About StrongholdNation

StrongholdNation is an online fansite for Firefly Studios' Stronghold games, based in England. We focus on creating high quality content such as help guides, walkthroughs and tutorials to help people have a more enjoyable experience with the games, learn tips and tricks in the game editors and provide assistance where possible. Most gaming websites seem to prefer creating complicated fansites which cover lots of games, but we realise that this doesn't work as intended as the games can never be covered in enough detail. It is for this reason we decided to cover a smaller amount of games and by doing so we have hundreds more articles than websites such as Stronghold Heaven. We aim to be a one-stop site for everything on Stronghold, and our content is growing every single day. 

You will also find that unlike most gaming forums, on our forum, no matter the topic of game help you are always guaranteed an answer. Our staff understand themselves how frustrating it is that on some forums, questions are simply ignored. That's why we have a policy that every question receives an answer on our forum. And of course, you can also take advantage of our hundreds of tutorials, walkthroughs and other articles. Our large variety of staff are very passionate about what they do here, and that is why we are still adding weekly a vast amount of information on all of the games we cover. If you have any information we don't and would like us to post an article about it, we'd be delighted if you could let us know.

We also allow users to upload their own maps and files to us in our download section. Our downloads are only of the very highest quality as each individual file receives a thorough review by our staff before being published. Although it is still a relatively small collection compared to places such as HeavenGames, with over 35,000 in total, it is consistently growing all the time with only the highest quality of submissions accepted. Unlike HeavenGames who have a policy of approving everything, we pride ourselves on only publishing quality content which is of the very highest standards. This gives our download section a sense of quality over quantity, which HeavenGames lacks.

StrongholdNation is owned by:

Lord_Chris (Site Director & owner)

The owner manages all day-to-day operations of the site and is responsible for the final administrative decisions, although this is also largely influenced by the whole site administrative team. No person gains financially from the site, and it operates entirely on a non-profit basis. StrongholdNation remains on a privately owned server securely located in Los Angeles, California.

Our talented and highly experienced staff team come from all corners of the globe, including the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. They all work as volunteers and without our wonderful team, StrongholdNation would cease to exist. Their jobs include moderating downloads, writing articles, posting the latest news, and helping out on our forums. All our staff are personally selected due to their excellent knowledge about the games they moderate, often having specific skills in certain areas.

So you can be sure that when you request help you are getting the expert response you deserve. At StrongholdNation we have a zero toleration policy for failure; user satisfaction is our #1 focus - we're not happy until you are.