An Ally's Retreat

Posted: 10th Jul 2016
Section: Stronghold 2
Category: Kingmaker
Views: 812
Downloads: 339
Difficulty: Hard
Missions: N/A
Estates: 7
Balance: Unbalanced
File Size: 413.79 KB
Made With: 1.4.1

by Mathew Steel

My aim was to make a map that is not symmetrical but is fair. The map is intended for 2v2 gameplay but can be used for free for all and so on.

Each estate has its own advantages and gaining control of other estates will prove very helpful when attempting to rule the battlefield.

I tried to make the map as beautifully textured as I could and so it took a while to make.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!


by Lord_Chris on 12th Jul 2016

A very well balanced, un-balanced map. It has some fantastic open spaces in the estates and personally, I look forward to using this in multiplayer at some point!