Military Buildings - Stronghold 2

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by Lord_Chris



You must have a barracks in order to create troops.To train troops, you left click on the barracks, then left click on the unit you want, the amount of times you want it.For this, you will need peasants available in the castle.The troops which you train will automatically go to the barracks once recruited.You can also set custom rally points, by clicking on the barracks, the flag marker, select the troop you wish to place a rally point for, (yes, you did read it, it did read troop, not troops. It appears that things have changed since Stronghold Legends; you can now place a rally marker for each troop type!)

Cost: 10

Resource: Stone


An Armoury is where all of your weapons are stored.You must have weapons stored here to create troops at the barracks.To keep a constant flow of weapons flowing in, you should have a industry built up.Without weapons stored here, you will only be able to recruit armed peasants.

Cost: 5, 5

Resource: Stone, Wood

Engineer's Guild

This building will allow you to recruit engineers, which are probably the most useful units in the actual game.They repair your walls during sieges, man siege equipment, and man your oil smelters.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Stone, Gold

Mercenary Post

You can train & recruit mercenaries here.Similaly to the barracks, you can also set custom rally points.To recruit troops here, you do NOT have to have weapons stored in the armoury.

Cost: 15

Resource: Wood

Siege Camp

This is the only building that can be built outside your own estates.Here, you can create siege equipment, which will help to take down an enemies' castle.Laddermen will return to get as many ladders as they can.

Cost: 500

Resource: Gold


This is where horses are trained for your knights to ride.They will automatically be produced here, and the Lord can ride a horse as well.

Cost: 10, 400

Resource: Wood, Gold

Tower and Wall Brazier

These can only be placed on gatehouses, walls or towers.Archers and crossbowmen use these to set fire to pitch ditches.

Cost: 50

Resource: Gold

Stone Tipper

These must be placed on a small gatehouse, walls or towers.To activate them, left click on them, and click the button.They will take a short time to regain the stones, so do not use them too often!

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Rock Basket

Rock Baskets allow troops to throw stones at the enemy, even if they aren't a missile troop.They must be placed on gatehouses, walls or towers.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Oil Smelter

Four Engineers will arrive after you place this structure.When boiling oil is made from the pitch, two Engineers will have boiling oil to pour over the enemy, and can be positioned where you wish.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Iron, Gold

War Hound Cage

These will attack anyone who goes close enough to them, even your own people.They can be a good last line of defense.

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Man Trap

These will spike anyone who walks on them.They can't be seen by the enemy, and will kill almost any unit instantly.They are also one quarter of the size of a killing pit.

Cost: 6, 1

Resource: Wood, Gold

Killing Pit

These are triggered when a certain weight is put on them.They are also invisible to the enemy, but are only activated when a certain weight is put on them.So one swordsman might, but it might take a couple of armed peasants to.

Cost: 20, 2

Resource: Wood, Gold

Pitch Ditches

This will allow archers who are stood next to braziers on your walls to set it alight, causing wide spread damage.They can jump to nearby ones and appear invisible to the enemy.

Cost: 1

Resource: Pitch


Though quite expensive, this will force the enemy to dig it out, or go around it.

Cost: 40

Resource: Gold

Wall mounted Rolling Logs

These must be placed on your walls.Though they can prove quite devastating when unleashed.

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Tower Mounted Mangonel

These can be placed on the larger towers.Two engineers man these, however are often VERY inaccurate.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Tower Mounted Ballista

These can also be placed atop the larger towers.engineers will man these, and are fairly accurate.They shoot a bolt at things, and usually do some damage.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Tunnel Entrance

Tunneling is certainly one way of taking down enemies' walls! You can assign engineers to come and man these by clicking on the "engineer" button.You select a target point by clicking the red button, and clicking on an enemy wall or tower to destroy.

Cost: 20, 100

Resource: Wood, Gold