FSB Audio Extractor

Posted: 23rd Sep 2020
Section: Stronghold 3
Category: Miscellaneous
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Difficulty: Very Easy
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Made With: 1.10.27781

by Lord_Chris

This program will allow you to extract the audio assets in Stronghold 3 & Stronghold Crusader 2, and transfer them into readable mp3 files for your use. For more information, refer to the tutorial here: https://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/article/157-extracting-audio-assets-from-stronghold-3

I did not write this software. I simply sourced this software and uploaded it to our downloads section in case the original website went down for some reason. You can download an up-to-date version of this software on the original website, here: http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#others-file

The version of the program uploaded here is 0.3.8. You may find a newer version of the link above.

As always, full credits and gratitude for this file goes to the program author.