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Latest News

Scheduled downtime - 11/2/2017 to 12/2/2017

Posted on 3rd Feb 2017 10:02:42

Hi everyone,

There will be some scheduled downtime next Saturday and Sunday (11th and 12th February) to move the website to another server, I'll be putting the site in maintenance mode around 9 AM UK time. I've already started some of the transfer, so it should simply be a case of updating the name servers, which can take up to the full 48 hours specified above. The most likely outcome is that it will be substantially shorter than this time (usually it's around 4 hours for me), and you can manually clear your DNS cache if you'd like to view the site sooner than this.

I'll also be making a backup of the site and downloading it on the 10th February, so while everything still will be transferred across, I'd recommend posting anything before around 18:00 UK time on the 10th (just to make life a bit easier when transferring everything else across).

I'll keep everyone updated within this topic - thanks.

52 Weeks of Stronghold Winners

Posted on 1st Jan 2017 15:37:16


I am delighted that StrongholdNation has hosted the 52 Weeks of Stronghold set of challenges over the last year, Stronghold's biggest ever competition, in which we partnered with Firefly Studios. It's been an amazing time for the forum, Firefly and has increased attention and excitement around the series.

Today it's time to announce the final winners of 52 Weeks of Stronghold, the results of which are available here.

I am very pleased to announce that our five winners are as follows.

  1. 1st Place with an impressive 15 points - Floki

  2. 2nd Place with 12 points, and only one win behind - Nigel

  3. 3rd Place with 9 points - EaglePrince

  4. 4th Place with 9 points - Tokamaps

  5. 5th Place with 3 points - Fail Session

  6. 6th Place with 3 points - Mathew Steel

  7. 7th Place with 3 points - Strife

  8. 8th Place with 3 points - Andreas9541

Note: In the case of the scores of Tokamaps and EaglePrince, because they both have the same number of wins a random database query decided their positions in the leader board above. The deciding week was eventually week #30, where EaglePrince won. In the case of everyone else, a random database query was also used which determined who came 5th in the leader board. This process was repeated with the previous winner removed until no single user was left.

The deciding week numbers for this process were as follows:

  • 5th place - Week #21

  • 6th place - Week #42

  • 7th place - Week #23

  • 8th place - Week #46

To those users who came 1st to 5th, congratulations - feel free to PM me at any time and you can claim your prize - every single game in the Stronghold series, Space Colony, the Stronghold Kingdoms starter pack and all the Stronghold Crusader 2 DLC.

Please note that you have a total of six weeks to claim your prize from today. If unclaimed after four weeks, I will email you individually. If after those further two weeks you do not respond, your prize will be provided to the next user on the list.

We do not want to lose all of the precious data in the 52 Weeks of Stronghold forum, so from today that forum will now be archived, so that you can continue to look back on your victories, and try challenges again at a later date.

But regardless of where you came on the leader board, you are still a winner. You still have taken on valuable skills and talents during this process, and shown off what you can do to the whole world — and everyone who has taken part should be commended for doing so. I'd very much like to congratulate you for taking part in the largest ever Stronghold competition in history - you have made history.

On behalf of the whole team here at StrongholdNation, I'd like to wish you all the very best for 2017, and thank you once again, for taking part.