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  2. ''GRAEAE'' In Greek Mythology – The Graeae were three blind Witches, who had the power of Future ''sight''. This ability was tapped into by the use of a single ''enchanted eye'' which – if held by a Graeae – allowed Her to ''see''. Related to The Gorgons, The Graeae were featured in the Story of Perseus, and were instrumental in His quest to find weapons to destroy Medusa.
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  4. ''ATHOS” One of The Ancient Greek Mythology's ''Gigantes'' (a Race of Giants descended from The Titans). Athos was noted for His ''fight'' with The God Poseidon. During their epic conflict. Athos was said to have picked up a giant stone and threw it at The God. But Poseidon deflected the stone, and hurled it back at Athos, killing Him instead. The ''rock'' is said to be what is now called Mount Athos in Northern Greece, seen as a ''Holy Place'' in Eastern Orthodox Catholicism.
  5. Article for Monday, 08-02.......... ''German Sturmgeschutz III Tank'' (World War II) Article for Tuesday, 08-03.......... ''A La Lanterne'' (Torture Thru The Ages) Article for Wednesday, 08-04......... ''British Martin-Baker MB-5 Fighter Plane'' (World War II)
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  7. ''WICCA'' Wicca is a Pagan (and Neo-Pagan) Folk Religious Belief System, which was first ''created'' in the early 20th Century AD (and based on much more ancient principles). Traditionally seen as ''Natural Magic'' or ''Earth Magic'', Wicca's origins are closely associated with most forms of early Witchcraft and Spellcraft. Originally- not ''Evil'' in intent (but defensive if need be), it was classified as Pagan and Heretical by most Christian Churches. Organized into ''Traditions'', Wiccans use a variety of folk remedies and stylized rituals. Wiccans believe in a wide Parthenon of Gods and Goddesses that ''show favor'' to various Practitioners for their ''devotion''. And while often portrayed as ''Witches and Warlocks'', the goal of Wicca is to promote a ''oneness'' with Humanity and Nature (seen as the personification of a ''Female'' Creator Deity). While most of their portrayal in Literature an later films were akin to Witches, ''true'' Wiccans are quick to point out that there are no similarities. It is estimated at close to 1 million persons are Followers and Practitioners of Wicca – Worldwide.
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  9. ''WITCHES HAT'' Instantly identifiable – the conical and black ''Witches Hat'' is well known throughout The World. Hardly any portrayal of ''classical'' Witches are found without the ''pointed'' headdress. But in reality, The Witches Hat is more an invention of indeterminate origins and outright superstition and prejudice. Some Arcane Scholars cite the 2nd Century BC and a style of conical wool cap favored by some Northern Chinese peoples. Yet another, is the previously discussed ''Judencap'' or semi-pointed cap required for wear by any Jew in parts of Europe – starting in the 8th Century AD forward (to at least the 17th Century AD). Whereas Jews were seen as ''Anti-Christ'' and thus ''evil'', a pointed cap (regardless of color), was so seen as ''Satanic''. In The Americas, disputes between Puritans and Quakers led to a similar blame. Puritans wore a style known as The Capitolin or a conical, but flat crowned headdress. Quakers – a similar style use, had a more rounded top. Due to the two Religious ideological differences, Quakers were identified as ''Evil'' by their Puritan counterparts. In a final example of The Hat's probable origins, is The Alecap. This was a very similar style of headwear worn by female Brewers and sellers of Ale (Beer), in the 13th to 17th Centuries AD. While the consumption of excessive alcohol was seen as ''evil'', thus those who ''served it'' must well be evil. In literature from The late Middle Ages, a more pointed crown was applied to the then popular conception of a Witch. The point represented a ''horn'' – which was on par with Lucifer (of which all Witches were associated with). No known Pagan, Neo-Pagan or related Fold Magic Belief Systems are know to wear of use the Witches Hat. But the symbolism became meshed into popular culture and still is today.
  10. ''MANANAMBAL'' In Filipino Culture, The Mananambal is a type Folk Magic Healer, who combines ''ancient'' remedies and ''accepted'' medical cures to heal a Person from illness (both ''perceived'' and actual). Typically occupied by Females, The Manananbal used both in the scope of their vocation, and are mostly seen as ''positive'' in The Filipino Culture. And while their rituals and ceremonies would be seen as ''White'' or Good Magic by most, ''Dark'' Mananambals are said to exist as well. So accepted in fact, that currently – The Filipino Government ''recognizes'' their ''craft'' as valid. However, various Christian Religious Beliefs still denounce them as heretical.
  11. ''28 DAYS LATER'' Great Britain's 2002 foray into the ''modern'' Zombie Genre - ''28 Days Later'' is part Science-Fiction and part Horror Film. It was, according to it's Producers never to be seen a a strictly Zombie Film. The goal was to show how Humans would denigrate into anarchy and animal-like chaos as well as how ''rationale'' people would adapt in such a ''World''. As with most pieces made in these ''modern apocalyptic'' films – plagues or viral releases that produce Zombie (Walking Dead), are the key component to ''Humanities Downfall''. Well made and full of suspense, ''28 Days Later'' is often cited as a partial ''rip off'' of the popular American Television Zombie series ''The Walking Dead''. But ''Purists'' cite that it should be seen as more of a ''companion piece'' as to what the ''rest of The World'' may go thru (although the causes of The ''Zombipocalypse'' are quite different). In the film, a young bicycle messenger is struck by a car in an accident and is admitted into a Hospital in a comatose state. He awakes (28 days later), to find that Hospital and indeed entire City of London – is vacant of people. Confused and scared, we know (from the film's prologue), that The Government was working on a biological contagion which was being tested on animals. The contagion, called ''Rage'', totally activates anger and violent tendencies. In this it is assumed that such a ''viral manipulation'' could be used against a future Enemy, causing ''Him'' to attack His own people. A Group of Animal-Rights Activists break into The Lab to free the ''poor creatures'', only to have one of them being bite. ''Rage'' is very fast acting in the Human body and is spread thru direct contact with an infected persons blood, saliva (via bite) or other fluid transfer. With a 99.9% contagion rate, Great Britain (and perhaps The World), quickly falls prey to anarchy and chaos, due to ''Rage''. Our Hero knows nothing of this, and after running into several examples of ''Rage Zombies'', He meets several Survivors, who help Him and show Him both how to hide and how to kill the infected. But after hearing (on a radio), that British Military Authority has a ''Safe Zone'', He and His new found Group travel to safety (or so they think). A sad, but hopeful ending to ''28 Days Later'' would lead to a less that popular sequel ''28 Weeks Later'', which was more of a ''Resident Evil'' Franchise ''steal'' than a stand alone sequel which – bombed. Well worth a watch (if you haven't already), ''28 Days Later'' is a true classic and worthy addition to The Zombie Film Genre.
  12. ''MR. CLAIRVIUS NARCISSE........ZOMBIE'' As we have seen, the term ''Zombie'' is applied (by today's standards), as a Corpse (formerly Human) – which is ''resurrected'' (brought back to life thru a myriad of reasons). Normally, a ''half-rotting'' Being needing to consume ''living'' Human flesh, Zombies have a more sedate (but no less frightening) ''History''. Submitted for your approval, is the Case of One Mr. Claurvius Narcisse. A Haitian by birth and residency, He claimed that He had ''died'' and was resurrected as a ''Living Dead'', or Zombie. Forced to work on a Sugar Plantation between the years 1962 and 1980. Becoming the source of MANY tabloid articles throughout The World, His ''Case'' was studied by an American Undergraduate and ''became'' the source for several papers and later books on the ''Subject'' of ''Zombification''. Narcisse would later still serve as the foundation for the hit 1988 film, ''The Serpent and The Rainbow'', with much of His ''tale'' fictionalized for the Horror genre. Upon examination of His Case, Narcisse stated that in 1962 – He began to feel unwell (severely), and went to a local Hospital in Haiti in 1962, He quickly slipped into a coma and after several days, died. His remains were placed in the Hospital morgue before being buried in a nearby cemetery (apparently no identification was found and the Hospital could not locate His Family). Narcisse stated that His corpse was dug up by a Bokor (Voodoo Priest who specializes in the reanimation of The Dead, or ''Zombie Maker''). A combination of substances were made into a paste-like compound and spread all over His body. After several day of required ''ceremony'', Narcisse ''rose from The Dead'', as a mindless – by controllable Zombie. He was (as were others), used to work as Slaves at a Sugar Plantation. Narcisse stated that He was ''aware of His condition'', but had no ''will of His own to do anything about it''. Every few days or so, The Bokor put more compound on His skin to maintain His ''state''. This went on for years, until the death of The Owner of The Plantation around 1980. Without ''work'', The Bokor simply stopped applying the compound. Narcisse ''wandered'' the jungles and small villages without any knowledge of who He ''was'' or what had truly transpired. He was recognized in 1980 by Family Friends and reunited with His Family. In years, Narcisse would slowly remember His torment. His Case was eventually picked up by a Student of Psychology – who ''advanced'' the probable ''Zombie Theory'' as a matter of ''Cultural Folklore'' and it's effect on a populace. Closer examination by Botanists regarding the odd combination of substances used to so ''Zombify'' Narcisse. They were found to have been ''known'' in Haiti for centuries as agents used to ''compel'' people to ''obey'' other thru psychotrophic chemicals and related ''mind control''. Records of His 1962 ''Hospital Visit'' are likewise ''difficult'' to find (as was His initial ''death and burial''). Narcisse gained some local popularity, until His death in 1994 at age 72. Real or contrived for ''fame'', Clarivius Narcisse's ''tale'' would live on – becoming the basis for several well known books and even several Films. And yes, Narcisse is STILL inside His ''current'' grave....FOR NOW!
  13. ''THE WHITE WITCH OF ROSE HALL'' A popular ''Tale'' from The Caribbean (Jamaica) – Annie Palmer, or The ''White Witch of Rose Hall'' – dates to the 1830s. Annie was born on The Island, daughter to an Irishman and English Mother. Her parents died of Yellow Fever, and Annie was adopted by a Haitian Woman – who just so happened to be a Voodoo Priestess. She taught Annie a ''great many things''. Later, when Annie grew up She married one John Palmer. But John turned sullen and cruel. It was said He treated Annie badly – beating Her and abusing Her often. One day, Annie had enough. She sued Her considerable knowledge in Voodoo to kill John. When two of His Slaves came to His aid – Annie killed them too. Now a wealthy woman (and with no proof that she did the deed), Annie's powers did not stop revenge. The Son of one of the murdered Slaves killed Annie later. Many people believed Annie's powers could transcend death, so She was entombed in a specialized Crypt designed to ''keep Her powers'' from escaping. As for Her former Home – Rose Hall, It has been owned and renovated by many since Annie's time. The Home is often reported to be VERY haunted, not only by Annie, but Her Husband and His Slaves. It is said most Owners cannot stay inside for very long.
  14. ''SYMBOL OF CHAOS'' Based on Aleister Crowley's Mysticism – The ''Chaos'' Symbol was unheard of prior to the early 20th Century. The symbol, now a component of some Neo-Pagan Belief Systems, and is also used by some Satanic Worship Groups. The symbol - based on The Tarot Card Divination System (Thoth Version favored by Crowley), was taken from The ''Minor Arcane'' Card known as The Eight of Swords. The symbol is a circular pattern 8 radiating Arrows or Points, arranged in a 360-degree pattern. It represents the general nature of Chaos within The Cosmos and Existence.
  15. ''ATENISM'' Dating to Ancient Egypt's 18th Dynasty (15 BC) – ''Atenism'' was the first attempt to denounce The Pantheon of Egypt's Gods in favor of a single Deity. This ''Being'' was called ''Aten'' and was related to the ideology of Ra – or The ''Sun God''. The Sun was seen as the ''Giver of All Life'' throughout Egypt. Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, first introduced the idea (much to the dismay of His Priest), but it was Akhenaten who instituted sweeping reforms to Egypt's Religion. Removing all Gods and Goddesses (save some minor Ones needed for Funerary Rituals), He challenged The Priests and their long established beliefs. Upon Akenaten's demise, it was a young (and controlled) Tutankhamun who reversed The Aten System, in favor for the multi-deities of later Dynasties.
  16. Monsters and Myth Index Page #115 1. The Miracle at Lanciano 2. Atenism 3. Chaos Symbol 4. The White Witch of Rose Hall 5. ''Mr. Clairvius Narcisse....Zombie'' 6. ''28 Days Later'' (2002) 7. Mananambal 8. Witches Hat 9. Wicca 10. Athos 11. Graeae
  17. ''THE MIRACLE OF LANCIANO'' In another strange piece of Religious History – The Catholic Relic known as The ''Miracle of Lanciano'' has been enduring one since the 7th Century AD. The Event resulted from a ''doubtful'' Monk. As was common (and still is), The ''Host'' used in The Faith's Communion Ceremony is a form of Bread as is the provided Wine. By belief, when a Priest offers The Communion ''to God'', it mysteriously transforms into the actual ''body and blood'' of Christ. This phenomenon is called Transubstantiation. Normally, any used ''species'' are kept secured in an Altar Tabernacle (for later use). This 7th Century Monk, for many reasons, began to doubt this ''Mystery of Faith''. During a Mass at Lanciano Church, the Bread ''turned'' into an actual piece of ''flesh'' – that was bleeding as well! This amazing phenomenon was examined by The Church and deemed to be ''authentic''. The sample was placed into a Eucharist Reliquary for all to see. Oddly, beginning in the 11th Century AD – every time the ''anniversary'' of the original Event came about (September), The example would begin to become ''fresh'' again and ''bleed''. The example (a small piece) was examined in the 1980s by Medical Doctors, who stated the sample was indeed a portion of Human cardiac tissue with AB typed blood. It's composition is such as it appears to have cut away from the larger organ. Doctors could not determine age nor ''how'' the sample remains ''viable''. The Reliquary is brought out only on occasion for veneration today.
  18. ''THE SAD AND QUITE HAUNTED, SLOSS FURNACES'' Dating to 1882, ''Sloss Furnaces'' is an industrial Plant – located in Birmingham, Alabama (US). Used to produce the cheap building metal known as ''Pig Iron'', The Furnaces were in use until 1971. Since, it has been restored into part Muesum and part Entertainment Venue by The City. But it's dark past underlines the tragic and now very haunted locale. Initially known as The Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company, it's labor was based on local Black Labor. After The Civil, while Slavery was made illegal (and a War fought to ensure it was abolished), other means were used to ''enslave'' it's ''employees'' In the early 20th Century, Vagrancy (Homeless Laws), were such, that should a Man be unable to show that he could support Himself, He could be arrested and forced into labor for a City for a specific time. The Owner of The Furnaces ''entered into'' an agreement with The Chief of Police of Birmingham, to ''provide him'' with such Men. Mostly Black Americans, they were forced into a modern form of Slavery, and mistreated poorly – with many dying from poor food and the harsh working conditions. Enter our ''Ghosts''. Many Visitors tell of ''feelings'' of ''hatred and angony'' when touring the former Furnaces. Lights inside the various parts of The Factory ''pop on and off'' at all times, as do the queer phenomenon of ''hearing voices'' (both whispers and full on speaking). Cold Spots, EVP – all manner of Paranormal phenomenon has been recorded by Investigators. Even religious (folk and otherwise) rituals and ceremonies have been performed to put The Spirits ''to rest'' – but to no avail yet.
  19. ''VERY SPOOKY HAPPENINGS AT THE SPOOK BRIDGE'' As we have seen, The American State of Georgia is full of Ghost Stories and other quaint missives of Legend. The so-called ''Spook Bridge'' is well a worthy candidate for being a possible ''Portal into The Unknown'' – or at least that is what local Residents believe. Located near Valdosta, Georgia – The Bridge had many official names. But it's title of ''Spook Bridge'' developed around the 1970s. Today, well ruined by nature and age – Spook Bridge has long since stopped being used as a traversing point. It's narrow run has been the scene of MANY accidents with cars running off – either the steep embankment or straight off the Bridge (due to miscalculation). Several suicides were performed there as well. In addition to murder – locals claim the Bridge seems to ''draw'' (at least in the 1970s) – Satanists who used the Region for ''Dark Rituals''. In The 1980s and early 1990s, local Police were plagued by the many ''Drug deals gone bad'' near The Bridge, resulting in more than a few bodies being found. Perhaps, the areas ''soaked'' by so much ''negative energy'', that the reports of ''Ghost Orbs'', foul odors and ''Dark Figures'' wandering thru the woods and over the dangerous Bridge are the cause.
  20. ''LOVE NEVER DIES....THE HAUNTED COPPER QUEEN HOTEL'' In yets another example of a ''haunted'' Hotel, Bisbee, Arizona (US) touts ''One'' – known as The Copper Queen. Dating to the early 1890s, The Queen was was built by The Town at a time when Copper Mines (locally) were ''in''. It was hoped that the then ''lush apportments'' would attract mine Investors. It did...and ''other things'' as well. Naturally, owing to The Era and Region – Prostitution was a common form of ''entertainment'' for Men. One such ''Lady'' – named Julia Howell fell madly in love with a Man (Client). When She told Him of Her interest and how she desired to marry, the Man rebuked Her. He never saw Her again, driving Howell to hang Herself. Since, Male visitors to The Queen have regularly reported ''being touched'' at night when then are asleep in their beds. Also common, a faint ''whisper'' (in a feminine voice), in One's ear of ''being loved''. If it is Julia, She is not too mischievous. But other ''Cold Spots'' that wander The Queen may or may not be Her – as several other suicides and several natural deaths have happened there. Currently a ''Bed and Breakfast'', The Copper Queen have been investigated many times – with most findings being positive.
  21. ''JACULUS'' From Ancient Greek Mythos – The ''Jaculus'' (or translated to meaning ''thrown''), was said to be a small-sized Dragon Being, that lived in trees. Overly ''slender'', when a victim came by – The Jaculus would propel itself in a straight trajectory, similar to a Spear (to strike). As such, the use of the Greek wepaon known as The Javelin was associated with The Jaculus. Several other Cultures have Jaculus-type creatures, to include The Norse. It's true meaning may be related to One's ability to ''strike with stealth'' and may have evolved from Ancient military ideology.
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  23. ''THE STRANGE CASE OF ANNE CATHERINE EMMERICH'' This unusual Case involves a Catholic Nun from Munster, Westphalia. Born in 1774 – Anne Catherine Emmerich was a simple person who began to experience preternatural events which still resonate today. From a poor Farming Family, Anne's only prospect for a future life was to serve in The Catholic Church – in particular as a Nun for The Poor Clares. But Anne was rejected several times due to Her inability to provide the needed Dowry to join. However, The Prioress was impressed with Her determination, and made Her a deal. If Anne could learn to play The Organ (of which The Sisters needed), Anne could join. Anne and another friend, went to Munster and were taken in by a Parish Priest who began to teach them both how to play. He even paid Anne for Her Sunday Mass performances. But Anne's friend was poor as well. Anne sacrificed Her saving and gave it to the girl. She never joined The Poor Clares. However, The Priest arranged for Anne to join The Augustine Sisterhood, of which She was shirved to at age 28. Anne became one of the most dedicated Sisters to Her Order. But soon, ''things'' began to happen. Anne began to suffer ''visions'' (often quite religious and direct), and involved most often – visions of Jesus Christ. These revelations disturbed some of the older Sisters, who felt Anne may be ''making them up for attention''. But in 1813, Anne began to experience the ''Stigmata Phenomenon''. Anne's hands, feet and head all bleed from wounds which imitated the same suffered by Christ during His Passion. These marks were examined by several Clergy, both locally and from Rome. Soon, Anne developed a curious ''Y'' shape on Her breastbone. This symbol resembled an old Cross atop The Chapel at Coesfeld. It was unclear as to why anne ''developed'' this strange symbol on Her skin. Anne took to Her Cell (Room) and bed in 1819. She suffered from long bouts of comatose periods from which Anne seemed to become almost trance-like. Her Spiritual Examiner, Clemens Brentano, began to write the musing of Anne in this ''state''. What Anne related (over a period of months) – was a fantastic tale, by which Anne ''claimed'' to have been transported back in time, to witness Christ's later life (Ministry, Betrayal and eventual execution at the hands of Rome). Her details were exceptional (owing to Anne's rather poor education). This dictations were sent to Rome for The Pope to examine. Anne would die from her ''unconfirmed'' illness (some cite Tuberculous) in 1824 at only 49. Anne was put up for possible Sainthood in 1892 (based on several cases of medical miracles). However it was not until 2004 that Anne was ''made'' a Saint. The long cause – Her ''visions''. The many writings made by Brentano at Anne's bed, would be eventually made into a religious book (consisting of several volumes), known as ''The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations'' (1899). While many state the books are quite ''accurate'', some Church Leaders state that owing to Anne's ''delirious state'' (fever), they cannot be taken as ''accurate''. This despite Anne's stigmata – slowed Her advancement to Sainthood. In fact, Pope John Paul II – upon elevating Her, stated that her ''books'' should be viewed as ''popular piety'' and not ''religious revelations''. However, Anne's ''books'' would we read by thousands (Catholics and Protestants), for decades. In fact, Emmerich's books would inspire Actor, Director and Producer Mel Gibson, to create His Award winning Film ''The Passion of The Christ'' in 2003.
  24. ''MINYADES'' The story of The Minyades (who were Sisters and Princesses of Arcadia), are often cited in Ancient Greek Mythology as an example of how not to anger The Gods. The 3 women were known for their hard work and attention to detail. They found little time to waste, ''honoring The Gods'' – as other did. It was during The Feast of Dionysus – in which great amounts of wine and ''debauchery'' abound'', that The Sisters chose to work rather than ''play''. This so angered The God that He turned them into ''Flying Rodents'' (Bats). Known as Minyades thereafter, they were said to represent a cautionary tale meant to stem the changing tide in Man choosing to use rationale thought and their own self-abilities – rather than ''believe'' in Gods and The Supernatural.
  25. ''RATATOSKR'' Another piece of Ancient Norse Mythology – Ratatoskr is another ''Resident'' of The ''Great Tree of Life'' – Yggdrasil. As with other ''Entities'' that live on The Tree, Ratatoskr is a ''Messenger''. He takes messages from The ''Great Creator'' (symbolized as an Eagle) to the mischievous Niohoggr. Medieval Art portrayed Ratatoskr as a large''Squirrel'' with a huge tusk on it's head. This is used to bore into The Tree so He can hide from Niohoggr's wrath.
  26. ''THE LEGEND OF PAN TWARDOWSKI'' Seen by most as Poland's version of The Tale of Faust – ''Pan Twardowski'' first appeared in Literature in the early 19th Century AD. The Legend is set in 16th Century Krakow. Said to have been a minor Sorcerer, Pan sold His Soul to The Devil for great wealth, power and even more ''magical skills' . The Devil obliged, but The Contract so stipulated that only when pan went to The City of Rome – could The Devil take possession. Now Pan, who considered Himself smart – never intended to go to Rome – ever. Pan would rise to great power and influence due to conjuring the Spirit of The King of Poland's long dead Wife. Pan met His ''end'' one night, when He stopped as an Inn called ''Rome'' (it seems The Devil is far smarter and clever). Taking Pan's soul to Hell, Pan began to pray to The Virgin Mary for help. His prayers so annoyed The Devil, that He dropped Pan on The Moon. Cursed with immortality, He is still said to live there for all Eternity. His only companion is a Spider, whose web is capable of reaching The Earth. On this web is gathered news from Pan's ''old home''. And while many attribute Pan to various Writers, some say He actually lived – with various locations associated with Him, as well as several personal articles Pan supposedly used.
  27. ''QIANLIMA'' Although an Ancient Chinese Classic Myth – Qianlima can also be found in The Koreas and other Southeast Asian Nations literature. It was said that Qianlima was a ''magical horse'', created by The ''Jade Emperor''. No Human can ever ride Him, for to do so would impart death. However, some Humans were chosen as Messengers by The Gods and ''allowed'' to ride Qianlima. A ''great White Horse'', several times larger than normal – His speed is so great that He can travel 1,000-miles in a single day – without breaking a sweat. Most assume that the Qianlima is related to determination and dedication stories, used to inspire Readers.
  28. ''THE FLORIDA VOLCANO'' While Florida is well known as a vast Swampland of Marshes, Riverways and Lakes – Wakulla County in the Northwest portion of The State is also known for it's myth of a Volcano. Despite the fact that such geological phenomenon cannot exist – the Legend of The Wakulla Volcano started with Spanish Explorers in the 16th Century AD and continued well into the 19th Century. Even today, The ''Volcano Myth'' is widely known and often seen as a ''Tourist Attraction''. Within the deep Swamps, strange sulfurous mists sometimes appear. Thick and widespread, even a ''strange, glowing light – like a fire'' is said to be seen. Native American Seminoles have told of the ''Ground which burns'' for generations. The phenomenon was reported well into the 1880s. An Expedition, formed by The National Geographic Institute was even chartered. Their results were inconclusive. Most Scientists cite the thick peat which can be found throughout the Region, which – if set alight – will burn. But will it burn for Centuries? And what of the strange sulfur smell and resulting ''Light''. Much of the tale is chalked up to local Urban Legend, but despite many attempts to prove the exact source of ''the burn'' – no conclusive proof of any cause is ever found. Hence, The ''Wakulla Volcano'' Mythos will no doubt endure for many more generations.
  29. ''UBAGABI'' An Ancient Japanese Yokai Myth – The Ubagani were said to be a form of ''Spirit Light'', formed from the Legend of an Old Woman who stole lamp oil from Her Master. Enraged, He killed the Old Woman. But before She Died, She swore revenge. She would return, as the Tale goes – as a ''Burning Flame'', forever to torment The Master and the many generations of His Family. Long after the supposed last of The Master's Bloodline had passed away, Ubagabi still could not find rest. She still forms a Greenish Ball of Flame, forever floating thru The Hozu River Provence of Japan – even to this day.
  30. ''SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS'' ''VISITORS TO MARYLAND.....THE ABERDEEN SIGHTING'' Aberdeen, Maryland is a small Maryland (US) Town – not altogether far from Baltimore. Formerly known for hosting The US Army's Weapons Proving Grounds and Ordnance School, in 1972 – it was ''visited'' by Guests who were NOT local. It was August 8th 1972 when a Local Resident of Aberdeen was driving down State Route 40. It was a clear, sunny day. The surrounding countryside was known for it's farming. Few obstructions were seen. The Driver stated He noticed what appears to be – at distance, (2) in-coming ''Aircraft'', coming in His general direction. No doubt so kind of Military Flight. As the ''Aircraft'' came closer, The Driver saw that the ''craft'' were Triangle shaped. He noted no wings of any kind. Pulling over to the side of the road, The Driver watched as the Black Triangles slowly flew over His car! They mad no sound and had no lights of any kind. The two Craft were heading for the direction of The Proving Grounds. The Driver assumed that they must be some form of experimental craft. It should be noted, The Proving Grounds dealt in weapons production and testing. No aircraft systems tests were ever worked on their. The nearest Air Force Base is 150-miles away.
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