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I have always enjoyed the Stronghold games, and can remember getting my very first one. It seemed very impressive at the time, but nothing compared to the standards of today - especially graphics wise.

My favourite game? Probably Stronghold 2. It's the one I generally play the most, and certainly know the most about, as I have spent many years playing it.

I like the graphics on it (though the graphics on Stronghold 3 & Crusader 2 are much better), as well as the way the game is laid out in its folders - which makes everything easy to find. Most of the game is extremely easy to modify, as you mainly rename files or add to existing components of the game. I have made this website to help to teach and inform people about the Stronghold games.

Our Community is home to many fantastic members and excellent download, and I am very privileged to lead it. I would like to personally thank all of our wonderful staff team, both past members and present. Without them, StrongholdNation would cease to exist in the same way it does today.

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I have been a fan of Stronghold since it's beginning. It was my love of Medieval History that attracted me. As a Staff Member and "Shepherd" of The History Thread, I try to incorporate different articles to give members ideas for new maps or games.

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I have played the Stronghold games for years, my first being Crusader 1, not too long after it came out. When it comes to the first two games in the series, I can help anyone out with map or castle design, scripting, or strategies to use in-game. My experience as a member and moderator of Stronghold Knights also greatly helps me in the Stronghold community in general. If anyone has any questions, they can be PM'd to me: if I or one of my numerous friends with skills in all areas cannot help, then I will offer advice and research assistance when possible.

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I have been a member of Stronghold Nation since its very early days. Through contribution to the site and engagement with other members, I now serve the forums as an admin.

Stronghold 2 was the first Stronhold game I ever owned, as well as the first PC game I ever owned. I have written many guides and articles on the game, and much of my interest in medieval history has derived from the franchise.

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