all of them have ''blonde or white hair''. Clothing is often described as a ''one-piece, coverall type''. These ''Beings'' do not appear to have been ''wandering around'' the Desert. They speak ''perfect Spanish'' and ask for water. Upon getting some (or not), they quickly turn and ''go back'' into the desert – almost vanishing before one's eyes. In addition to these Extraterrestrial reports, Cryptids such as Chupacabra and ''Bigfoot''-type Creatures are said to be seen. Added to, reports of Ghostly glowing ''Spirit Orbs'', Spectral Lights of various colors, dimensions and ''animations'' are common as well. Whatever is happening at Mapimi still is unknown, as The Mexican Government strongly warns all to avoid the Region. Why?
  8. THE ''SMILING DEMON'' FILM Still in the Land of ''Twisted Films'' that purportedly are ''Cursed'', The ''Smiling Demon'' Film – also known simply as ''Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv'' (the name of the Man who ''appears'' in The film. The film is 5-minutes long. It shows ''The Man'' from the neck up, staring at the viewer (camera). The entire background and lighting is Bright Red. The Man has a slight smile. Then slowly, the ''scene'' turns odd. ''We'' see The Man's face slowly contort into a demonic visage – His eyes a ''glowing fire''. The ''smile'' is so chilling, it WILL go right through you. The strangeness comes from the creation of the film itself. The Man and the Red background (lighting included) was intended. The ''Art Piece'' was to simply show a ''Man Smiling''. No special effects were said to have been added, and The Man (Glesgorv) has no idea how this effect was made. His ''copy'' does not reveal such gimmicks. The film, when examined by ''experts'' – can find no clear cut way the effects were made, even being beyond professional Studio Make-Up Effects. Some say that by viewing the film (you guessed it), One will suffer bad luck. Others, that The ''Man'' is unaware that ''He'' is possessed by a real Demon. The Demon made His presence known when Glesgorv made His film. By viewing The Demon's ''visage'', The Viewer may just be so possessed......Or So The ''Curse'' relates!
  9. ''SAVE THEM JESUS'' Okay, this One is weird and disturbing at the same time! Yet another Internet attempt to warp minds – come 2015s ''Save Them Jesus'' Film. The Viewer is made ''comfortable'' with the image of Jesus – arms outstretched and posed in the classic ''Sacred Heart'' pose. Heavenly music plays in the background. Just the kind of thing that one would use to focus their Prayers. But then the film goes ''left field''. The colors begin to invert into a ''negative form''. Jesus eyes become gaping black holes. Finally, if your not totally freaked out yet....His ''head'' spins once, completely around (ala Linda Blair in ''The Exorcist''). Suddenly, this ''image'' is replaced by a Satanic Pentagram and the ''Heavenly Music'' is replaced with a strange discord which is actually words placed backwards. These phrases are as follows: Do you love helping others? Do you love praying for others? Then what about helping and praying for those suffering in Hell? They need it the most. Do they deserve such unimaginable, eternal pain? But if you want to end their suffering, you’ll have to oppose God. He won’t erase Hell no matter how much we ask. While ''whoever'' created this ''film'' is decidedly not a Christian, many speculate that it was a worshiper of The Dark Lord himself – Lucifer. It is a cheap attempt at recruitment or causing disharmony. To complete the film's disturbing ending, One is warned NOT to read the above copied ''Prayer''. ''Ooops.......Forgot to Tell My Dear Readers That Point! (LOL)...........''
  10. ''MOM'' Or more aptly known as ''MOM.avi'' is a very disturbing film which is available on The Internet – if One is brave enough to find it). Running for several minutes (which seem an eternity), The Viewer is ''met'' with a dark room. Centered is what appears to be the ''body of a human''. The ''head'' however, is a (at times blurry), but bulbous monstrosity, with at times – gaping maw and sinister slanted eyes. The ''Being'' does not move, simply ''stares'' at The Viewer. The Being croaks the words ''MOM'' and ''DAD CAN'' and finally ''STOP''. Deep and resonating, The Figure does nothing more. It is said that by simply watching the still Being, One will become physically ill. Further, ''some'' have reported feeling of isolation and withdrawal – even suicidal thoughts. A ''Cursed Film?'' or an example of how the power of suggestion can cause one to believe just about anything................
  11. THE CURSE OF BITTERROOT Found Footage ''Curse'' Films are were (and still are) all the rage. Many are nothing more than stunts and publicity attempts to garner attention for one reason or another. Regardless of IF this take is true or not, it is well worthy of inclusion into anyone's collection of Urban Myths and Legends. This ''story'' begins around 2012. It involves one ''Chad'' (no last name) and a weird ''find'' on Craig's List (an American Internet ''Clearing House'' for all things and services). ''Craig'' purchased a rather old wooden box which was filled with old 8mm film reels and a collection of 19th Century-style Prints. The prints showed what appeared to be a ''Hooded and Robed'' figure, which looks for all like an ''Old Hag or Witch''; Curious, ''Chad'' was able to secure an old Projector to see if the film canisters yielded anymore mysteries. They did. The black and white ''film'' – with no sound, shows an unknown camera person, walking through unknown woods. It is unclear if the location if in The US or Europe (although ''Chad'' states that ''Bitterroot, New York'' is written inside The Box). Further, dating of the subject mater is hard. The camera man films what appears to a ruined stone house, crumbling. Suddenly, the ''Witch'' from the still photos appears. Unaware that ''She'' is being filmed, The Figure goes inside the house. Our intrepid camera person follows, trying to remain as hidden as possible. Moving to an area which may have one time been a Kitchen, The ''Witch'' is seen sitting on a chair – poking at a burlap sack on the ground with a long stick. The camera person quickly leaves his hiding place and moves towards a back room. ''We'' see what appears to be some form of incubator (the type found in any Hospital and used for prematurely born infants). The camera person moves to look inside. ''We'' see what appears to be a decomposing infant. (Still Curious?) This obviously scares the camera person who runs out of the house and into the woods again. Later, we are shown The ''Witch'' again, wandering the woods and going towards a ravine. ''She'' is carrying a sack. Throwing it into the ravine, ''She'' turns and walks away. After a few minutes, the camera person becomes curious and goes to look at the sack. Opening it, we ''see'' a human Female Head! The camera person runs away. As per the rest, of which made it's way to You Tube, the end becomes extremely violent (perhaps ala ''Blair Witch Project''). So much so, it was removed and permanently banned from that sight. According to ''Chad'' He has had nothing but bad luck since viewing the film. He ''warns'' that one should not watch it. Clever ''Film Student'' ploy for extra credit with His Professor? Or a REAL ''cursed'' Film?
  12. THE LATEST ''BIG FISH'' STORY.....ANOTHER ''NESSIE'' PHOTOGRAPH While we have already examined the Legend of The Loch Ness Monster (aka ''Nessie''), as we have seen – most of those ''classic'' photographs have been well and truly debunked since the infamous 1932 Scottish Photograph. With countless scientific expeditions over the years to not only map the unusually deep Loch but find proof of a possible Prehistoric Cryptid. To date, the Legend endures. Which brings us to a recent (2020) digital photograph. The picture, which made World News, clearly shows ''something'' breaking the surface of The Loch, close to shore. Perhaps a portion of a Creatures back, maybe massive neck or even fin – many immediately attacked the picture. And owing to the types of few aquatic life currently living in The Loch, something this large would be ''out of place''. ''Submitted For Your Enjoyment!''........................
  13. ''HOLY GHOST'' – A PRAYERFUL SPIRIT The Church of Jesus and Mary is located in Rome Italy. And while The City is literally dotted with hundred of such religious places – every few feet it seems, few have reliable ''Ghost'' sightings. This Church however is different. A recent visit (2015) by an American Tourist ''caught'' a strange sight. The apparent Spirit of a Little Girl. The Tourist wished to get a picture of the Centuries old Altar space, which at the time was mostly empty – save a member of The Clergy. He snapped His pic and went on His way. Later, when He reviewed His digital prints, He ''saw'' what appears to be a ''little Girl, either sitting or perhaps floating'' not far from The Clergy. The photographer swears no one was there when He took his photo. While The Church states that there is no reported phenomenon, several answers are advanced. The first, The Church was the scene of several attacks during anti-Catholic Riots spurred on by The Italian Fascists of Mussolini (1930s). Several people were reported hurt and killed. Could this Little Girl be the Spirit of one of these victims? The other – is that several Renaissance Era Noble Families were entombed (as was custom for Patrons of The Church) – in the basement catacombs. Perhaps ''She'' was one of these? Or perhaps it is just a hoax...........
  14. THE ''ANGEL'' OF NEW YORK Perhaps Photoshop, a testament to One's ''faith'' or ''something else'', the rather unusual photograph was taken by a random Person driving from New York City to New Jersey. It was the 10th Anniversary of The World Trade Center Attacks, and as has become custom – a series of massive spotlights are erected on the spots where the Twin Towers stood. At night time, the spots are illuminated – aimed straight to the Heavens. These light serve as a Memorial to the thousands of lives that were lost that fateful day in 2001. It would not be odd for someone to want a picture of the somber event. That is until the finished product was examined. What is plain to see, is one of The Spot, jutting towards Heaven and passing through a low altitude cloud cover. The beam ''ends'' (which is odd in and of itself) with contact with the cloud (which it shouldn't). Instead of cutting through the water vapor, the image of what can only be described as an ''Angelic Figure'' can ''clearly'' be seen. ''It'' appears to be ''peering downwards'' – towards The City. Examined and deemed ''real'' – The ''Angel'' of New York is still debated as a well meaning fraud. Or perhaps, it is meant to be seen as it was intended....to give Hope.
  15. Articles for Friday, 08-07................. ''British Sopwith (Dragon) Fighter Plane'' (World War I) ''Chinese Ming Dynasty Army'' (Medieval Asia) Articles for Saturday, 08-08................ ''British Supermarine (Swift) Fighter Jet'' (The Cold War) ''Dominique You'' (Piracy) Articles for Sunday, 08-09................. ''Chinese Snake Spear'' (Medieval Asia) ''Elfego Baca'' (The American West) Articles for Monday, 08-10.............. ''Brazilian EE-9 (Cascavel) Armored Fighting Vehicle'' (Modern Era) ''Crowned Cross'' (Heraldry) Articles for Tuesday, 08-11................... ''Chinese (Mandarin Duck) Formation'' (Medieval Asia) ''Code Noir'' (General History)
  16. THE ''HAT MAN'' Some place The ''Hat Man'' with the previously discussed ''Shadow People'' (a phenomenon experienced and recorded by many throughout The World). And while Shadow People are oft seen as malevolent, ''Hat Man'' is seen as Evil and dangerous. There are a multitude of photos and films on The Internet – many of which are debated as faked. However, for those with purported ''genuine'' ones – and even more chilling encounters – The ''Hat Man'' is VERY real. Mostly associated with hauntings and in particular Poltergeist encounters, ''Hat Man'' is so named for ''His'' somewhat humanoid appearance (mostly a large Black Shape) – that wears what appears to be a large or wide brimmed Hat. The other notable feature is His sometimes ''glowing'' Red eyes. Many also place the appearance of The Being to those who foolishly tamper with The Ouija Board. ''Hat Man'' is also found to be a portent of Bad Luck. Once He begins to manifest, all manner of misfortune will begin. From lost items, to lost of job, friends and even life – all are part of The ''Hat Man's'' so called abilities. Many feel that ''They'' (there are more than One such reported – meaning a possible ''species''), cannot be ''sent back'' to where ever they ''come from'', while other rely on various Cleansing Rituals and religious remedies to remove such a Being.
  17. ''THE FIRE ELEMENTAL?'' While the oft discussed ''Pareidolia'' is the ''probable'' cause of this Case – the rather strange sight of a ''Giant Humanoid'' not only seen, but filmed during a volcanic eruption of Calbuco in Chile, South America in 2015. The ''Being'' is seen by some as an ''Elemental''. As we have seen, these were purported Gods and Demi-Gods from Antiquity, that oversaw Man, and manifested themselves through ''natural'' occurrences – such as rain, fire, snow and a host of other now easily explained phenomenon. When Calbuco erupted – sending a cloud of ash and smoke over the Region for days, many were able to photograph a strange sight. Rather than a traditional ejection pillar of debris from the volcano, a ''shape'' began to form. Quite distinctly, legs and arms as well as head and torso clearly began to take shape. Further more bizarre was that (for some), ''Red glowing eyes'' appeared and The ''Form'' appeared to be actually ''moving'' as if walking thru the smoke! While one person photographing such a sight would be left to the Researcher's ability to deduce that they ''saw what they wanted to see'', as many as 10 others, each unrelated to one another and using different forms of cameras and equipment, filmed the same ''effect'' from different angles and locations. Those less inclined to believe that the ''shape'' was an Ancient ''Volcano God'' cited that the ''image'' was a ''sign of God's protection''. The phenomenon had since Not happened again......yet.
  18. ''THE GHOST AND THE WAXWORKS'' As most could say, Wax Museums can be rather ''creepy'' places to visit. Most show sculptures in the medium, dress and posed to resemble famous Persons of History and Film. A popular ''dive'' which has operated in Hollywood, California (US) is that of The Hollywood Wax Museum. The building houses a massive collection of Waxwork Stars, Villains and other Persons of note. One popular exhibit is that of ''Christ's Last Supper'' and His eventual execution of The Cross. One ''woman'' is seen quite often visiting the attraction. In fact, ''She'' is a ''Ghost''. Her story, according to Staff – is that she was possibly a former Guest who visited only this particular exhibit. She would knee at the small bench in front of the Waxworks and pray. This went on for roughly 10 years and then she stopped coming altogether. It was later learned She died. Then, Staff began to ''notice'' that She still came to visit. Seen often kneeing in the shadows of the exhibit, if one approaches Her, she simply ''fades into nothingness''. At night, when the Waxworks are closed, Security camera footage will pick up a faint outline of ''something''. Motion sensors too, react to ''movement''. Regardless, the ''Old Woman'' is a ''fixture'' of The Hollywood Wax Museum and probably will be for all time.
  19. THE ''ENTITY'' CASE Before ''The Amityville Horror'' Case was popular – another such Paranormal Investigation yielded many surprises for Investigators. This was the Case of Doris Bither, who lived with Her three children in Culver City, California in the 1970s. A divorcee, She struggle to keep the modest and quite small cottage-style home's ''roof'' over Her children's ''head''. Doris had a violent relationship with her former Husband (who would get drunk and verbally as well as physically abuse Her). Earlier in Her life, Doris suffered from a similar incident from ''Family Members''. She at one point contemplated suicide and had a drug and alcohol problem as a result. But none of these issues would match what happened to Doris over a 1 year period. Doris began to ''show up'' at a local Hospital ER in various stages of physical ''assault''. Cuts, bruises etc. Doctors thought that She was being abused or had been raped. Police investigated, but Doris gave them a rather bizarre explanation. Doris it seems – was assaulted by an ''unseen Entity''. So violent in fact (and so continual it seemed), that at first Police thought Doris was merely ''covering up'' for a Boyfriend. The ''attacks would happen at night only and would be accompanied by strange ''mists and orbs''. A ''thick and heavy Presence'' would appear and Doris would be ''attacked''. Her story came to the light of The News and soon to a Group of Paranormal Investigators. They examined Her house and talked to Doris' children (they had no recollection of their Mother's nightly assaults). Finally, the group set up their detection equipment in Her home and waited. They didn't wait long. Several pictures of Doris being interviewed show a strange ''light'' surrounding her, as if ''something was following Her''. Electronic Voice Phenomenon found at least ''3'' separate Entities, each Male and each very vicious and threatening. Whenever Doris' name was mentioned, Objects would move or fall and Investigators all reported a ''thick dark energy'' being present. Unfortunately, even after various methods to ''cleanse'' Doris' house, the ''things'' did not leave (although the frequency of the assault did decrease dramatically). Doris sold Her home and moved to The State of Texas, thinking a new home and new surroundings would help. It didn't. Apparently, the ''Entities'' followed Her (although again, the attacks were few and far between). After Her children had grown up and moved away, Doris' vanished (1980). She was never located until her Obituary in 1995 – showing Her cause of death as a Heart Attack. Doris' ''story'' was made into a feature film in 1982 (although heavily fictionalized). Some offer several explanations. The first, was that the negative energy generated by an abusive husband ''manifested'' itself to ''terrorize'' her. Others, that Doris was a simple ''random victim'' of evil Poltergeist activity. The final, is that Doris ''hurt herself'' to garner sympathy and possibly to illicit a book deal. Since She moved away from Her Culver City, California home, it went abandoned – with no Realtor ever being able to sell it. Later, in the 2000s, the home was sold, but it's Owners decided to ''move'' without reason. The house still stands today and is ''on The Market'' (if you're interested?)
  20. ''RETURN TO BABYLON'' – A TALE OF A ''CURSED'' FILM? American Independent Film Producer and Director Alex Monty Canawati had an idea. Why not make a ''tribute'' film dedicated to the Classic Silent Film Age of moving making. To be made in Black and White and actually ''silent'' with subtitles, The film would chronicle the scandalous lives of some of that Era's greatest Stars and Starlets. While walking down Hollywood Blvd. One day – as the ''story'' goes, Alex ''found'' a stray burlap sack on the ground. No one was around to claim it. He looked inside and found 19 rolls of 16mm film (and quite old at that). Despite the age, after being investigated – the film was surprisingly in good condition and could actually be used. This gave Alex His ''hook''. Why not make His film using the found material. Great idea! So ''Return To Babylon'' was born. He even marketed His idea and script to several ''big name'' Stars who agreed to work on the Project as a ''labor of love'' as it were. Various locations in the historic City of Hollywood, California from The ''Silent Age'' still exist. Many of the ''Old Stars'' Homes still standing were used and backdrops (Valentino, Seneck, etc.) Alex was able to secure period clothing and vehicles to give as much authenticity to His ''baby''. However, even from the first day of Production, ''things'' began to go ''awry. Several of the Stars reported that (regardless of where they were filming), they felt as if (at times) they were being ''groped'' or ''touched by unseen hands''. Many of the Production Staff likewise reported examples of ''horrid odors, voices mysteriously being heard inside headphones on ''quiet and closed sets'' – etc. After all this strangeness, the film was ready to be edited. And then the ''horror'' started. Many of the frames would show exactly what was filmed, but the Actors faces seen were horribly twisted and malformed as if their appearances were altered or not even theirs. Webbed and clawed hands, fanged teeth – some scenes suggested one was ''looking at Demons from Hell!'' Several other scenes ''magically appeared'' which did indeed show what appeared to be ''Demons and Entities''.This strange phenomenon delayed release of the film by a year (it was to be released in 2019). It would finally air on The Internet thru various sources in January of 2020. Naturally, Skeptics say that the whole affair was a clever publicity stunt to garner interest in The Film. But several facts are still unexplained. Initially, it was thought that by combining 8 and 16mm film, plus a digital format, such ''creepy effects'' could be accomplished. But, after examination, no evidence of such trickery was found. Further, the film appears genuine in all regards. What did Alex find on that street in Hollywood. A bag of ''cursed film'', which captured ''real'' Demons and Ghosts? The subject matter He chose is also of not. Most of the stories told and merged of those Silent Era Stars, were rife with scandal, abuse and murder. Could ''they'' be ''reaching out'' from The Grave to send a ''message''? Or is it all as has been said......a Stunt!
  21. THE UNUSUAL COBB ESTATE The City of Alta Dena is a small Borough located several miles North of The City of Pasadena, California (US), Nestled into the start of the Foothills of The San Gabriel Mountains – one would not guess of an unusual Paranormal phenomenon which happens there. The epicenter of the following strangeness is called Cobb Estate. This is it's story........ The expanse of land purchased by Charles Cobb in 1918 allowed Him to build a massive Mansion surrounded by an even larger forest. A single Drive lead from an large Iron Gate through the woods and straight to The Cobb Mansion. Cobb spent much money of His Home (as was custom for many former Eastern Millionaires who had settle to The West Coast and Los Angeles and it's surrounding suburbs. Back then, much land and nothing else filled the gaps between Cities. Nothing unusual was ever reported by Cobb, His Family or anyone else. In 1939, Cobb died and His Family wished to go back East. The Estate was sold to a number of different concerns – including at one time, a Catholic Religious Order of Nuns. Still, The Cobb Estate was quiet. Then in 1956, The Estate came back on The Market. By this time abandoned and barely livable from years of neglect, the 1030s and 1940s Comedy Trio of The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo), brought The Estate as ''investment property. The Brothers were zany on film and in person, but in real life, much arguing and ''bad blood'' simmered. This was over billing in films, profits and even perhaps jealousy between performers. Perhaps this negative energy seeped into The Estate. The Brothers found that restoring the Old Mansion was too expensive so they had it completely demolished. Only the foundation remains. They tried to develop the land, but met with constant zoning issues. At one point, The Brothers even attempted to turn The Estate into a Cemetery. This too failed. In 1971, The Brothers Trust sold the lands to a Real Estate Brokerage. The 1970s found that the woods that surrounded The Cobb Estate was popular with hikers and nature lovers. So to did drug dealers and vagrants. As many as 15 people have been found murdered, or having committed suicide, or dead by ''other means'' (overdosed). The Woods became known locally as ''The Haunted Woods'' and a place best not gone into (day or night). The property would be brought by private sources (funded by a wealthy Patroness), and cleaned up. Currently a Nature Park and Hiking spot, it is open 24-hours a day (which is in itself – unusual). The only remaining piece of Cobb's Estate is that previously mentioned Iron Gate. One may recognize it as being used in the 1979 Horror Cult Classic Film ''Phantasm'' (1979). But The woods harbor an even more darker side. No matter how powerful your cellphone or related electronic device is, within minutes of walking thru The Woods, it will be totally dead. This effect happens at least 3 times per day (and is especially strongest at night). Further, spots in The Woods are unusually cold (even in direct sunlight). During many Paranormal Investigations over the years, records of Orbs, ''Mists'' or Forms and incredible Electronic Voice Phenomenon – have all been experienced. The cause? Many have their own theories. Most Paranormal Investigators will tell you that ''Spirits'' require great amounts of energy to manifest, move and communicate. Electronic devices with batteries are VERY popular for a quick ''jolt of energy''. Perhaps this is why electronic devices suffer as they do. Perhaps it may be related to the many who died under strange circumstances – their tortured Spirits still ''wandering'' in The Woods – ''lost''. And of course, perhaps it is a ''Natural Phenomenon''.......Perhaps....
  22. ''THE DEVIL TO PAY'' – THE UNSETTLING TALE OF DEVIL'S GATE DAM The aptly name ''Devil's Gate Dam'' was constructed in 1920 between The City of Pasadena and La Canada Flintridge (California, US) as a way to help regulate water storage and flow into The City of Los Angeles. It served this purpose only briefly, after the course of water was changed and the natural river dried up – leaving only wild growing Arroyo bushes. Wishing to preserve much of the natural mountain surrounding The Dam was important then – especially when it came to The Dam's entrance. Carved from a solid piece of rock by nature – it seems, is the ''face'' of a ''Devil''. Although this ''effect'' is more akin to ''Pareidolia'' (a human ability to ''see'' relatable objects in unrelated patterns) – the ''face'' indeed has a ''nose, pointed chin and of course – horns''. All in all – ''Nature'' carved an unusual phenomenon (perhaps as old as 5,000 years by some estimates). The ''Devil's Face'' was well known for hundreds of years by local Native Americans. The ''Area'' was seen as ''forbidden'' to all by Tribal Elders, as being a ''place of Evil''. However, no real reported phenomenon was reported – that is until the 1940s and 1950s. The Area was ''discovered'' by Adherents of Occultist Aleister Crowley. They held many rituals there, one of which was quite forbidden (even by their beliefs), This ''Working'' Ritual was meant to infuse a human woman with a ''supernatural being'' known as The ''Moon Child''. This Being would take over The Earth (ala The ''Anti-Christ). In addition to these perversions, by the 1960s and 1970s, ''Hippies'' and other free thinkers descended upon Devil's Gate. Wild orgies and drug induced gathering lead to several murders and countless rapes. So bad had the area become, that Authorities tried their best to fence off and patrol the Region. And then came the ''disappearances''......... As many as 15 Children (mostly between the ages of 12 and 17 years), have simply vanished from the area, without many clues and to date – without any resolution to their Families. People still find ''things'' in the scrub. A schoolbook, wallet or small purse etc. IF any identification is found – in most case – the Owner is one of The Missing. Which leads us to the last stop on out ''tour''. That of The ''Passage To Hell''. This ''Gateway'' is actually a 50-foot causeway built through The Dam to access the other side of the Hill. The long concrete tunnel barely shows the light at the other end. However, those brave enough to enter will find an arcane and other worldly collection of ''self painted'' art and of course graffiti scrawled on almost every available section of wall and ceiling. Some are profane, others – strangely beckoning as supernatural figures and faces, perhaps even those seen in Hell. Legend has it that IF ones tried to traverse The Tunnel at night time – they will NOT be able to find their way out!
  23. APOTROPAIC MARK The ''Apotropaic Mark'' is a term commonly used to describe a form of Talisman from many European Regions – starting in the 15th Century AD (although they may be much older). These images were also known as ''Witch Marks''. Perhaps associated with Paganism, ''Witches'' were thought to either carve or tattoo special images into their body. This was seen as a form of protection from another's magic, as well as a means of invoking a particular ''Spirit''. Conversely, it was thought – that by copying said marks (via carving, painting or drawing) onto the entrance and exit of a dwelling, a Witches ''power'' or ''spell'' would be negated. Many surviving examples can still be found throughout Europe. Apotropaic Marks are also related to the previously discussed ''Hex Symbols'' found in The United States (Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine).
  24. PIERRE DE LANCRE A French Judge of Witchcraft and Satanism in 16th Century France, the infamous Pierre de Lancre began on of France's largest persecution of persons accused of Witchcraft. In addition to women and men, even priests and nuns fell under his grasp. This no doubt upset The Church, for in some cases, Lancre may have brought charges against those He ''disliked'' or coveted their purported ''wealth'' (of which He was able to wrest legally from any surviving relatives). Lancre wrote several still well know Treasties on Witchcraft. His advanced theory that ''The Devil only corrupted married women (not single) and The Devil's further perversions with incest within a family, were even controversial for their time. Lancre personally sentenced and saw executed roughly 70 accused of Witchcraft over a 1 year period (leading to a time of general fear and panic in France for a time). Due to his edict (and Office), being sponsored by King Henry IV – few (even The Church) tried to overrule Him. He lived as ''a Prince''. Finally ousted when Lancre ''decided'' that another 10% of France's ''female'' population (or roughly 3,000) were ''tainted by The Devil'' and needed to be ''brought to God's Justice''. This caused an outcry in which The King finally ''retired'' Lancre. However, He continued His studies and writing on Witchcraft and The Arcane for many more years – even being seen as an expert by Arcane Historians.
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