the divided kingdom

Posted: 11th Sep 2017
Section: Stronghold 1
Category: Invasion
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Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 1
Estates: 1
Balance: Unbalanced
File Size: 1.26 MB
Made With: 1.2

by lord dredd

Hello i thought I'd share these scenarios of a series called 'The Divided Kingdom' which is set in the fictional kingdom of Vennheim(anyone who knows me from strongholdheaven games will know that i made a few maps for SH2.

       The story.

You have fled the capital with a band of loyal followers after the murder of your parents,several weeks later you arrive at a remote coastline in the northern part of the Kingdom and soon establish your colony vowing revenge on your uncle Duke Rothburg (aka the snake).

This is a working map and is the original version which isn't the one i submitted to heavengames and is more intense.

there are trade restrictions,and moments were The Duke's soldiers clash with bandits as he has put a reward for your capture,it is a fun scenario 1 of 6

And i will submit the rest shortly.

Enjoy -comments welcome