Bonus Maps & 4th Legends Trail

Posted: 31st Aug 2020
Section: Stronghold Legends
Category: Miscellaneous
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Difficulty: Very Easy
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File Size: 8.54 MB
Made With: 1.2

by Lord_Chris

This file is the official Firefly Studios installation to add the 4th exclusive Stronghold Legends bonus Trail Arthur's Challenge into your game. Along with the 4th Stronghold Legends Trail, you will also receive 23 new bonus maps, including:

  • 2 new King of the Hill maps and 2 new Capture the Flag maps
  • 6 new Deathmatch maps for varying numbers of players
  • 3 custom designed user missions from varying members of Firefly Studios
  • The exclusive 4th Stronghold Legends Trail Arthur's Challenge

To install this Trail, simply download this application and run it on your PC. As soon as you have installed it, open up Stronghold Legends, and go to the "Legends Trails" screen to view the 4th Trail.


This file is only necessary if you are using the disk version of the game, which is not the Gold version. The 1.3 Steam version already has this bonus content added to it.