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  2. Article for Wednesday, 10-21.......... ''Pilgrim's Staff'' (Medieval Era) Article for Thursday, 10-22.......... ''Polish Cursed Soldiers'' (World War II) Article for Friday, 10-23............ ''Plan of Union of 1801'' (General History) Article for Saturday, 10-24............... ''Pelicon'' (Medieval Era) Article for Sunday, 10-25................ ''Pisan Cross'' (Heraldry)
  3. I tell you what that looks very nice, it certainly looks like it was difficult to create. I honestly don't think you could have created that much better - with the compact space available within the editor, this is a very very nice natural landscape. I can already see invasions happening on all sides of the map! Really looking forward to how this progresses.
  4. ''FERN FLOWER'' Although not a true flowering plant, The Fern Flower is a component of many Slavic Myths regarding it. It is said that One finding The Plant, which grows in deep woods and forests – is seen as great good fortune for those who do. Wealth, long life and the ability to ''understand'' the ''speech'' of any animals, made The Fern Flower the source of many legends and quests. Not to be undone however, the mere act of just going out and picking one, was frought with great danger. The Fern Flower was guarded by Evil Woodland Spirits – intent on killing those foolish enough to try. Not withstanding, some (as the legend goes), were successful. The Fern Flower featured prominently into Late Medieval Central European writings.
  5. Article for Monday, 10-19.......... ''Indian (Prahaar) Strategic/Tactical Nuclear Missile'' (The Modern Era) Article for Tuesday, 10-20................. ''HMS (Coronation)'' (Ships)
  6. Article for Saturday, 10-17........... ''Winning Hearts and Minds'' (The Vietnam War) Article for Sunday, 10-18........... ''USAF Strategic Air Command'' (The Cold War)
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  8. @KrarilotusI just sent you a friend request on Discord. I'm Lord_Nemo#5474. I'd like to learn from you how to mod the AI characters! 😄
  9. @artofmathThe AIC tutorial i made, over on YouTube, covers the basics on what to modify. With the version 2.14, the AIC folder moved to the UCP resources folder. It is now in json format for easier readability. To access one aic, simply export an AIC from the patcher out of the aic tab. It then appears in the folder: resources/aic/export inside your UCP folder :) hope that helps? if not, you can always ask me directly via discord or PM. Krarilotus#6749
  10. @Krarilotus I downloaded the UCP and installed the mod, but the aic folder isn't there in the folder where SHC is installed. Without access to the AIC files I can't do any modding. Do you have any suggestions? I'm dreaming of a Wolf AI that uses archers, crossbowmen, macemen, swordsmen, catapults, and fire balllistas. No rams or trebuchets.
  11. Siege of Jerusalem map in progress. Maybe you can guess where the dome of the rock will go? 🙂 That was one hard thing to plan out for the AI to build.... Of course, for playability purposes only the castle could be historical (not shown yet!). The landscape needs to be fictional too... Any & all feedback on the landscape is gladly welcomed!
  12. Article for Friday, 10-16........ ''Indian Home Guard'' (The American Civil War)
  13. I figured it out. I found a little online utility that changed the registry key for F1 to disable Microsoft's newest change. The next step is to press the fn key to turn the F keys back on. And Crusader AIV Editor works again! Woohoo!
  14. Backup plan: Is it possible to re-configure your keyboard function keys? This probably depends on exactly what kind of computer you have as it's normally specific to each model. You might have to take a look at your manual, but it should be possible to change them. Another issue which can sometimes occur, is that "F" keys can sometimes toggle. Try pressing the F1 key + the function key which can provide the correct function for you if just pressing the relevant "F" key does not work. If the F1 + Function key does work, this is often something that can be reversed in the BIOS. There will definitely by a way to reverse this change, it might be worth taking a look at your machine to see what changes have occurred recently as well, and see if any of those might have affected anything.
  15. Sorry I didn't get back to you! I thought I'd replied, but must have got sidetracked. I'm loving this, I think it's fantastic. Drawing out maps before starting them is something that never really occurred to me before, but it makes a lot of sense. Have you got much further with it?
  16. Article for Thursday, 10-15................ ''Cross Cerecelee'' (Heraldry)
  17. Microsoft changed what the F1 key does: it pulls open the Bing browser (eww) and opens a useless help file. (why????) In the Stronghold Crusader AIV editor, F1 did a critical function: SAVING the file in progress. I believe Firefly was a bit lazy when they designed the AIV editor because they didn't think that anyone would be using it nearly 20 years later - the AIV editor does not have a save file button! Anyone know a way around this issue? Do I need to install Windows XP on my computer?
  18. @Krarilotusis it possible to build a version of the Wolf AI that uses primarily macemen for infantry, with a smaller number of pikemen and swordsmen, a version that doesn't use trebuchets? I'm building a new map - Siege of Jerusalem - and I'm wondering if that's at all possible, for gameplay purposes...
  19. Article for Wednesday, 10-14............ ''Abul Abbas'' (Medieval Era)
  20. I'm in the process of putting a map of Jerusalem on grid paper. 😊 Backlit tracing pad, map of Jerusalem on a transparency, and a 12 lines/inch grid paper!
  21. Any progress on the map? It looks like it'll be amazing visuals. (But I confess that once in game, I look forward to deleting the whole castle for extra wood. 😈)
  22. That's a really nice idea! There are so many possibilities for this, too. There could maybe be a "Castles of the World" Trail or similar, with a map showing various trails around the middle east, or perhaps start in the middle east, move around the Mediterranean for a bit and then down south through Egypt into North Africa, Morocco and up into Spain or something. If it works, it doesn't even need to be confined to purely historic castles, either. We could expand it to fantasy castles, legendary castles, rebuilding cities..... you name it. Or, here's a cool idea too, maybe it could become a "Knights Templar" trail. Where you could go around some of the places the Knights Templar were active, and re-create real history with them... so, obviously Acre would be a big one. Maybe there could be a small island on the far-left of the map representing Nicosia or something, and you could have to try and protect shipping or supplies, which you need in order to complete the castle, and which you can only get through that certain channel. We could even use some of the various "secret passage" tricks to create secret ways in/out of the city as it actually was. Then there's Jerusalem as well, where you could have to protect the city and keep the Holy Grail under Templar control or something. To make it even cooler, we could maybe re-skin a few units as well, and then I (or someone else if they wanted) could package it all together into an installer so people can get all this stuff in one file. In terms of other castles, I know it's not exactly in the same area but have you thought about maybe Vatican City? This could be a really dramatic battle, staged in the early days of the Crusades or the Papacy for example. I'll have a look and see if I can think of any other good Castles
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  24. MADSTONE From The American Ozark Mountain Region and the peoples that live there – ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of Folk Magic (Healing). Also known as a ''Beozar Stone'', these strange ''rocks'' are actually not stones at all, but the calcified secretion from the stomachs of various animals (mostly Bovine). It is not clear as to why they form, but they are seen as a form of digestion aide. As early as the 17th Century AD, ''Madstones'' were seen as a form of healing remedy. When procured, The Stone was placed onto a person who suffered poisoning (of any form). By leaving The Stone on the affected area, it was thought to ''draw out'' the affliction – healing the sufferer. Conversely, those thought to have been given the disease Rabies were likewise ''healed'' with Madstones. After the ''cure'' was administered, The Stone was no longer used. Part of the ''origin'' of The Madstone, is that they can never be sold for money (hence they will not work). As such, true Madstones are very rare and hard to find (save examples in some Museums).
  25. Yeah, the scenario would have to be a skirmish scenario. Any ideas on castles worth doing? I've been researching into Spanish & Greek & Sicilian castles, more than just the ones in the Middle East. I've gotten pretty interested in the city of Toledo in Spain. The wall layout isn't particularly crazy and so it would be pretty easy to develop an AI that could build it. I'm thinking of the city in the top left corner of the map, with 3 Wolves representing Crusaders on the other corners of the map. The scenario would be to defeat the Crusader siege of Toledo by killing all 3 Wolf AIs, only using Arabic units
  26. This is so genius I can't believe it's never been done before! I think this is an exceptional idea and I think it could really be the start of something big. Perhaps we could even create an official SHN historical campaign trail, or something. So the mission would be kind of an "Invasion" mission, right? Or are you thinking more of a custom scenario where there are other objectives to complete as well, resources to gather.... etc?
  27. Article for Monday, 10-12........... ''Japanese Hanamachi'' (Medieval Asia) Article for Tuesday, 10-13........... ''Foot Roasting'' (Torture Thru The Ages)
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