Desert Breeze

Posted: 24th Sep 2019
Section: Stronghold Crusader
Category: Invasion
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Downloads: 15
Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 1
Estates: 1
Balance: Unbalanced
File Size: 283.17 kB
Made With: 1.1

by Korsfarer Mogens

After the conquest of Jerusalem the Kingdom of Jerusalem was established. The borders of the kingdom was not very well defined, and so it was decided to build outposts in disputed territory. You, a french knight named Gilbert d'Arnault have been chosen to establish - for early warning purposes - an outpost by a small waterhole south of the city of Ascalon on the border of the Fatimid Caliphate. You have been given a few supplies and some gold and told not to expect any more help from the kingdom.

You have now arrived at your destination, and you will have to quickly build a fortified community able to withstand any fatimid skirmish party.

Note: This is a fairly short eco-invasion scenario (6 ½ game years). You will have to prove your economic skills, if you want to have a chance of survival.

Made with versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.41. Playtestet in ver. 1.1, so hopefully will also work in ver. 1.0.