A Hunting Party

Posted: 23rd Jan 2016
Section: Stronghold 3
Category: Military Missions
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Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 1
Estates: 2
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by Nigel

A Hunting Party

You go on a hunting trip with 5 friends, knights of your retinue. The knights leave their armour at home and only wear light ranger's clothes - but their swords, symbols of their status, they take with them.

As the times are peaceful, you only take a few men-at-arms as body guards with you. In addtion to that your company is made up of fife huntsmen, two smiths who tend your equippment and a cook who bakes those delicious pastries that you like so much.

When you come close to a mining village that belongs to your estate, you discover a bandit hideout nearby which is threatening the area. Quickly you turn your camp into a makeshift "fortress" to have a base for your adventure. Now your knights sorely regret that they did not bring their armour, especially as the local traders have no weapons to sell. It cannot be helped - you have to find a way to defeat the bandits.

If you manage to destroy the bandit camp you can say a prayer of thanks at the old cross in the mountain.