Raised Bridges Templates

Posted: 23rd Mar 2014
Section: Stronghold 2
Category: Miscellaneous
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by Lord Vetka

  10 Raised Bridge templates, if you want to make a map with a working raised bridge but don't want to have to make the bridge, maybe 1 of these templates will work for you. Some of these are double bridges.

  You can build from the bridge as long as you don't try and change any thing within 1 square of the bridge, and the bridge is made on the default color red, leave the color red as a neutral color so the enemy troops don't trigger the traps and make the bridge uncrossable.

  If you don't see what you want here, then leave a message or email me and I will see if I can build you what you are looking for.

  The bridges cans be crossed but you can't go under the bridge.

  By Lord Vetka


by bradley0095 on 23rd Mar 2014

cool il have to check this out


by Lord_Chris on 25th Mar 2014

Very useful resource, thank you for posting smile

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by Lord Vetka on 7th Apr 2014

Thanks for the reply.

Have you found any that are useful?

I have made a few more and will make another set and post them as well.


by EaglePrince on 23rd Mar 2016

This is really great, thanks Vetka. smile