Get Involved

StrongholdNation is a community supported website. We are constantly in need of assistance from interested users. If you are interested in getting involved, there are numerous ways you can contribute.

Join our discussions

A great way to start getting involved is to join in the discussions at our forums. Answering questions by users is a great way to help out the SHN community in general.

Spread StrongholdNation

If you own a blog, website or even just a social networking account, you can greatly help by spreading the word and encouraging new users to come here. You could even just help by re-posting announcements from our site somewhere else on the internet!


Word of the mouth is just as important. Your friend or somebody you know wants to download excellent files or read a interesting tutorial? Recommend us! Tell people about the nice site you found here.

Release files for download

Since everyone agrees the one of the best parts of StrongholdNation is our download section, why not help by contributing some downloads? Even if you have created a map or two that you think may be worth something, why not upload it and let the world marvel at your skills! If maps are not your thing, then why not try a game modification of some kind? We always love recieving new downloads, as it excites us to see how our community is coming more active every day.

Submit a tutorial

If you believe you have quality content that we don't yet have an article on, please, let us know! Contact us through our contact page or submit a personal message to a member of our management team to let us know, and we'll be more than happy to include quality content on our website.

Join our staff team

If you would like to become a member of our staff team, please send an email to lordchris [at] strongholdnation [dot] co [dot] uk or contact us. While we aren't strict about who we accept, you should generally either have specific skills in something (game modifications, mapmaking .etc), or be known within the SHN community. In other words, it's a good idea to first start with some of the above tasks; get to know people, release some downloads, maybe contribute to some articles.