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On this day in history, 31st May 1790, the first Copyright Law was passed today by US Congress. Read more »

Castle Of The Week - Castelo De Paderne

Located in Albufeira, Portugal, Paderne Castle is located on the site of an Ancient Roman Fort of the 2nd Century. The site was eventually taken by The Moors during th … Read more »

Latest News

Updates & Fixes

Posted on Apr 22 2020 09:30:05

I'm aware that things have seemed quite slow recently here when in reality, members just haven't been able to witness the work constantly going on behind the scenes. I've recently fixed & optimised a whole load of issues, including:

  • Fixed Issue with Polls on the homepage not showing current results

  • Added many more history sections on the main site

  • Fixed pagination issue when viewing personal messages

  • Fixed issue submitting new downloads

  • Optimised and compressed a whole load of images to save your bandwidth and data usage

  • Updated site carousel on the homepage

  • Updated legal policies and terms of use

  • Updated site privacy policy

  • Updated site rules

  • Updated site about page

  • Added a new search feature for the gallery

  • Added a new feature to search for all historical castles

  • Added a new search feature to search through all historical articles

  • Added new walkthroughs and saved games for the Stronghold 2 Peace Campaign

  • Fixed error when viewing staff team page

  • Updated Community FAQ

Your admin team and in particular Crusader1307 have done an outstanding job in continuing to run the site in light of all these issues, to them we owe a great deal of gratitude. More updates to the site will be coming in the next few months well, including some bigger and more exciting site changes. Your admin team will keep everyone up to date on this, in the meantime send me a PM of any outstanding issues and I'll get them fixed ASAP. Thanks everyone!

FireFly Discord

Posted on Feb 13 2020 04:37:28

Just a small notice to let you guys know that you can contact the devs and keep up with game progress almost instantly via the Firefly Official Discord. A link to which can be found here - https://discord.gg/rEjr7JF