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Most Recent History Quiz

Posted on 11th Jul 2017 02:42:01

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE......Lords and Ladies of The Realm.....

The most Recent History Quiz is now available for play.

Resounding Huzzahs to All!

New Community Liaison - and forum update!

Posted on 2nd Jul 2017 17:47:22

Please give a big congratulations to our latest team member and new Community Liaison, Mathew Steel! Matthew has been a long standing forum member and has worked incredibly hard over the last few years helping us on the site. He's contributed some fantastic articles, downloads and is always a great addition to any discussions on the forum. I'd like to be the first to congratulate his fantastic contributions - thank you Matthew, and well done!! We look forward to working with you. smile

On another note I've updated the forum to the latest version. This has not been officially released yet, though it is a stable release. I've tried to test everything I can and everything appears to work, but as usual if there are any issues just let me know. A couple of changes in this version:

  • There are now three languages available: German, English (UK) and Persian. Othern than English the others are Beta Language Packs so if you experience any problems please do let me know.

  • New password requirements are now in force: changing your password from any point now on requires you to have at least 6 characters, including 1 uppercase character and 1 digit

Other than this, everything is the same. Thanks everyone!