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  2. Article for Friday, 01-22............. ''Carl Menchkoff'' (World War I)
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  4. ''HONOR NEVER DIES – THE GHOSTS OF DUELIST ALLEY'' Charleston, South Carolina (US) is a City of quaint colonialism to this day. Much of this American Town has changed little since the 19th and 19th Centuries. It is a mecca for tourists for this very reason. It is also one of The United States more haunted locations, with plenty of Ghost Stories and haunted locations. One such is Duelist Alley. Dating to 1776, the alley was built to connect homes well offset from the main street. It was (then) somewhat secluded – which is why it would become popular later among those who wished to settle their differences with a test of ''Manhood'' – with pistol or rather the Duel. It seems that the traditional ''21 Paces'' (the steps each Duelist needed to traverse before turning and discharging their weapon) fits perfectly into the length of the alley – without need for exact measurements. Many ''fought their last'' in the Alley, with one in particular in 1783. A newly established young Doctor, was well known for His love of poetry and His habit of whistling. He also was known for the love He had for a young and beautiful girl who lived in one of the homes at the far end of the Alley. However, another had His ''eyes'' on the girl. This suitor decided to attack the general honor of the Doctor, by accusing Him of having an affair with...an Actress! Fearing His love would believe this rumor, He hunted down the source (the rival). He challenged Him to a very public duel in the Alley. He may have been a good Doctor, but a lousy shot, for He would die later of His injuries. Since then, many say they ''hear'' the faint whistling of someone ''passing thru'' the Alley as well as occasionally even ''seeing'' a ''Man in old colonial clothes walking down the Alley''. Where some do wear period costumes on certain occasions for tourism, such a ''sighting'' could be explained that way.......of course. Other Duels were fought until the late 1820s, when the activity became very illegal. Some say other ''victims'' have been seen (or heard) in the Alley. Many state that it is nothing but a quaint local tourist tale, but still.....One never knows.
  5. ''THE DEVIL'S TOYBOX'' While just about everyone has experienced a ''Haunted House'' attraction during Halloween Season, most are harmless fun. ''Guests'' often traverse a series of themed rooms with Actors dressed as various Haunts and Demons, popping out of the enforced darkness for a quick scare. But in 2014, one such Haunted House caused such a stir, that it's ''effects'' are still unexplained. In The Town of Alexandria, Louisiana – a local businessman built a rustic ''Swamp Cabin'' – along with several other themed structures, for a Halloween scare. But the cabin was decorated rather oddly. The entire interior is made of mirror. The floor, walls and roof are all reflective. In a flashing strobe light, one could very well become disoriented. But few thought the cabin could drive one insane. After only a few hours of operation, Guests ran screaming from the cabin. Many stated that the very room ''made them see things'' – best described as from the ''bowels of Hell''. One local Man was up to the challenge it seems, and stayed inside the cabin for 30-minutes. He was taken out, white haired and unable to talk. He still hasn't. So pervasive and creepy was this effect, that the businessman closed His attraction, but never demolished the cabin – which still stands in the Alexandria woods. Locals now call it.....''The Devil's Toybox''. One theory is that (unknown to most), the land was used by local Voodoo Priests for hundreds of years to conjure various Demons. The Earth is thus so saturated with evil that the installation of mirrors (and the resulting ''Mirror Magic'') conjured up what people experienced. Of course, we can easily attribute the ''effect'' to the very real phenomenon of induced seizures which can be brought about by bright and flashing lighting (which has been medically documented as well). The rest is chalked up to superstition.......at best!
  6. ''RAUM'' An Earl in Hell, The Demon Raum is one of the few who has several physical appearances. His most common form, is that of a Crow or Raven. Called The ''Destroyer of All Dignities'', Raum will bestow great wealth and knowledge for honoring Him. However, the price is to strip away all vestiges of humanity from The Summoner. In another form, Raum is more ''Lovecraftian'' in form – being said to resemble a great black ''blob'' with ''octopus-like'' appendages. When ''cast out'' by a traditional Exorcist, Raum will assume a ''human look'' – as that of an ''old Man''.
  7. ''THE BANDAGE MAN'' While many visit The American state of Oregon for it's hunting, fishing and extremely peaceful and soul resting environs, The State has always been a place ripe with Myths and Legends. Conversely, it has it's fair share of Ghost Stories. One such is The Bandage Man. The Legend started in the 1930s – but others claim it was in the 1950s (with some validity to the story). As it goes, near The Township of Cannon Beach (along US Highway 101), the area was a mainstay in logging and timber reclamation operations. One such Logger was very severely injured (slashed and cut from head to toe). His fellow workers bandaged Him as best they could and placed Him into a Company vehicle for emergency transport. While enroute, a freak mudslide (common) happened, overturning the vehicle and killing all – save the injured worker. Later, rescue personnel tried to find Him (or His body). Neither were recovered. Several years later, strange sightings from Residents and other Loggers began to arise. Tales of a ''strange man, wrapped in dirty and bloody bandages'' were told. Seen wandering through the woods and walking along the Highway, in quick time, ''He'' was dubbed ''Bandage Man''. In even more time, the tale took on a more ominous telling. By the 1960s, ''Bandage Man'' was said to be the ''living'' dead – a foul rotting (and smelly) phantasm – wandering the woods in search of revenge on those who ''failed'' to find His body. The ''zombie-like'' creature was said to have broken every window of several Cannon Beach businesses as well as being responsible for the consumption of several Town (pet) animals – found brutally torn up and eaten. One is ''aware'' of Bandage Man'' by His putrid smell, which is detected first. In the 1970s, stories of such a ''bandaged maniac'' – chasing vehicles driving along Highway 101 came into light. State and local Police investigated each Case, but found no evidence of ''Bandage Man''. In time, due to the continued problems with mudslides – Highway 101 was slightly redirected away from it's original path. Even now, when nowhere near the original location – motorists still report the occasional sighting (and smell) – of what is still called ''The Bandage Man''.
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  9. ''MYSTERY OR FORGERY – THE CASE OF THE BELMEZ FACES'' The ''Belmez Faces'' or locally known as ''La Casas de las Cara'' – ''House of The Faces'' is a purported Paranormal phenomenon which was said to have begun in 1971, in Andalusia, Spain. The simple adobe and brick home was owned by The Pereira Family, it was claimed that ''images'' of ''human-like faces and bodies'' mysteriously appeared on the concrete and stone floor of the Family kitchen. Ghost-like in appearance, these images would – without cause, suddenly appear and disappear at (what some say) was the ''will of the images''. The phenomenon caused quite a stir Nationally, and many came from not only all around Spain, but Europe (in time) as well – to catch a glimpse of what was immediately deemed Paranormal. Maria Pereira Gomez claimed to be a Psychic and determined that the images were the result of a theory known as ''Thoughtography''. Commonly understood by Mediums and alike, a Conduit (Psychic) is able to channel the very images of deceased persons onto canvas, paper and other related Mediums. Conversely, Maria ''claimed'' that the images that appeared in Her and Her Family Home were Spirits trying to make their ''presence known''. Naturally, the stir caused Government Authorities to question the validity of The Belmez Faces. Teams of investigators poured through The Home. After hundreds of tests, they determined that Maria (or others), had used some form of paint which faded into the concrete effectively enough to become ''invisible''. Only thru the application of various acids would the images ''gradually and slowly'' appear. However, despite Laboratory experiments, the same results were not as easily produced in The Pereira Home. This led to two distinct ''camps''. Believers and Skeptics. To ''hammer home'' the idea of no trickery, Maria's Sons pickaxed and hammered the images into dust. The next day, it was said – the images returned. Many have both seen and photographed ''The Faces''. The last such test into their authenticity was in 2014, when more advanced methods where used to replicate The Faces, both in a controlled (Laboratory) environment as well as in the Home itself (Maria died in 2004). The investigators could not reproduce the images, nor could they explain the ''addition'' of Maria's image as well! The ''Belmez Faces'' are either to be accepted or not...............It's your choice!
  10. Hope you liked it! I have a couple other Lugosi stories VERY soon as well.
  11. Very interesting story about the mirror of Bella Lugosi. I didn't know the story about the mirror. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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  13. ''THE HAUNTED MIRROR'' Bela Blasko was a Hungarian Stage Actor. Don't know His name? No need really, for He changed it when He came to The American Stage as one Bela Lugosi (ring a bell?) Lugosi would be known for His many character roles during Universal (US) Studios ''Golden Age of Horror'' Movies (1930s-1940s), but His greatest (and most lamented by Bela) – was the titular Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Stage (and later Film) Production of the Novel ''Dracula''. An early example of typecasting (from which Lugosi never recovered), as ''annoyed'' as He was about being identified as the infamous blood drinker, He was also strongly protective of it. Lugosi suffered an injury as a young man and suffered from a damaged nerve. It caused Him great pain in later life, so much so – His Doctors prescribed Him a wide variety of painkillers to include Morphine. Lugosi would become addicted and dependent on drugs. It was also well known of by Studio Heads, who began to dial back on His role offers, other than cheap bit parts. Lugosi (who one had Millions and many Real Estate holdings – was reduced to living in a modest Beverly Hills Apartment Complex. He would die in near poverty in 1956. A Lugosi ''legend'' centers around many of His personal articles, in particular His personal Make-Up Mirror. Lugosi kept the self-lighted Stage Mirror for His entire career. There was a reason it seems. It was said that Lugosi, as a young andf struggling Actor also dabbled in The Occult. In order to ensure success in His employment, Bela was said to have invoked ancient Romani Demons, using ''Mirror Magic''. As such, His ''Mirror'' was used as a portal to some unknown demonic world for His ''Associates'' to enter. But Lugosi failed to realize that such ''requests'' come at a cost (hence His later troubles with His health and maintaining His wealth as a Star). Mirror Magic can be tricky. Most Cultures that cite the various rituals state that demons will be trapped within the glass. One must keep the Mirror covered when not being used to summon the ''dark beings''. If not, they can use their powers to influence others foolish enough to gaze at their own reflection. Such an accident apparently happened in the early 1960s, when a close friend of Lugosi was inside one of His long abandoned (but still furnished) Homes. Perhaps His friend (who too was accompanied by an Associate), thought to take some of the ornate items and sell them for money. Imagine how much Bela's Mirror would fetch......... Bela's friend was found later, murdered in the house by His friend. The body was found laying in front of Bela's Mirror. The bloodlust sedated the Demons......for then. Eventually, during an Estate Sale, The Mirror made it's way to another Owner. In all (3) people claimed to own Bela's Mirror. All met with death or misfortune. In the 1990s, The Mirror made it's way into a Las Vegas Museum of The Paranormal – which, it is purported, to display only ''haunted or possessed'' Objects. According to the display, The Mirror is displayed ''covered'' in a Bela Lugosi section. Probably ''old hype'' made new to sell tickets to The Museum. Perhaps..........
  14. Just a quick reminder that for anyone who hasn't claimed their prize yet, you have until 30 January 2021 to message me in order to claim it.
  15. Article for Thursday, 01-21........ ''British Slave Trade Act of 1788'' (General History)
  16. Article for Wednesday, 01-20............... ''Heinrich Gontermann'' (World War I)
  17. I assume you're talking here about the fact that colours are assigned in order of players and the crests represent those player colours? The answer I'm afraid to this is no, as it's an in-built game concept that the crests depend upon the colour of the player in Skirmish and multiplayer games, as opposed to changing them. The only thing you could really do is just rename the actual crest images, but to do this effectively you'd need to do it before the game is started, and know the order of the players you're going to have before you start. And if it's a multiplayer game, then even that would only work on your own machine. If you think about this, it actually makes sense because in a Multiplayer game, Firefly would have no idea which player was who and in what position, so they needed a standard way of ensuring it would always be the same. If you really want to do this with the player colours, you're probably best off starting to take a look at some of the shader files and see if you can make sense of them. This isn't something you can just walk into though, as programming in any language requires dedication, patience and most importantly time. My PMs are always open for any programming-specific questions that don't really fit into the main forum if you want, but you're best off using the forum if you have questions so everyone can benefit from the answer. I'm not trying to scare you with this, but it is important you understand that it is a commitment (however long that takes). I can see you're really passionate about this, and that's great. My honest opinion is that if you're really interested in going for this, you need to understand the background around all the files first and some of the C++ syntax. That's one of the reasons I know so much about SH2 myself, simply because of years of trial and error and looking into what things are, etc. Sometimes we spend an awful lot of time waiting for the "right" person to do something for us or the "right" event to happen, when we don't actually recognise that we are that right person to make change ourselves. You know, I first created SHN as a kid back when I was starting College. I never would have guessed it would come this far with a bit of drive and ambition. Sometimes if you don't see the light you want in the world, you have to create it yourself With a bit of guidance and support, you may well turn out as a really good programmer, who knows. The world works in mysterious ways....
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  19. Hey Chris, Sorry for the late response, I just assumed at this point that this effort is basically dead. A real shame, but I wonder if SPY has made any progress on this. I am willing to help, if you want to try to work together on it. I am not big on C++ by any means, but maybe I can help get a starting point going. Also, as a side note, is it possible to fix the incorrect crests in skirmish that are displayed (for example, Olaf's flag is really the Hawk's)? Anyway, it might be better for you to reach out to Nick if you think he can provide any sort of guidance. I am basically dead in the water at this point, no updates at all. Is there anyone else on the admin team that could possible help take a look? Surely there are some people here with C++ skills 😃 I tried to hit Matthew back on Discord to get a more real-time update on progressing further with this, but not sure if he received those. Let me know!
  20. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS THE MYSTERY OF THE JALISCO ARTIFACTS Long a hot debate among UFOlogists and ''Mainstream'' Science – The Jalisco Artifacts are either an enigma of a proof positive existence of Alien Life (or Contact thereof) or a very clever hoax (meant to establish the previous theory). ''Discovered'' in 1999 in and around Jalisco, United States of Mexico by former Military Doctor Pablo Garcia - His ''find'' was dismissed as a forgery. You will have to be the judge of such debate. Dr. Garcia was a retired Mexican Army Officer and Doctor by trade. Wishing a more ''simpler'' life and hobby, He turned to mountaineering. It was in the dense and forlorn Jalsico Mountains and Foothills that He found ''something'' which – according to Him – ''shouldn't have been.'' The good Doctors discovered (according to His testimony), a Cave in which was a a series of stone carvings, each more intricately carved than the next, which showed imagery of not only Alien Contact in Mesoamerica – but having happened roughly 10,000 years prior. The series of 20 ''carvings'' show not only Alien Spacecraft, but different Races of Extraterrestrials – such as The '' Grays''. Some carvings (many of which) show Star Groupings (known and unknown) – are also common. Dr. Garcia took the carvings to a local Mexican Museum for verification. Initially agreeing with His ''assessment'', when many of the Objects were photographed for The World – almost immediately, the ''Mainstream'' Community rose it's ''voice'' in disagreement. The Objects were obviously faked and made to ''look'' older than they were. One must concede that in Central America (at best) – many examples of possible Alien Contact from the Ancient past - may exist. From ''unexplained'' Cities (long dead) with technology that shouldn't have existed, to even stranger ''disappearances'' of whole Societies. The Jalisco Artifacts could well explain ''why''? Independent Research Groups from around The World wanted a ''crack'' at verifying the actual age of each artifact. Dr. Garcia was resistant (sue to mostly Him being called a ''liar'' to begin with). And while many hundreds of the strange and obviously ''otherworldly'' carving have been published, Science still decries them as ''modern forgeries'' – designed to create a form of ''hysteria''. Perhaps they are....or perhaps they are ''what'' they are purported to be......''PROOF”.
  21. Article for Monday, 01-18......... ''American Constitutional Union Party'' (General History) Article for Tuesday, 01-19................ ''US Army Commendation Medal'' (Medals and Decorations)
  22. Article for Saturday, 01-16............ ''Japanese Suguira .32 Caliber Pistol'' (World War II) Article for Sunday, 01-17.............. ''Japanese North China Type 19 22mm Pistol'' (World War II)
  23. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS ''THE SUNKEN WONDER OF YONAGUNI'' First mentioned in Our previous Article of ''The Lost Continent of Mu'' – The Yonaguni Formation then mentioned, deserves more scrutiny. The sandstone and mudrock deposit located off Japan's Ryukyu Islands, if a strange collection of (what appears to be) hand machined stone foundations, stacked with a form of geometric perfection. Some 26 Meters deep in the sea, they were first ''seen'' by Divers in 1986. Said to be 20 Million years old by conventional scientific measurement, some have revised this figure to be more accurate at 3,000 years old. Either way, technology at that time did NOT exist (with the Million figure precluding the existence of Humankind all together!). At first, many thought that The Yonaguni (''Submarine'') Formation was proof positive of the fabled Continent of Mu. Others, the fabled and equally mythic ''Lost'' Chinese ''Empire'' of Yamatai. However intriguing, Japanese Officials are (for some reason) – NOT interested in researching Yonaguni. They are quite happy to agree that the formation broke away from The Mainland Eons past and thru erosion – ended up in their present location. When pressed about the even stranger markings (odd shapes and scrapings on many of the stones which ''appear'' to be some form of long lost language) – they cite that it is a natural erosion process. They are very staunch in their belief to spend no time on Yonaguni – even at times making it illegal to dive the location (citing strong currents as the real reason). The Artifact of some long lost and hyper-advanced Culture? A possible Alien Artifact which was long ago hidden from Human eyes? Yonaguni may just well be what Japanese Officials say it is - a geological anomaly. Or....................................
  24. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS ''TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR....WHAT AN ALIEN LIGHT YOU ARE!'' On June 16, 2014, NASA/Caltech's Martian Exploratory Platform – aka ''Curiosity'' was ''On Patrol'' on The ''Red Planet'' – as it was more or less constantly. Both it and it's ''Brother'' nicknamed ''Rover'' had sent back many photos of objects on that Planet which have (and still are) a matter of hot debate. Images of possible Alien Artifacts, which if true – would establish the truth behind the age old question of there being ''Life'' on Mars (in the positive). Of course, with all these photographs released – Government Authorities have offered ''plausible'' explanations for each (despite being vague at best). But at 03:53 Hrs. Sol Time, ''Curiosity'' took a series of black and white photographs that were offered as explainable – but only after many days of scrutiny. The Rover recorded a controlled series of bright light beams that at first seemed to be coming from the Martian ground. The light was almost a type of ''intelligent signal'' by some accounts. Another view of this mysterious light shows ''it'' forming into a ''disc like Object'' – similar to what ''We'' on Earth would call a ''Flying Saucer''. The verdict by NASA? Simple – a Cosmic Ray, ''seen'' by a camera lens and refracted as such (thru the lens). Even better, the ''Ray'' hit a ''shiny rock'' and caused it to illuminate even brighter than it should. Most in the scientific community ''brought this''. Most of the General Public remained skeptical, due to the fact that it has never been recorded (as we are aware) again. Further, no other known Probes to other Worlds or Satellites have likewise never recorded such a phenomenon. Maybe it was a signal to Rover from Martian Life (still living well beneath the surface) to simple ''STAY AWAY” or ''LEAVE''. It could be a theory.......................?
  25. ''THE GHOST OF JENNIE WADE'' The ''Legend'' of Jennie Wade has been so twisted and added too, that much of the actual historical facts were lost. There are many versions (and additions) to Her story. Jennie lived in a small Southeast Pennsylvania Hamlet called Gettysburg. Had it not been for The American Civil War, Gettysburg would possibly still be largely unknown to most The World. But History placed two great Armies in it's way and after a bloody 3-day battle in 1863 that costs over 58,000 American lives, Gettysburg would become a shrine of sorts – to both The American Republic and to the young lives needlessly lost in combat. As such a terrific and terrible event, it is no surprise that many stories of The Paranormal are closely associated with Gettysburg. One in particular is part ''Gothic Tragedy'' and part ''Ghost Story''. As always, YOU will have to judge...... Jennie Wade was a 20 year old girl who was born and raised in the sleepy Town of Gettysburg. Not coming from ''money'' (but nor being poor either), Jennie was a mildly attractive ''catch'' and it was no surprise that She would find a handsome beau to become engaged too. Unfortunately, The War came. Her Love did His duty and enlisted in The Union Army. Jennie, saddened – bit Him farewell, vowing to wait for His return. No one had any clue that such an ''out of the way'' Village would serve as the backdrop for not only the turning point of The War, but one of it's most costliest battles. The massive Confederate (Southern) Army had invaded The North with the goal of capturing Washington DC (at best) – or cause a massive shift in Troop concentrations to deal with such a move. The Federals (Northern) Army was actively searching for them. They would clash by accident on July 1st 1863. The two Armies clashed. Jennie and other Gettysburg Residents with no where to go, all came to the aid of The Federal Army, offering Homes, Barns or whatever they could – to help ''The Boys'' (many hundreds of whom were wounded and dying). Jennie and Her Sister and Mother decided to bake loaves of bread for passing soldiers. Maybe She would catch a glimpse of Her betrothed, whose Regiment She learned was present. Jennie was in Her kitchen kneading dough when the window in front of Her shattered. She no doubt never even felt the .58 Caliber Round that smashed into Her abdomen – killing Her. But how could such a tragedy happen? History states that most civilian homes and such were ''hit'' by stray and errant shells, shrapnel and bullets. It was one of these that no doubt slew poor Jennie. But Legends (and Ghost Stories'' need more ''substance''. According to the common tale – the very same bullet had already killed another before Jennie.....namely Her Fiance. It is said that (unknown to both), a stray bullet went thru Him and continued onward – until it found Jennie (by quirky accident). Both Lover's died by the same bullet. Historically though, this may not be quite right. Official records state Jennie's Fiance had already been killed months before, only Jennie had yet to receive word. The bullet hitting Her thru the kitchen window was ''sad enough''. The addition of The Fiance made it excellent propaganda fodder for The North. Regardless, several wounded Union Soldiers resting inside The Wade House, Jennie's Mother and Sister all came running into the kitchen to find Her dead. Later, during a lull in the battle, the soldiers buried Jennie in the rear yard. Still later (when Her story became known) – Jennie was reburied and give honors befitting a fallen Soldier. She is considered to be the only female civilian casualty of that terrible battle. Fast Forward to the 20th Century............... Gettysburg would become a major National Monument, visited not only by millions of Americans, but foreign visitors alike. Foreign Military Student Officers are given Tours by US Army Officers of the massive battlefield as well. And (as you can imagine), many come to see The Jennie Wade House (fully resorted). But since 1965, MANY going into the small residence ALL state that there is a ''strong presence felt''. So strong in fact, most accept it as The Ghost of Jennie Wade. A small collection of items in the kitchen (placed by Park Employees to aid realism), are always found ''moved around'' – as if to say ''Jennie did not appreciate people mucking around Her kitchen''. But the most intriguing is a tale from the 1970s and a Family visiting the battlefield. A Mother and Father noted that their Son was not paying attention to the pending picture (taken in front of The Wade House), His Father was trying to take. When asked why, the boy responded that He was ''looking at the Lady in the window, She looks very sad''. At first, The Family though it may have been a Female Park Employee or ''Living Historian'' that wanders thru The Park answering Visitor questions. Unfortunately, no such Employee was tasked to ''play'' Jennie. Could the little boy have seen Jennie, still staring from Her kitchen window – waiting for Her Love to return?
  26. SPOTLIGHT ON UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS ''THE ELK RIVER CRASH'' Westport is a small Town located in the Northwestern portion of Washington State. Likewise, the meandering Elk River near Westport has been a source of income for Hunters and Loggers for decades. But something happened in the skies over Westport on November 2, 1979 that even today is talked about in whispers and will likely never be explained. At roughly 1100PM, local Sheriff Department Deputies were receiving hundreds of phone calls about an ''Object in The sky that appeared to be on fire and coming down uncontrolled''. The Object was on a direct collision course with The Elk River confluence. Many Witnesses though that perhaps The Object was an aircraft. However, other Callers stated that The Object had a ''strange glow, an almost orange color with green flames erupting from it, as if something was burning off of the Craft''. Those familiar with both Civilian and Military Aircraft stated that the in-coming Object was not acting as most aircraft would when conducting an emergency landing. Further, amateur Astronomers – familiar with Meteors, Space Debris and related, all stated that The Object was NOT any of those. Around 1145PM – The Object was said to have crashed into a portion of The Elk River, well out of the normal traffic of people. The unknown Object made a spectacular explosion when it hit the water. Law Enforcement, supported by the local Civil Air Patrol – conducted a 3-day investigation of the ''crash area''. They said ''nothing was found'' and ''could not explain the phenomenon witnessed''. It should be noted that during the 3-day period NO One was allowed anywhere close to the area – which had all primary entrance roads blocked by local Law Enforcement. That should have been the end of the story....it wasn't. Several days passed, when local Residents of Westport began to see all sorts of ''visitors'' to the area. Although none were in any form of ''military uniform'', these ''Men'' obviously looked like they were in fact Government Agents. Again, all road into the supposed site were closed for several days and again. After several weeks, all evidence of this ''Group'' vanished and access returned to normal. The curious went to investigate and found absolutely no evidence of any form of ''recovery'' project. Several theories were put forth over the years. The first, perhaps Westport Residents ''saw'' the crash of a Top Secret Government Aircraft – such as the infamous ''Black Triangles'' or even an early version of The ''Aurora''. Still, the crash may have been debris from again – a Top Secret Government Satellite that held sensitive information. Or, for true UFOlogists – The Object was as one would imagine....a crash of an Extraterrestrial Craft. Since Roswell in 1947, The Government had become expert in evidence recovery, information control and making any area – devoid of any evidence that might be found by the curious. As with all other similar Cases – The Elk River Crash of 1979 will no doubt never be admitted too or explained.
  27. Article for Monday, 01-11...... ''Peerage Robes'' (Medieval Era) Article for Tuesday, 01-12....... ''Operation: Ivy Mike'' (The Cold War) Article for Wednesday, 01-13........ ''Paedagogi'' (Ancient Rome) Article for Thursday, 01-14............. ''Operation: Hudson Harbor'' (The Cold War) Article for Friday, 01-15........... ''Operation: Big Buzz'' (The Cold War)
  28. I'm a bit later even than that, sorry guys...[emoji1] Happy New Year to everyone! [emoji3][emoji322] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  29. Article for Friday, 01-08.............. ''Elizabethan Make-Up Practices'' (The Tudor Era) Article for Saturday, 01-09............... ''Leigh Ashworth'' (Piracy) Article for Sunday, 01-10............. ''US Army Order of The Spur'' (Medals and Decorations)
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