Edwin's Rumors

Posted: 18th Jun 2020
Section: Stronghold 2
Category: Custom War
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Downloads: 48
Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 1
Estates: 1
Balance: N/A
File Size: 243.11 kB
Made With: 1.4.1

by Isaiah


That treacherous snake Edwin! He has spread numerous rumors about you causing

many of your men to turn against you and forcing you from your home. You have

taken your few remaining loyal men with you with the hopes of establishing a

new foothold here in the hills. Alas, Edwin's rumors have spread wide and far

even reaching the people here. You will need to bribe the people and convince

them of your stature if they are to stay loyal productive workers.

Fires are also common in this area due to the dry climate. Even worse, Edwin's

learned of your location and now wishes to finish you off once and for all.

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the file using whatever program you choose. Then copy

"Edwin's Rumors.s2m" to My Documents\Stronghold 2\Maps. To play the game, you

should be able to access the mission by accessing path of war then custom

then Edwin's Rumors.