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Small site changes

Posted on Mar 28 2018 09:54:58

I've recently re-coded the main site, and although there aren't any design changes, you should notice it's running faster. I've added a new menu item when you're logged in which is a link to submit to the gallery. I've also removed and combined several redundant pages.

I'm also excited to announce that there is a new feature on the site: from now on we have a page here which will show historical events and facts for whatever the current day is. As our expert historian, Crusader1307 will be posting awesome facts which will be available here for everyone!

We have a new "Castle of the Week" feature coming soon as well! Make sure you keep checking guys!

New Administrator and Moderator

Posted on Feb 16 2018 08:17:00

In light of the HUNDREDS of hours Crusader1307 puts into the site, articles he writes and forum posts he answers, we've decided to promote him to an Administrator! His work is absolutely outstanding, and this is a very long overdue promotion.

We've also decided to promote Mathew Steel to a full team member and Moderator- Mathew has been helping out on the forums here now for a very long time and has done a sterling job of helping in the areas of the site he already moderates.

A very well deserved promotion for both of you, and thank you very much!! Your contributions to the site cannot possibly be put into terms and we're incredibly grateful. Thank you! smile