Meeting after years

Posted: 31st Mar 2018
Section: Stronghold Legends
Category: Custom War
Views: 803
Downloads: 338
Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 6
Estates: 6
Balance: Balanced
File Size: 2.82 MB
Made With: 1.3 Steam

by Kronoxus

The map was created for a certain project for a contest between my friends in Poland, but I decided to change the story a bit and make the english version available to play for the wider people group.

The story has begun 10 years ago, when most of kingdoms have participated in the Fallen's War to compete for being the most powerful kingdom in the world, after sudden death of the current sovereign. Our small country was brave, but it wasn't enough for trying to interfere in this conflict, so we decided for being neutral. But once a day, our friend, Jerry, decided to join one of the warring kingdoms and bribed by them, he left us forever.

I could forgive that, but another day, an army has assaulted our village and I noticed he was one of the commanders. That's enough to recognize him as our sworn enemy.

Interested? Find out more by downloading, reading README.txt file and finally playing this 6-mission campaign!