Ironforge Castle

Posted: 3rd Jan 2015
Section: Stronghold 3
Category: Military Missions
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Difficulty: Hard
Missions: 1
Estates: 1
Balance: Unbalanced
File Size: 9.58 MB
Made With: 1.10.27781

by Lord_Chris

This was very kindly allowed on our site by SergiuHellDragoon. A big thanks to him!

The Ironforge map was created by Dennis Lischka, he did a wonderful job! smile

The Castle's name is Ironforge and it must be defended against a lot of dashing troops. This castle is all about using the traps, coordinating melee troops for the last stand to not let them near the lords and tactics. You can have a lot fun with it and the siege can go on for 20 or 25 minutes. Choose wisely when and which traps u use! It´s hard but it´s not impossible with the right tactics. You have 5 days before the siege starts to make you familiar with the castle and coordinate the defence lines.


by EaglePrince on 3rd Jan 2015

It looks nice from the minimap. I hope I am going to try it this evening, unless I become too tired. smile