War Campaign Ch 11 M2

Posted: 13th Jun 2020
Section: Stronghold 2
Category: Saved Games
Views: 207
Downloads: 44
Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 2
Estates: 10
Balance: N/A
File Size: 956.19 kB
Made With: 1.4.1

by Isaiah





This folder contains the saved game for the second mission in Chapter 11

(Treachery) of the war campaign in Stronghold 2. It puts you very close to victory.

How to install:


Unzip this .zip file using whatever tool you like. Windows has a built-in tool

to accomplish this. Move "Campaign-11-Mission-2-Treachery.sh2" to

My Documents/Stronghold 2/Saves. Victory will be yours in moments. Enjoy!