Broken truce

Posted: 10th Oct 2018
Section: Stronghold 1
Category: Invasion
Views: 263
Downloads: 78
Difficulty: Hard
Missions: 1
Estates: N/A
Balance: Unbalanced
File Size: 346.32 kB
Made With: 1.4

by odisseus

The King's army suffered a crushing defeat. You managed to negotiate safe passage for your troops, on the condition of giving up all weapons. Soon after, one of the enemy lords had second thoughts about letting you go and sent a band of soldiers after you.

The chase having almost caught up, you are pressed to stand your ground between the foothills and the coast, where a town and a logging port once stood. The town, however, had been destroyed during the war, and everything of value had been pillaged, so you find yourself with only a bunch of unarmed survivors and a huge stock of wood...

This map is a remake of the puzzle map available at . The credits for the idea should go to QoOQ. I just made a better looking map and thought of a matching story.


by Mathew Steel on 15th Oct 2018

At first, this map may seem to be impossible! I promise you, it took me two tries to realise what was needed. It very cleverly takes advantage of SH1's gameplay mechanic to force you to think outside the box.

If you really are stuck, the introduction can give you a subtle hint as to what is needed!

Good job, odisseus!