StrongholdNation Community

StrongholdNation would be pointless without its community. You are the people who bring StrongholdNation alive, and who keep the site going day in, day out. In fact, StrongholdNation was created for the community. Without all of your help, our site would just be another boring site on the net gathering dust.

We offer several opportunities for you to get in touch with other members from our community in order to get help, ask questions and discuss issues or ideas.

Our Forums

Our forum is the main speculation of our site (or so it would seem!) Here, you can discuss problems, talk about general game related stuff and ask us questions on the games we cover. You can find experienced to expert members in the stronghold games wiating to help you, no matter the size of your problem. If you want the answer to a problem, you'll get it here - even if you want to just drop by and say hello to everyone, please do!

Download Central

Our download central allows users to upload files to us on any game we cover! Other members of the community can review, download and comment on your files giving feedback and general comments about your work. Like the forums, it allows for both group and one-to-one communication with other community members.