Civilian Buildings - Stronghold 2

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by Lord_Chris



Your population is initially created in hovels.All hovels house 8 peasants, and on most maps the population is 104.Once they are created, hey will go and sit around the campfire of your Keep and will wait for any available job.Peasants will only come when the popularity of the Castle is over 50.

Cost: 6

Resource: Wood


The church uses candles created by the Chandler, which raises popularity.You can select how many candles to use by left clicking on the church, and clicking either the left or right arrow.This will not have a negative impact on your popularity, but may have a positive one.

Cost: 50, 500

Resource: Stone, Gold


The monastery lets you train extra soldiers.Fighting Monks and Warrior Monks can be trained here, and in addition to this, Monks study here and create manuscripts which are delivered to the keep, giving you an honour bonus.

Cost: 50, 500

Resource: Stone, Gold

Musician's Guild

You will get a Jester and Minstrel when you place this, who entertain your lord's guests during a feast held in the keep giving you honour.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Wood, Gold

Jousting Field

The Jousting Field takes a while to set up, though once it has been, it gives a honour bonus, along with a popularity one.It stays up for a short while, then gets dismantled for the process to begin again.

Cost: 200, 500

Resource: Wood, Gold


The Statues are quite expensive, but they will provide you a consistent amount of honour

Cost: 250

Resource: Gold

Traveling Fair

Similar to the Jousting field, the Traveling Fair will take a while to be built.But once built, you will receive an honour bonus, as well as a popularity one.

Cost: 50, 250

Resource: Wood, Gold


The Treasury is where the Castle's money is stored.It would be wise to keep this close to the keep, as enemy thieves disguised as farmers may be able to breach it and steal some of your money.You can adjust the tax level here, and by left clicking on it then clicking on the left or right arrow, you can choose to up the tax level, or lower it.Very occasionally, the Bailiff will also ride out to collect extra taxes from your Estates.

Cost: 10

Resource: Stone

Lady's Bedchamber

Your Lady lives here, and if there is cloth in the stockpile, she will create dresses.Once four dresses have been created, then a dance is thrown in the keep, giving a small honour bonus.Apart from that, she spends the rest of her time relaxing and feasting.

Cost: 25

Resource: Stone