Posted: 30th Nov 2014
Section: CivCity Rome
Category: Single Missions
Views: 1,494
Downloads: 529
Difficulty: Normal
Missions: 1
Map Type: Civilian
Map Size: Large
File Size: 335.26 KB
Made With: 1.0

by Lord_Chris

A very basic map, which is meant to do nothing more than help get you used to the game.

There is a limit on 2000 Denarii, and there are animals on the map that will need to be killed. Choose where you place your town center wisely! smile

Note that the description was added before the map was made and can't be changed. The map no longer resembles Alexandria from Cleopatra's reign. But I've kept the name. cool

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by EaglePrince on 30th Nov 2014

Hmm, now I started thinking about getting this game as well! smile I'll have a look on internet to see how it looks first though, and I may bother you a little with it, just like I did with Stronghold 3. smile


by Lord_Chris on 1st Dec 2014

Feel free to create a topic in the CivCity forum if you'd like, I'll explain more there if you're interested smile